Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


No. The built in EQ changes the sound too much. Not sure if ultrasonic even works on them. The best headphones for subliminals would be a flat response set for studio use.


I was about to upgrade my hardware for listening subs and I dont think Im going to participate for testing ultima , but this is how I will listening Q and Terminus subs.

sennheiser HD 280 pro 70£

loossless music player and also suitable for phones and notebooks as external DAC and Amplifier. limited deal drop to 42£ from 90£

total cost 113£

would be this enough to qualify for ultima?


I’m so excited for this


Subliminal Club keeps delivering shinier Diamonds. Where will it end? Till infinity and further.

There’s no limit to Subliminal Technology as there is no limit to the unconscious. We limit ourselves by our own Consciousness. Eagerly waiting to participate in the project.




First!!! …


Disqualified for being 67th and calling it a “first” post. If that’s not good enough reason, for creating a “first”-post in the first place (see what I did there?). :wink:


Lmao. Are you participating in this?


It is a good advise. But… I can be a good test subject BECAUSE I have never used any subs :sunglasses:

So @SaintSovereign will decide. By the way, SaintSovereign , I cannot pm yet as I’m too new to the forum.


If anyone wants to get a high end pair of Sennheisers for cheap, they often have steep sales on amazon. Typically on Black Friday and Boxing Day has the best deals, they can sometimes go for half off.
You can also use to see the price history and send price drop notifications.


Drop is a good source for high quality headphones and amplifiers. I have purchased four times from them.

Head-Fi is a great place to research headphones and related gear.


So does this mean the Ultima test track is complete?



If Saint will have me, sure. Sounds like fun.

Hears subconscious groan in the background after coming out of 4 loops of T².
“Him and his concept of fun. I’ll make him hit his toes against the coffee table on the way to bed tonight. See how much fun that is, buddy!”


Also mechanical keyboards + key cap sets.


Yeah, those look cool but I have not purchased a mechanical keyboard or keysets.

I have mainly looked at drop for audio items, but they have other cool stuff.


I’m hoping I get picked and good luck to everyone. I know this will be something very big and I can’t wait to give the best in-depth journals if I get accepted:)


I think I misread it as Ultra MK. Perhaps I am partially dyslexic too.


Well, Mk. 1 is complete. Working on Mk. 2 right now. I’m thinking 3 or 4 will be the test version.


call it MK-Ultima :joy:


Is this a title in itself or is it a new technology to build subliminals with?