Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


Just out curiosity, since aiming for audio fidelity, why compress the files to mp3 and not just leave them in a lossless format?




New technology.

We will eventually.


Found the following website:

It shows the frequency response for the headphones that I’m using for the test. Doesn’t seem to give so much a flat response, what do guys think? I can always get a different pair for the sake of listening under the optimal conditions for testing.

Perhaps my pair Bose QuietComforts are better?

I must say though that after one loop I can already feel the effects quiet nicely, so the Boise Noise Canceling 700 are certainly transmitting the subliminal scripts. Any insights are welcome.


MK Ultima.

You will break.


I have those(both Bose options), but I’m using my old wired Sennheiser hd650s. It’s been so long since I’ve used them but they were perfectly burnt in for music, so it’s a joy to listen to.


Is this going to be a new platform or a new subliminal?


Platform. Don’t worry, Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared are NOT obsolete. Only certain scripts will work on Ultima for now.


Will we be limited to certain modules with ultima? If so, can they eventually get an “ultima compatible” icon or something so we know?


I’m not sure if Ultima will ever show up as a Q store option. It’s powerful, but limited in application right now.


applications still open?


@SaintSovereign I cannot pm you yet. I have posted here a picture of my headset Sennheiser hd 25 + hi fi amplifier. Am I “in” for the tests? Let me know please… for yes or for no.

And please pm me. I have a great idea for “new types” of subs, oriented to personality types.



Will this be the result of running a Emperor Fitness on Ultima(te)?


Speaking about the Ultima games, Richard Garriot the creator has a really inspiring life story. It is a story of one man who used his imagination to succeed in life.


Don’t have a Sennheiser right now, but I’ll be looking into purchasing one. I believe the Ultima Technology will be very potent for Stacking Modules as they gave me almost instantaneous effects. Can’t wait to try Sanguine on Ultima Tech.

So the Bose Noise Canceling 700’s did give me quiet profound results, which means they’re definitely outputting the scripts. I can possibly push more out of it by getting some of these Sennheiser’s though. Will try my Bose Quietcomforts later today for testing Track B, from what it seems these QuietComforts had a more stable response for Treble Accuracy.

Thanks for your help though!


Personally I would avoid anything with ANC when going for sound purity…


I agree very much with that, but right now I’m only trying to weight out my options.


Appologies, I misread your answer. Maybe take a look at Audio Technica M50X as well. Those are my go to headphones for flar audio response…


Assuming the results for Ultima are great, what kind of hardware are we looking for in addition of the proper headphones?

I have a pair of headphones with planar magnetic drivers, and one pair from Audio Technica (can’t remember the model now) which should be good enough.

I’m no audiophile, so I don’t know enough about sound quality.

Not applying for the test, just planning what else I need for optimal results when Ultima launches :wink:


Thank you for the recommendations.