Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


How long will the entire testing be?


Targeting two weeks, but however long it needs to be.


So Ultima would be next tier higher after T2?


Ultima isn’t a “tier.” It’ll be its own product. You’ll see.


Might Ultima function like a nightly meditation?


Yes, you could use this like that. Or, like a regular subliminal title (though, if our theory is correct, more than one loop will definitely be too much).


Does this make the cut?


One loop a day? Interesting…


Send this as a PM, please.


So these are so incredibly powerful even without being name embedded? Or might name embedding be part of Ultima, too?


It’ll be part of it. Our programmer is going to build it into Q – IF it works. That’ll be some time away, though. For now, only major titles will end use Ultima, and only specialized titles.


I’m interested, this will give me some more time to decide on my Q lol. I’ll send you a PM soon.

Do we send you journal updates every night or at the end of the test?

Also will it matter if listening is broken up? Sometimes things come up or people interrupt and I have to stop playing a sub mid way and then continue.


okay, done!!!


So does that mean that if we were to purchase Ultima-type/built subs, we also need to have hi-end audio equipment?


I have been playing all my subs on a cellphone…


Something like Quantum Limitless would be a good tester for this, I think.


Its good enough for the subs and music :wink: I use it too, its just not a high end dac.
I was being a snob audiophile, no worries.


Possibly. Hence why it’ll be a new product line.


My opinion would be Stark Q or Emperor Q… But that’s just my opinion


Things sound pretty good for me with Sennheiser HD-580s and a headphone amplifier from my phone. I’ve got a Google Pixel which requires the dac to be in the adapter so you have the choice to get a higher quality dac depending on the adapter you buy.

The headphone amp I use is just a fairly inexpensive CMOY built inside a mint tin.