Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


That’s for the link, but I aint Tony Stark smart to assemble an amp from scratch.


Google will show you that you can purchase a CMOY or many other headphone amplifiers already assembled.


New to the forum but not to subliminals. I’ve been desperate for a reason to update my music gear, this could just be it…


That makes life so much easier, thanks.

How much do you think an amp improves subliminal results?


I listen to subliminals through speakers so I can’t say.

I am figuring on listening to Ultima through my Sennheiser HD-580 over-the-ear headphones through the cmoy.

I will say that the HD-580s reveal details in music that I do not notice with relatively high quality IEMs. The 580s are difficult to drive from my phone so they really need the amplifier.


I have the same driving problem with my AKG K240 Studio headphones. That being said, the low end on this set is a bit lacking, but the clarity is absolutely amazing. I use them in conjunction with SonarWorks Reference 4 and Waves NX to emulate an acoustically treated room for producing and mixing purposes.


StarkQ was a second choice for me. But I was thinking QL just because I thought it would be easier to see results from studying/memorizing something, or learning an instrument and such.


I sent a pm with what I have, I also have Bose Noise Cancelling 700 if that’s better then what i’m getting then I can use those.


I’ll be honored to test out your latest weaponry @ Saint Sovereign, while I do not have much to apply the most jam packed subliminal audio experience, I am willing to report results like no one has ever done before. I’ve been listening to subliminals diligently since 2016, subliminals like yours are ones I strive for. While I am currently focusing on buying my first car, I am setting money aside to build myself a custom subliminal. Instead of 10 subliminal audios, I would like just one subliminal made custom for myself with as many titles fitted as possible (self selected of course). I’m happy to test out what you’ve got in store for us with my airpods.


Hi there @SaintSovereign . I’m new to the site and to subliminals. A friend of mine told me, “hey you should test this” so here I am. I’m a DJ and have just got a pair of new Sennheiser HD 25 + HiFi headphone amplifier. I don’t know how to PM you so I post here the picture.


The amp won’t do much unless you have headphones that require it. A higher end headset, however, will help results. I don’t really consider myself an audiophile, though I do have about 7-8 high end headsets. For private listening during, I like to use a nice set of open back headphones, though these can be a bit expensive. Also, since they’re open, the people around you can hear what you’re listening to.


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What are your thoughts on in-ear monitors? I prefer them because they’re way more easy to carry around than open back headphones.


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Thanks. Was trying to work that out myself. Not happening for me, may be you can’t do it if you are new. Might need a minimum number of posts (seen that on other forums).


@AquaLimba @TheFR @IrishCoffee

First of all, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you ever run any subclub subs before as you all just joined?

It might be better to start of with a normal subliminal from the store than to jump right in with an experimental build. Subclubs subs on their own can be very intense, even for advanced users :smiley:


You dont say…


@friday Thanks for the welcome and advice. Just joined the forum but I have a few SC subs that I’ve been using for some months now. I’m familiar with them, yes.
I also know that each one affects each person differently depending on their personality, goals, physicality and other circumstances. What I mean by that is that, you can run one subliminal from the range with no issues or no results and it could be the complete opposite with another one. As anyone’s financial adviser/advisor would say: ‘Past performance is not an indicator of future results’. I don’t underestimate this stuff but I appreciate the cautionary note.
That’s if I make the team since I can’t even PM at this point…


If you keep posting /reading you unlock it sooner or later.


They’re fine for listening to music. In fact, the Nuraphones — witch has an over ear and in ear element — are my favorite pair of headphones for listening to music.

In a producing / mixing environment, open ear all the way. Less ear fatigue, less build up off the low end, cleaner sound in general.


Even subliminals?