Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


I’m gonna do a little mix of both :wink:


For a few days ? Over night while you sleep ? Will be following your updates Lol


Yeah, sure, i’ll probably make an update in my thread after starting, now I am running emperorv3+Khan


How’s that mix going ? I’ll check your journal. I’ve read how some people prefer st3 over st4 which I found interesting


Well, I had already ran emperor for 2 month in the past so it’s going well. I will say that the difference for now is more my IDGAF attitude that has become stronger!


What do you mean exactly by “intense”?


I dont find emperor intense at all


@Rising you obviously did not read my post properly.


@Hermit when I was running emperor and talking to girls they could see a strong intent in my eyes and the way I subcommunicated… This appeared to scare some women others loved it.


Intent of what kind?


How come? Which Subliminal’s are you running?


I think it’s because some people just have a much stronger mentality than others. They can handle more than what would break others quickly.


emperor + eog st3 + limitless 2-2-1 when i am not working
Eog st3 + limitless 1-1 when working


Soooo, any ideas on what is going to change from V3 to V4? I’m actually very interested in this update. I’ve read somewhere there is also a Emperor Fitness coming out. Might be interested in that as well. Will this be subliminal with stages or just like the regular one?


I thought v3 will be the last one. The gift that keeps giving.

Saint was himself using Emperor with embedded name, right? I assume that’s what motivated the upgrade?


I think Quantum tech motivated this plus they will probably use bits of quantum limitless in this.


Does the current Emperor have the full script & latest version of Limitless? I’ve been wondering about this because I might want to add Limitless to my stack if it isn’t.


Could you cite your sources , please ?


Yea i am pretty sure it has limitless v2 in it … i think that is why they updated it to v3 when they did.


Lovely. Will there be any scripts updated or added to the V4 besides maybe the piece of QL?