Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Still waiting paitently :slight_smile:


@Fire, @SaintSovereign,
Could we have some Anger Management in Emperor v4.

Yes, its true, everyone else is an idiot and out to waste the Emperor’s time, :wink:
yet, can we respond to it a bit better?

Maybe, double up on Sanguine at least!


There is no sanguin in emperor


I have gut feeling it will be releassd on black friday so dont worry.


I think v4 will come out around xmas or sometime in January since saint said lots of custom sublimnals are ahead of v4 at the moment.


Sovereign is working on commando so i envisage it being released very soon.


(the irony here being that the actual Emperor would probably be very calm about waiting for this; choosing instead to focus on optimizing his use of the many resources and projects already available at his fingertips. Calmly ready, like a hunting tiger, to pounce when the opening presents itself, but never before…)

:sweat_smile:…so what we’re saying here is basically: “Hurry up and give me some patience. Right now!!!”


I couldnt agree more. Emperor v3 is working nicely already. Sure v4 will be amazing but this shop has already enough resources for anything we need


Emperor v4 is definitely coming in a few days.

Xmas is when Ascension, Mogul, AM, GLM, Primal, S&S, and PS get their updated 2020 versions.

Early in January comes Emperor Fitness, right in time when the New Year Resolutions need their butt kicking. Perfect opportunity for FB Marketing.



Simon you are correct


Simon’s perspective and insights over everything is always so fantastic


I like Simon we are both on the same level. We both had the same gut feelings whej it comes to product releases.


Hey @blackadder, in preparation for this release, I just started your favorite stack today morning.

Emperor v3 + Primal Seduction

(My first time with PS) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Only 3 loops of this playlist, and I already have women of all ages gawking & ogling. :star_struck:


@Simon - they are updating Godlike Masculinity? Woah. I would love that.

PS: Would love to get Emperor Fitness too. For finally kicking new year resolution’s butt.


@simon its a.great stack women were approaching me when i was on that stack enjoy :slight_smile:.


lol –

While these speculation threads are fun, please make sure to mark them as speculative. As of now, we have no plans to update the Godlike Masculinity stack module. We’re not even sure if we’re continuing the stack module product line. Depends on demand.


SubClub runs on Lean Startup principles. They respond to demand.
So, it’s our job to keep demanding what we want. :smile:

As the man just said…

So, demand dear Emperors.
To your heart’s content.



@Simon - I hereby officially demand a new version of Godlike Masculinity. It really helped with my stack.


As an economics graduate, my nerd senses are tingling, and I must review the definition of demand in Economics.

Demand= “Not mere want but, Absolutely Certain Willingness that is backed up by ability”

#4yearswasworththispost #econ4lyf

To carefully analyzing the definition of demand, I have used my 4 year degree knowledge and applied relevant concepts into our problem.

I have identified the following constraints that may discourage @SaintSovereign to listen to the noise of demand.
Firstly, it is clear that since subs are not priced at 500, and assuming most of subclubbers are from the first world, the “backed up by ability” condition is fulfilled.
However, what we actually say demand, in many many many cases may not infact be demand as per economic definition but only be a mere want.

Assuming that many many many cases have 50% probability of occurance, for every 2 person saying they demand something, 1 will not be absolutely certain and go forward to actually buy.

If any knowledge thirsty soul wants to know the economic analysis behind further implications of this, please feel free to ask.

#4yearswasworththispost #econ4lyf #some1nominate #nobelprize #khan #mogul #limitleas


As exciting as it may be to read about an updated or upgraded version of Emperor there is no way I would run it right now even if it was made available immediately. I have been running Regeneration sort of sporadically lately. Meaning sometimes every day sometimes not . Often while I’m awake although I have fallen asleep with it playing more than a few times. I’m staying with this for as long as I feel it’s necessary. Which could be a year or three as I have a lot of issues to work through and anyone who knows me is well aware and important to me becoming more mentally and emotionally mature is.
I know it’s working because more than a few times I have found myself asking how or why I thought something I did in the past was ok . That and I’m rapidly learning that often just doing what’s being asked of you, working your ass off , and keeping your mouth shut is the key to happiness. At least for me at this time.