Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Awesome!! Thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire! I downloaded the update this morning and have already built a new daytime playlist alternating Emperor V4 and Quantum Limitless ST1.

Becoming even more unstoppable in 3…2…1… :sunglasses:


@BLACKICE Guess we’re running the same stack now, good luck to you! :slight_smile:


Which ratio are you using?


Day stack:
1:1 QL ST1 to Emperor V4, looping

Evening stack (after dinner/before bed):
2x QL ST1
1x Sanguine
1x SMx2


Alright. No listening during sleep?


Nope! I’ve tried sleeping with earbuds in before, and that wasn’t comfortable. I sleep with 33dB earplugs in to make it quiet enough to sleep, as otherwise my street is a bit noisy.


I see. Thanks!


My first real listening of V4 overnight. I can say that the healing modules are or whatever subclub call them are alot more effective.

Last night did 8 loops. I was crying in my dream in front of my mother and was angry with my brother. Thiis i have never ever had on previous versions of emperor.


@SaintSovereign, I was at the salespage, and …

Is it?

  • Sex Mastery X CORE
  • Sex Mastery X CORE II
  • Sex Mastery X CORE III

Or should it be:

  • Sex Mastery X2 CORE
  • Sex Mastery X2 CORE II
  • Sex Mastery X2 CORE III


If “we took the core scripting of Quantum Limtless (the world’s most powerful learning and productivity subliminal) and incorporated it into Emperor”,
then wouldn’t

  • Quantum Limitless Lite

be more attractive as

  • Quantum Limitless CORE
  • Quantum Limitless CORE II
  • Quantum Limitless CORE III

Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:


That might be overwhelming if doing more than 3 loops. My first thoughts since I’ve been reading user’s experiences with both.


@whitetiger my good.friend how is it going ? :grinning:


Insane, i’ll probably make a post in my journal, but I have HUGE opportunities opening in front of me :heart_eyes:

I don’t want to talk about too soon because nothing is done yet, probably more end of spring early summer!


It would be, except it wouldn’t be true. :frowning:
Quantum Limitless doesn’t have the same kind of “core” as Sex Mastery X2.


@DarkPhilosopher @Fire @SaintSovereign Is it still recommended to build up to Emperor by using Ascension and Ascended Mogul first?



@SaintSovereign I am new here. I recently purchased Emperor two days ago.

I was reading some of the posts and saw some people running versions 1-4 in a loop. I was wondering if this matters or if I should just run V. 4 by itself?

Also, I was thinking of stacking with some other ones but have also read mixed reviews on that. What do you recommend? How many can I realistically run at a time and still see great results? Thanks!


Start with V4 by itself, wait a couple of months before stacking and everything :wink:


What he said.


No need to build upto emperor start with a couple of loops. If all is good add further loops.

For example

Week 1 2 loops
Week 2 4 loops

Up the loops slowly.


Okay, so I can’t throw in the artist one with Emperor, or the Regeneration just yet?

Are you suggesting I wait until say March before I stack? If so how many can I add on?

Trying to get my strategy locked down.


You CAN stack, but the more you stack, the more diluted the effect are. Your brain can only process certain amount of data at a time.

The reason stacking is not really recommended for your first sub is that it will take longer to feel the effect.

It really depends on the objective. Focus on 1-2 objectives in your life and play subs that helps it.