Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


I would assume aspects of QL that would be beneficial for Emperor V4 will be in it. Since it would be impossible to fit everything inside an already big program.


Hey @SaintSovereign , could you briefly elaborate on how V4 will “blow everyone away” ?

How will the ‘latest technologies’ be different than v3 ? Faster assimilation by subconscious ? Bend space time ? lol.


Quantum Lite :slight_smile:


I mean, I COULD. I’d rather wait to see how it performs.


We got a eta for v4 if ya don’t mind me asking?


Seems to be coming soon. How soon? Only @Fire and @SaintSovereign can tell. However, I’d prefer a good product over a rushed one, no matter how long it takes.


Why do you think there are 14 likes on a post with only 6 Winks? :smile:
Its coming on Sunday. Less than 48 hours of wait remaining.

[± 36] :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


6 winks could mean Saturday too… the 6th day


Simon is correct it will be released Sunday I hope Sovereign has Commando released on the same day.


@Fluid Emperor V4 is the most talked about subliminal product on the web. Thousands of users have benefited from the previous incarnations of the product. V4 will be truely mind blowing. I suggest you buy V4 as soon as it is released and start listening to it.


Show us where. :slight_smile:


right here.

I’d say this thread itself constitutes ample evidence.



The conductor of the hype thread hahahaha


Chief Cheerleader , more like.


Where’s the dislike button?


This is titled the “hype thread,” y’all. It’s supposed to be fun, playful and yes — designed to generate hype.



Fire is a very difficult gentleman to get hold off as he is immersed in his priorities. I did manage to open up a bridge with him for a short time here are the transcripts.

Black Adder: “Hi Fire how are you”
Fire “Good thanks Black Adder how can I assist”
Black Adder “Alot of people have been asking about V4 what technology is it based on”
Fire “Its based on our newest quantum technology”
Black Adder “Will Emperor V4 have the latest version of limitless”
Fire “It will have quantum lite incorporated into it”
Black Adder “I heard manifestations will be alot faster in the new version can you comment on this”
Fire “Yes they will indeed be much much faster”
Black Adder “Will it be released this weekend”
Fire "ahahaha watch this space :slight_smile:

Fire then vanished sorry guys thats all i can get right now. Lets sit tight and wait.


Oh my god is that real :rofl::rofl:


@WhiteTiger why do we call this the Hype Thread :smile:


I don’t even know any more haha!!!