Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Probably 3-5 hours at least, if it is not pushed back.


Not pushed back, an earlier business meeting ran extremely long. Currently driving home.


[@ExploringAstronaut’s Manifestation Ninjas quickly rushing to arrange all green lights for Saint on the way home]



Bro, you’re way too excited about this subliminal thing. Relax a bit. :blush:


On the contrary, sir. It is you are who are as yet uninformed about the extensive health benefits of bi-weekly hyperventilation.

You are forgiven if you’ve been too otherwise occupied to closely follow the sheer abundance of salient points in this thread.

Summarized in brief:



Alright. You win. :joy:


Coming within the next hour. :wink:


I’m just wondering, the sales page will explode as soon as V4 is out. I hope the subclub bank vault doesn’t explode.


HAH it’s already showing in my account downloads page!


Yup, got it too :wink:

Where the f*** is @blackadder ?


As some of you have already discovered, Emperor v4 is now available under “My Account.” We’ll be updating the sales page more and sending out an announcement email with the changelog tomorrow. I’m just a bit worn out tonight, but wanted to get the files out to those waiting. :wink:


Waiting on his download to complete so he can move it to all his portable devices, obviously. :wink:


all jokes and hype aside, a very sincere thanks.


Aaaaannnndddd just like that, sales page shows V4.


Thank you for your work, much appreciation :slight_smile:


“New Beginnings Lite” :drooling_face: Muchos gracias @SaintSovereign and @Fire


So essentially Emperor v4 = Emperor v3 + Quantum Limitless Lite. (Nothing else added).
Am I correct?


Nope. There’s a lot of additions. The script has been updated to our latest scripting platform, which is based on Quantum Limitless.


@SaintSovereign : Can you describe in a nutshell the difference between the new scripting platform and the old one?

BTW, I’m downloading V4 right now.


I love you @SaintSovereign and @Fire, in a very hetero way!