Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Well, now I am really hyped.


Oke, then I misunderstood the opening post. Still very excited to see how much of an improvement the new tech is gonne be for Emperor.


You can now be like Napoleon… except taller. And maybe without Waterloo. :slight_smile:


You could do stand up… or writing dialogs for hollywood


OK. So, I’ll join in the Hype Game as well.

Guys. V4 is going to be @Simon’s return to Emperor after several months on the multi-stagers. He’s going to be back. It’s going to be big.
And @Simon might even start a journal this time.

You don’t wanna miss it. :smile:


Yessss with this update perhaps I can reap the benefits of QL without needing to incorporate the full program into my plans right away. Hyped for this :smiley:


A suggestion for Simon’s journal: Quantum Emperor.
Sounds like an emperor of an interstellar empire instead of a terrestrial one.


Unfortunately… naw. The wait won’t be long, tho. @Fire is currently working on our backlog of custom sub requests. I’m working on Mind’s Eye, Commandant, etc.


I really believed what Simon said now im disappointed lol i really was hyped for godlike masculinity ultimate. As for amash i saw a comment from him back in the summer where he had went mia like now and he said the reason then was because the subs he was using at the time he had felt no use to come back to this forum. It made him feel he didnt need the forum anymore and needed to be out there in life making things happen. He said overtime his love for this forum came back which is when he returned. Im assuming the same thing happened to him now and thats the reason hes been mia for over a month


Will we be seeing an updated version of AM in the next few months? It would be nice to see that under an hour listening time.

Emperor on Quantum tech will be awesome. Will the limitless core in Emp be updated to more quantum level or just limitless V2?


Limitless v2 is already in Emperor v3 I’m pretty sure


I’m talking about quantum limitless, i’m asking if it is going to be a part of emperor v4


It would be difficult to answer. Since the core didn’t change, the question becomes if you can take the multi-stage nature of Quantum and update the existing Limitless script with it.

My guess is it will be more like Limitless 2.5, where the existing Limitless script becomes smoother and more efficient, without the afterburner of Quantum.

As a result of the update, Emperor V4 would likely work faster than V3 in changing you. Maybe even have somewhat less reconciliation symptoms.

All speculation on my part…


I belove what you say is probably what will happen with the limitless version present in Emperor


I dont think they can fit a mutli stager into a single stage neither it would be fair for them to offee free upgrade if somehow included quantum limitless in emperor


@WhiteTiger i am planning to stack emperor V4 with Khan.


First of all, we don’t know what QuantumTech is. This is top secret information.

We can say that V4 is just the same Emperor script but with QuantumTech and think: not a big deal at all. But. If the script is not a big deal but the technology is? Maybe V4 is 1000% more powerful than V3 because of QuantumTech, with the same script and additions.

My theory is: V4 manifest the goals and changes much faster, utilizing quantum principles (time dilation and etc.), has less reconciliation, everything is aimed to achieve the goal (become Emperor & build empire). Beside others additions and tweaks I think that V4 will be less anti-social that V3 and previous one. Why? Because you can’t create your Empire without connections with people. But you don’t want to be manipulated and used on your way, right? Power Can Corrupt & Inner Circle & Quantum Limitless will be included 100% in V4 but not in a stand-alone format but in a way to achieve V4 goals.

For me, Emperor is “how to be a master of your life”.

P.S. Ascension & Ascended Mogul should be upgraded to QuantumTech too. If only they are not popular like Emperor and it is not profitable to upgrade.


Come on, man! What are you doing to me! Emperor V1 was already life changing for me. You sure you wanna expose me to some new omega level new version of it? :laughing:


Shush! OmegaTech is for Emperor V5! People aren’t supposed to know yet.

Or was that NitroTech?



Yes! Then you know what to do next - let us all know how you completely smash it out the ballpark.