Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Will try and keep the thread updated. As alot people have expressed an interest in V4


Not sure I understand what this thread is about. Is Emperor v4 really coming? Yes or no?


Seems like it’s coming this weekend.


V4 is coming probably today.


I bet my money on it


Believe it when you see it …lol


Holy crap, I go away for few days and the thread goes nuclear.

I do believe it’s pretty much done. What likely remains is all the back-end work like uploading to the server, linking it to existing accounts, updating the store page, making promotional material and so on.

It would be something if blackadder finally made an accurate prediction. He is beginning to sound like the weather-guy. :wink:

“Emperor… so awesome we just keep making it better.”


It’s coming tonight :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! Time to rebuild my family, time to build an empire!


image image


Good work Sovereign and Fire. Can you please confirm will Commando be unleashed tonight.


The world will be shaken hard tomorrow by a few men. The world will enter the era called “The Age of Emperors”. From tomorrow, every man can be his own Emperor but only the enlightened few know how to achieve it.


King tomorrow the age of heroes will begin. A age where immortals walk the planet and take what is theirs.thanks to V4.


Will you update the description of Emperor?


With The Commandant, Emperor v4, Power Cannot Corrupt and Quantum Limitless, the world is under our feet. A selected few will get to share the spoils of victory over the rest of mankind - these privileged ones know the importance of the Inner Circle.


Indeed King you are one of the chosen few be ready to command and conquer,


Turns out @blackadder’s prediction is coming true.



Good news indeed :slight_smile:

Any chance of throwing Commandant as a freebie, for those who have purchased v3 / v4 , pretty please ?


@Fluid for those who have purchased Emperor Commando will be free. I suspect if one has not purchased Emperor one will have to fork out the money to buy it.


As a supercharger, Commandant shouldn’t be expensive. Just sacrifice a few cups of coffee at Starbucks for the keys to ruling the universe…