Main Hype Thread - Emperor v4


Gotta be careful with saying how this product is getting a update and that one is when they actually aren’t like saint says. Your bound to get people upset after finding out a sublimnal for example godlike masculinity is not getting a update at all


Will this be getting released in the next few weeks in time for christmas and the new year?


Shoot I feel emperor v 4 would be a great addition. Tired of running just the EOG ST4; would like to stack or switch to it.


I wouldn’t be so sure about running something along ST4.

I’ve been running Ev3 for more than 2 months, and I’d added QL ST4 about 10 days ago.
Now, my mind and body are all over the place. Jumping from an extreme calmness to severe anxiety. I’ll push through, but it’s exhausting really.


Try stacking Ev3 now with Gold4, and see the effects.
It should help you make the decision, and also make the transition smoother when v4 is available.


currently i am running PS …I have to admit that it is pretty good…I think my subconscious really likes the suggestions…if Emperor v4 releases this year …I will seriously consider change my subliminal listening schedule…listen to Emperor for one year…I am really excited…hope we will have the update soon…



@mecharc, the constraint on product upgrades is not money-related at all.
Because there is simply NO immediate money in it. They are free to existing customers. :smile:

The constraint is Time, specifically @Fire’s time, and his satisfaction with the current level of technology.

Also, this Time issue goes beyond man-hours.
Researching & Writing of Scripts is a very creative task. It’s hard to switch between products through the day/week, and almost impossible to predict how long a specific project will take.
So, when a new major program or multi-stage is in development, everything else has to wait until it’s done. Even the Custom Orders.



I assume that when a “user”, not a staff member, says something, it is “like … just his opinion, man!”

Us older guys know even when @SaintSovereign says something about the FUTURE, it is still speculative.

Did you know that there was/is a plan to make SubClub Prime, a site with monthly membership fee, with access to all products for all members?

Did you know that Ultimate Artist was originally supposed to be the second Multi-Stage product after Khan? (And now its nowhere on the cards.)

Product releases get delayed. Shit happens. Plans change. Its OK.

BTW, just like people cannot read a joke or a request in my posts,
do you know that Saint’s reply above was a positive message for product updates in some member’s eyes.


Emperor’s Reality + Rebirth’s Reframing = Anything anyone says is for my benefit.



Some people on thos forum are muppets …plain and simple …stop jumping from sub to sub …lol


And with that we’re jumping back to Emperor. I’m trying to figure out how best to describe Emperor as a sub. It’s hard when you haven’t run it yourself and you don’t know what’s in it.


hmmm…what could be in there??


long sigh…


Emperor is the most powerful sublininal product in thr market today. I was an early adopter of Emperor when SC was born. In the early days we had old chap, AMASH and White Tiger. All these testers gave feedback on Emperor and SC made the product greater through the feedback. Fire is the quiet one but make no mistake he is watching the forum lile a hawk. Constantly comong up with new innovations. He sees and read everything. The guy is a genius.

Because of this we forged great relationships with Fire and Sovereign.


Yeah, but what does it do?

You’ve got your alpha-male, the natural leader. There’s the sigma male, the man on a journey, inviting others to join or stay out of the way. Emperor cultivates both?

How about socially? Emperor 3 has a tendency to make people less social as it helps one re-evaluate the usefulness of their relationships. Emperor 2 didn’t? Is it the goal of Emperor to do so?

And sexually? I don’t hear a lot of people praising how Emperor turned them into the leading PUA in the world, with a 9am Coffee and BJ by their secretary and two women in LBD’s sitting on each other’s lap on the way to the VIP lounge because the Lambo only has two seats.

Emperor does great things, I can see why it is still likely the most popular subliminal in SubClub’s arsenal (and why it keeps getting updates). It combines more of the other products than any other sub. It’s a Zen-subliminal, one with everything. But because it is so big, I have a hard time seeing what exactly it does.

Like I said, I don’t know the script. Fire & Saint may be able to write the product page because they know what’s in it, but I don’t. So why would I choose Emperor over Khan or EoG? Neither of them use QuantumTech, true. But they are both still very powerful products.

I have not read the older journals, any you would recommend?



The constraint of money and want falls on the Demand Side of economic transaction.

The constraint of TIme and Technology falls on Supply SIde of economic transaction.

Let Me Clarify.

Demand Relates to the Marginal Utility. Marginal Utility in our dinmension is the additional satisfaction from the last unit of money spent.

Supply relates to the marginal Cost. Marginal Cost in our dimension is the additional cost of producing an extra unit of product.

Producers produce at a point where Marginal Utility = Marginal Cost. Or, Supply = Demand.

My analysis, only focused on the constraints on the demand side.


I am very very inexperienced to comment on this. But since you asked for a journal recommendation, and I have read pretty much every journal before purchasing emperor, I would recommend yardbird’s journal. Reading that you can actually see that guy progressing in life. I wonder what happened to him since he has not updated for months.


This is a common phenomenon in subliminal forums. People start getting really good results, then stop posting because they’re out living their new lives. Journaling helps the alchemical process because it helps you notice and analyze the changes subliminals incite. Of all the things you can do to take action, journaling – either online or offline – is among the most important.

Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to journaling – at least online. Once you start getting good results and increasing your internal and external value, people start hating on you. They’ll do whatever they can to demotivate you, given the fact that your results reflects how low value they are. Eventually, high value people just stop interacting with those not on their level, or in our case, they stop posting.


Where’s the sad react emoji? :cry:


The custom backlog is now caught up. Onward to Emperor v4. :wink:


Best news all week!