Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


How often do you listen during the day (night)?


i dont run aura anymore. The last time i used it in my stack it was x7 loops of aura and 5 loops emperor.


Oh you were talking about aura, sorry didn’t see that.


i have put on 2kg of muscle using V4

@SaintSovereign is there a module in v4 to increase body/muscle mass ?


Remember Lady Gaga’s 2010’s meat dress? That was made of steak. I wonder how heavy it was. And if it smelled like raw meat too. Wearing a dress of steak. Maybe she literally put on 2kg of muscle that night as well. :slight_smile:

Of course for me the most bizarre thing is they bought the dress and paid a taxidermist to turn it into a museum piece for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.



What kind of attention were you getting?



So did I - the difference between us is: I used whey protein and a regimented weekly split , combining weights and cardio.


Meant to post this here.

I am going to pick up Aura today- It says, ‘For women’ on the site does that mean this Sub is designed for chicks? Just want clarification before hand.

I feel ready for it.


It means it can be used by woman.


I was more sensitive to creatine and whey when running emperor. Its bizzare.


how are all the upcoming emperors doing? seeking feedback… been running this for 41 days…