Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


I would actually buy this ironic humor if it were bottled and sold.


You forgot Khan LITE there. lol.


Is that true or just hear say ?


What is the time frame for this?



Khan is essentially “Emperor + Daredevil + a bunch of LITEs (most important ones being Mogul & Iron Throne)”.
Emperor was updated to v3, for building Khan, so any additional technology that would’ve been worthy of Emperor should’ve been already coded into v3.

Each update I suggested has a reason to be there.

Ecstasy of Gold LITE :arrow_right: for the entrepreneural insights gained from the millionaire interviews.

Quantum Limitless LITE :arrow_right: because Limitless is a significant part of Emperor, and considering the timing of this announcement, it must be something that got built into QL, that has got @Fire excited.

Power Can Corrupt LITE & Inner Circle LITE :arrow_right: script updates for adding to already existing Charisma and Mentor Manifestation.

Alchemist LITE :arrow_right: updates to the already existing “Master of My Universe” and Attraction/Manifestation technologies.

Godlike Masculinity Ultimate :arrow_right: a fortification & updated scripting of this module as there is a resurgence in it’s application among the users.

Social King :arrow_right: to soothe the almost anti-social vibe that Emperor sometimes exudes. You won’t turn into full Khan, but the v4 Emperor will be able to enjoy some small talk when necessary.

Spartan LITE, Centurion, Supreme Rebirth, Impeccable Style, Aura New Dawn, Sanguine :arrow_right: ALL of these are listed modules from Primal Seduction salespage, some or all of which may already be in v3, but it’ll be fair to bring them all into v4, because we can support even denser scripts now.

:+1: :slight_smile:


The next sub, if I’m not mistaken, is EMPEROR fitness.

So, they’re probably rebuilding Emperor because of this new sub. … and to upgrade Emperor to the latest tech as well.

I’m not sure how fitness and Emperor can relate, but hey - it’s called Emperor fitness, so we’ll see :smiley:


Simon’s Fantasy. :joy:

This is the HYPE thread after all. :wink:


I don’t think that V4 will have this modules. Saint once said that SC no longer thinks in modules but in goals.

Nevertheless, V4 will be an all-around beast.


i am very curious what you will include


@Simon you’re analysis is so elaborate, are these from your own assessment?


I’m hyped for this, for sure.


I’m very hyped for this. I really hope there’s something in v4 that makes people less inclined to become anti social. So a bit of daredevil couldn’t hurt, it would also help with networking. I hope Emperor keeps the introverted/mysterious vibe though.


Please do be careful, Simon. There will always be people taking your word as absolute truth, in which case they will blame SubClub for not doing exactly what you said they would. The curiously-silent-for-about-a-month AMASH warned me of that once.

Although I am curious about one thing. Dmitry makes a good point. Some language patterns will likely be copied over but the final sub is a single module, not a collection of modules. This is how Fire’s current methods work. Everything weaves together to form a single cohesive subliminal.

So the question then becomes if the product page on the store will be updated to remove the module list, even if that means some people will complain about the lack of said module list.


As always, of course.


@SaintSovereign I’ve been glued to this thread… For the release. Please just tell me something. Is it coming out immediately soon. Or soon as in a few days or weeks. It will help me focus elsewhere. :slight_smile:


Naaaaaw. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably won’t be coming any time soon. They’re already on a good platform anyway.


I love you Sovereign :slight_smile:


The core of Emperor isn’t changing. We’ve just brought it up to Quantum Limitless’s level of technology, as well as tweaked a few things to make it much more effective.


If the changes are already done, does it mean you’ll be releasing soon? Like tonight, maybe? :wink: