Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


@SaintSovereign @Fire Thank you for this update. Good job. :+1::grinning:


I’m finally listening too it! It feels like early Christmas!


Carefully implementing the strategic framework i have learnt in project management-

  1. V4 Purchased
  2. File Extracted
  3. FIle Transferred to Subliminal Only Smart Phone
  4. Headphone connected
  5. Pressing Play in 3…2…Brb…1…


I noticed the new beginning lite module…I assume it is a healing module…am I right ? or it does more than that ?


Differences that I noticed from the sales page:

  1. In v3, Emperor Core was 20 page, in v4 it’s 60 page.
  2. Standard script in v3 had 45 sub-modules, in v4 it has 65.
  3. Emperor Core IV is new
  4. Emperor Core in v3 had 20 sub-modules, in v4, it has 50.
  5. Quantum Limitless Lite instead of Limitless.
  6. New Beginning Lite is new.
  7. Script length has changed from 77 to 121, 44 page increase.

So far, I can guess v4 update added a new healing module and an improved learning module along with an extra about 30 pages of affirmations added to emperor core.


Looks like there are even more changes than that, since they will “…be updating the sales page more…”.


@SaintSovereign I feel like there is a minimal mistake here.
I just looked into my account and there is no emperor v4. Besides that, some of my other programs are gone too. Could you check this out please?


Thanks for the v4 release @SaintSovereign.

I note that the Emperor sales page has been updated to Emperor v4, with some new details.

In your additional changelog/product page update due later, you could list any new modules on v4, please ? (other than Quantum Lite, New Beginnings)

Thanks very much.


No way, what’s the reason for replacing limitless with QL?


@Whitetiger my good friend i downloaded Emperor V4. Now i have begun listening to it here in thr office since its very quiet. Will get in two loops this morning and further loops this after work:slight_smile:. It feels different thats all i can say for now.


So apparently, no more Limitless inside of Emperor? Unless it’s incorporated into the QL Lite. @SaintSovereign will you be able to verify?


I want to thank everyone for joining myself and White Tiger on this new journey, a new beginning. The dawn of the “immortals”.

We will need every arsenal in this journey. So please purchase Commando. Which i believe will be available in a few days.


QL is the advanced version of limitless enjoy.


Yes it is, but they work both differently? I was still using limitless until now. If Quantum Limitless actually was the updated version of Limitless then there would be no reason for having Limitless still for sale, yet they do. Besides QL being a much bigger program, but I mean like. If you focus on learning then you focus on learning and go for QL.


Is Khan, PCC, Emperor, too heavy ?


Limitless is still for sale because not everyone can afford the $99. You can get excellent results from Limitless, but just not as profound as QL.


They did make a Quantum Limitless “Lite” for Emperor. Which would compare to the Limitless subliminal currently only more advanced. If this was the case they could easily swap those out. Sure not everyone can afford the $99, while at the same time not everyone is looking for such a big subliminal to be added to there stack. Time will tell, I guess.


Prepare to do what you were destined for. So is the way of the Emperor.


@mecharc if you want to see results more quickly i suggest you reduce the number of subs in your stack. Perhaps Emperor and PCC.


My problem hasnt been solved yet, so I couldnt try v4 out (kinda mean). It seems like this is a reoccurring problem, since the same happened the last time I wanted to buy Emperor and it resulted in AscMog vanishing from my downloads. Anyone experienced the same?