Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Sigma Tech :grin:


The new quantum technology is sending waves through the subliminal community. The big question is can you handle the power of V4 ?


I wasnt saying they would take all of Quantum limitless and putting it in Emp v4 lol. I was wondering if they will take bits and pieces of Quantum limitless and put it in Emp v4.


Upgrade means the scripts will be the same only the tech will be upgraded to the latest and greatest which means quicker results thats all.


That isn’t exactly true, they can change bits and parts of pieces of certain things. And that product would still be considered an upgrade. They have limitless v2 in emp v3 so why cant they take bits and pieces of quantum limitless and put it in emp v4?


Men, this thread really got the best name for it… let’s all jump on the hype train!

@blackadder :heart_eyes: I wrote about it in my journal just a DAY before they announce it, I’m adding emperor with Khan, I need the I don’t give a fuk attitude this winter… men winter are rought… no sunshine at all!

@Floridianninja Yeah, they probably add some bits and pieces of whatever can fit well with emperor. The root of it won’t change of course, but if a small chunk of quantum limitless would be valuable to emperor, why not? If adding small parts of power can corrupt/social/inner circle or any other sub, they will add it…!


One thing that really interests me regarding v4 is this manifestation-thing. Would be really nice if opportunities/money/mentors we need for our business or whatever endeavour it may be manifest faster.
Then there is also this woman-attraction-thing… Yes, I am really excited about it.


This is correct :wink:


Well sounds like ima need to add emperor v4 with my EOG ST4 listening now.


I’m planning to run Ev4 and QL4 during my waking hours. Nothing during nights…


Will there be a Black Friday discount?


Will definitely get myself Emperor but only after reaching Khan ST4 and doing at least a month of it. Possibly 2 or 3 months of Khan ST4 before stacking Emperor with it.


When can we expect this to be out? 8 DaYs SeEm ReAsOnAbLe


Sarshet my gut feeling says tommorow. However i might be wrong. All i can say is watch this space :slight_smile:


Last time his gut said 48 hours, three times in a row. Or was it 4 times? :wink:


Haha, but we never know for emperor, for the V3 upgrade it went really fast. This time they will add commander with it, maybe more than two days haha! But we never know!


I saw a dream where the sales page of emeperor had been updated for V4. ( Not a joke, real dream)

All description was removed, and only the following was written

“Now with Anti Social Module included”


From what i understand fire is working on custom subs first. I would guess 1-2 weeks


Emperor can make you seem cold and distant. Women might complain that you are extremely intense. Thats because emperor hates time wasters. If the women think yiu are too intense fuck them, move onto the next girl. Never change the core of emperor !! If you do you will have to change the name.


I wonder what would be the end results of emperor + khan st4 :thinking: