Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


What’s so special about commandant?


Thanks @ Blackadder - (assuming it isn’t hype :joy:)


Commander is :

If you understand how this can be helpful to change your life :wink:


It’s 12 am where I live. I can’t sleep out of excitement


V4 is a completely new species. Once you have run V4 in your stack. My suggestions is to run commando on 3 loops. Then feel the power of the immortals running through you like great river.

@WhiteTiger you are a veteran of Emperor what are your opinions.


@mercharc I suggest you set your alarm clock for 5 hours from now. I am really glad you joined the emperor club.


Does emperor v4 has commando embedded in it?


@Grey No Commando is a super charger that will help amplify either Khan or Emperor.


I think commander will GREATLY improve Emperor (or Khan)'s dominance, after a month on emperor V2 you feel like a different person (the type of guy you don’t mess with, the type of guy who goes after what he wants). I really am curious to see how Commander will amplify that!


Previously we’ve seen many relevant supercharger was already embedded in Emperor, like god like masculinity, rebirth (described in sales page). So it would be logical to think that commando would be there as well. Now buying a separate track to put more focus in it could be a choice, just like it was with god like masculinity.


Godlike masculinity, rebirth, etc are stacking modules.
Superchargers are something else entirely.


I dont believe super chargers are included in the main products. Look upon Commando as a booster like iceing on the cake.


This is hype, Saint has already said Commandant will not be given to anyone free because you purchase(d) Emperor


You’re mistaking stack modules and superchargers. Godlike Masculinity is a stack module. Superchargers are products like True Social, Libertine, Legacy, etc. They are half subliminal half hypnosis-style short audios for quick mental shifting/boosting


Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. :wink:

I love blackadders enthusiasm, it always makes me smile. Although it also makes it a bit harder to take him seriously sometimes. He reminds me of the guy that everybody loves but won’t be the king someday (or Emperor) because he would never send the bad guys to the guillotine, he would just send them to their room. Sometimes I think the world needs more blackadders.

And I do believe Saint has already confirmed Commandant (thank you Neuro) is not free for Emperors. I’ll refrain from predicting its release since we don’t know about the voice actress. Even though I still think we should hire the trailer-guy for this one. :slight_smile:


@xanderson83 I suspect for you it would be 12AM GMT. So I suggest you set your alarm for 5 hours from now. Should there be any delays will try and keep people updated.


@DarkPhilosopher thankyou for the correction i thought Commando woukd be free to existing emperor users. Not to worry neverthless myself and my good friend White Tiger will buy it :slight_smile:


Fuck yes yes


I just woke up, I just woke up! Where is it? Where is it?


Go back to sleep lol