Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Use this for shooting all the subliminal information straight into the subconscious. I must admit using a great brainwave optimization audio track while listening to subliminal’s is one of the most beneficial things to do. Use this while in meditation tuning in ever more into that theta brainwave configuration. The first seven years after birth a children’s brain functions mainly inside of the dreamy theta brainwave, opening the child up to major learning and memorization capabilities. Imagination is powerful as well it makes us creators. Let me know your experience!


I’m curious @SaintSovereign @Fire as to what aspects of QL made it into the Emperor V4 QL lite version. Does it clear and balance the brain? Is it a lite version of QL stage 4?


Bro, I cannot swap out Khan for anything. Strict Khan journey


It’s a known issue with our eCommerce software regarding manual entry of orders. It occurs when a person wants to pay with PayPal. We have to manually enter those orders, which for some reason, disappears when we add new files to an existing product and regenerates their permissions. I got your message, but it was in the middle of the night for me. I’m working on all tickets as we speak – even took PTO from my day job to handle these issues. Please be patient.


I’m gonna create a stack so terrifying i will have to run it for at least a year and a half minnimum!!
I will create a new journal soon


I really feel you should stick to Khan and PCC for now. Finish Khan then decided what you want to do.

Having said that as you know SC subs are designed in such a way that they can be stacked. If you really want to give all 3 ago in your stack then by all means try it and see how you feel after a few days.


It’s the entire core script of Quantum Limitless. It’s hard to explain without giving away trade secret, but it’s the equivalent of the full Limitless script, updated to the latest platform and technologies. The script has been tailored to support the larger goals of Emperor v4.


Uh. Why would you come to this conclusion?

It’s called Quantum Limitless Lite because clearly we couldn’t fit four stages of QL into one stage of Emperor. It’s called “lite” because we stripped a lot of QL’s support scripting because Emperor already has its own support scripting. QL Lite has the entire “Limitless” core and some.


We no longer use modules. I’m having to describe larger concepts as “modules” for the sales page. I’ll see what I can do.


Great, that was my thinking. So is Limitless as well inside of the main Quantum Limitless. Or did you inter use it with the stripped Quantum Limitless module for the sake of convenience and scripting?

And I came to this conclusion because it didn’t state the limitless script inside of the Emperor sales page anymore.


New Beginnings deals with things like imposter syndrome, and extremely deep seated fears and issues that would prevent you from reaching your goals. So yes, I guess it could be called “healing,” but it doesn’t work the way you’re probably thinking. New Beginnings is hard to explain and everyone’s experiences will be different. Some will experience emotional pain as they go through it, others will experience profound joy and happiness.

It’s called “lite” because, as of right now, the only way to get it to work at max power is creating a custom version that’s name embedded and tailored toward your issues. This version runs at about half power, but will still be really helpful.

When I ran the max power version (those 2-3 months when I vanished from the forum), I went through a month of exceptionally profound emotional distress, but it was weird – it was like I welcomed it and I wanted more, because I had never seen that deeply inside of my own psyche before. Once it was over, I now experience emotional and mental clarity like never before, and a sense of renewed purpose in life. Also reconnected with spirituality in a way I hadn’t felt since my early 20s.

It’s too great of a subliminal for us to not to include, even at lower powers. We’ve also included some scripting to assist with it’s raw nature – it’ll be a lot smoother than the early version I ran.

Regeneration - Average Time per Day
Khan v2 (New Beginnings)

Any plans to release this as a stacking module? This is definitely an area I’m interested in.


Possibly. We’d love to figure out how we could script it to run at max power and then release it as a full title. It’s that potent. It was like someone injecting my soul with spiritual testosterone, haha


thanks @SaintSovereign :slight_smile:


Yes, the full Limitless is still in Emperor. It’s just been updated to Quantum Limitless and aimed at Emperor’s goals.


I could use this actually; when I used the ST1 of EOG and Khan it helped, but I guess my issues run even deeper. So I could definitely use a deep cleanse in a sense


Is limitless also inside of Quantum Limitless? Is QL actually a updated version of Limitless or entirely new scripting?


It’s both. We took the original script, rewrote and expanded it. As we’ve stated before, each four stager contains a “core” script that’s woven throughout all the stages. What you knew as Limitless and what we’re calling “Quantum Limitless Lite” is the updated, rewritten version of that core script, now tailored toward Emperor’s goals.


Props to your Sincerity @SaintSovereign.


Imagine a regeneration/elixir/New Beginnings stack