Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


So, It’s been almost a week since the announcement. Any news about the v4 update? :slight_smile:


Looks like the release will be friday.


@Fluid when Sovereign used the new quantum technology he had the most vivid dream ever. Like it was real from what i remember in the dream he was in a movie called judgement day. I think it took him days to recover but when he did he says he felt different.


I wonder if emperor fitness is coming with this?


Haha, where did you get that :confounded::sweat_smile:


Waiting waiting all day long


Wild guess ?


Blackadder has been using rvX and apX non-stop to stalk Saint and Fire and he now knows just about everything about them including the color of their undies. He’s already busy writing their unauthorized biography while sending PM’s to Fire concerning spelling errors in the subliminal script for Quantum Emperor since he could it read off of Fire’s computer screen.

Do not mess with the blackadder. He. Knows. All.



Before it was the quantum hype, now it is the emperor hype :wink:





Any indication as to when Emperor v4 will be released ? In a few days ? Another couple weeks ?



Myself, AMASH and White Tiger were the veterans since the inception of SubClub. In the early days we were the already using V.1 of Emperor and getting good results, hence forged great relationships with Fire and Sovereign.


lol, it won’t be today – sorry. @Fire is still working on the customs. We’ve had people waiting for almost a year to get 'em created. In the mean time, enjoy Quantum Limitless, ya’ll. :wink:


It will be a good christmas present lol


You’ve got explaining to do @blackadder :rofl:


I’m loosing my hair and several bodily fluids due to impatience over when Emperor V4 will come out. When will it be available???


Wait t’ill they finish the custom made subs they were ordered. Then they will work on emperor and commander


Emperor v3 is working fine😉


When Emperor 4 is realized you can simply switch from V3 to V4.


Saint can you at least unleash Commando to those who already have purchased V3.