Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Noted thanks. Do you recommend 3 months minimum on Emperor before adding?

Lastly, does it matter what I add or can I touch a whole new working?


Well, if you really want to start stacking, let’s say you want to write or paint and you need creativity. You should probably do 1 month emperor and THEN stack or start directly with stacking. But if you don’t need it NOW, start with one and wait till you feel stable.


I’m thinking I need to do the healing one next to rid any blockages left over from childhood.

This may sound odd but are there any subliminals for height increase?


I do not believe subclub have a product for height increase. However its very possible at some point in the future they may have such a product available.


If you want to focus first on healing, then you can start a healing sub first. Also know that single stage aubliminal also contain healing.


Thanks. I’ve already started emperor 4 this week.

Can you explain what you mean by: ’ single stage aubliminal also contain healing.’


“Regeneration” is a standalone/single-stage subliminal that is quite powerful by itself. There are some rather interesting journals about Regen.


Does Emperor contain scripting to increase testosteron levels?


@Hermit i dont believe it does however there were talks of developing one.


Hopefully there’s testosteron and myostatin production in the upcoming Emperor Fitness. Eventually I’ll get that program anyway.

@SaintSovereign & @Fire, is this going to be in the Emperor Fitness?


You mean myostatin inhibition haha, myostatin block muscle growth.


Exactly! Also something to remove the lactic acid build up in the muscles for better recovery after a workout. :slight_smile:


I am reading about Aura right now, and its saying that its a great stack with Emperor. For this one does this mean I should still wait 30 days before throwing it in the playlist, or is this a good one to combine off the bat? I am 2 weeks in Emp 4


I personally would not add aura until i have spent at least a month of emperor by itself.


My usual suggestion is like blackadder’s. Build your stack one by one, getting used to them for a while before adding more.

However, stacking modules are designed to work together with a major program. So in this case, if you feel a distinct need to add Aura to Emperor, feel free to do so.

You should ask yourself the question if you are ready to have that aura strengthened yet. It’s obviously best when you already possess a lot of the Emperor’s traits. Maybe you don’t need it just yet?


I think Aura can expose yourself a lot and when sensitive or empathic you could be hurt. Use it with caution. If you haven’t build your alpha traits yet, then don’t.


Concur with Hermit here about a year ago i made the mistake of adding the aura stacking module within weeks of using emperor. The result was i could not handle the amount of attention i was recieving. This led me to become extremely emotional.


Don’t forget Emperor has Aura scripting in it :wink:

So make sure if you really want to push that to the maximum


Could you expand on that? Was it positive attention? Did Aura make you more emotional?


Women coming upto me and talking about sex
Young girls giggling around me
Women and men telling me they trust me but dint know why
Men wanting to be my friend
Sometimes men wanting to challenge me but it never got physical.