Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


May I know what type of scripts* work on Ultima at the moment?

*Scripts as in alpha male script, wealth script, spiritual script, fitness script, productivity script etc


If I had to speculate, it would be scripts that are relatively ‘closed-form’ and tackle topics with well-defined boundaries. Think along the lines of Weapon X.


Not releasing that information yet. We will once the test is complete and titles are in production.


I would like to say that everybody, including people not participating in this test, should take note of the differences in how A and B are experienced. It will be very useful in my opinion.

Provided Saint shares what the difference(s) is/are at some point in the future. :slight_smile:

Or maybe I’m just trying to distract you. With me, you never know…


I would be interested in this one …






3D subliminal audio?!

When I first came across the idea of 3D audio with the PS5 tech details a couple months back, my first thought was “I wonder if this could be used for subliminals?” lol


3D surround sound is amazing. My buddy is doing Sound Engineering/Audio Production and he’s shown me some pretty stellar things they’ve created in the lab.

The tricky thing about doing a surround audio subliminal is that we subconsciously categorize emotional states and memories into physical spaces around us. For an example of this, when listening to your inner monologue try and sense which “direction” the voice in your head is coming from (if that makes sense).

The problem is that everyone categorizes these submodalities differently. My “love space” (e.g. behind me and to my right) could be the space for your critical voice. Having different messages coming from seemingly specific directions would more than likely have extremely varying effects from person to person instead of the consistent results that I think SC would want to aim for.


That’s really interesting, I’ve never paid attention to the direction of my thoughts but will for sure now. I wonder if this phenomenon had influence on the trope of the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other?

But another thing I find fascinating with 3D audio is that you can get distance along with direction. So it makes me wonder if voices in a subliminal that are really close to you would be more personal, intimate and effective for inner beliefs, while ones that are distant would be effective for how you perceive the outer world and how you think they perceive you? There’s so much possibilities to explore in this area.


Interesting theory! Definitely a possibilty

Actually, it’s the other way around. The voice of the subconscious mind is distant and “far away” sounding while conscious/neo-cortex (logical/thinking brain) thoughts sound louder/closer :slight_smile:


Does Ultima have to do with Super Chargers at all?


3D Subliminal Technology is probably the closest this Technology can get to real life occasions where you are literally surrounded by subliminal input coming from a 360 degree angle. Just imagine sitting at a restaurant, all of the different conversations are all being heard by the unconscious and picked upon.


7.1 channels. Would be something if each channel had its own subliminal. You’d have 7 voices speaking to you. Maybe in tandem, maybe in a capella. The Barden Bella’s have nothin’ on SubClub. :slight_smile:

Or one channel starting a question/statement, another channel finishing it, forcing your brain to use both hemispheres in order to keep up.

Sometimes I wonder if Saint & Fire already had all these ideas or if I am giving them ideas and they then proceed not to tell me about them. So consider this a disclaimer. I give permission to use any ideas inspired by me but this permission is dependent on explicitly notifying me of that fact and which of my statements led to said idea. Informing me of the actual content of the idea is optional but preferred. This is applicable to current, future and previously generated ideas both on and off this forum. So say we all. :wink:

Not as far as I know. Since Saint already stated it was a platform, I suppose it can be better compared to the evolution that comes after QuantumTech.

PS Have you guys considered VR and 7.1 are considered forms of immersion? Remember that Qx picture of a VR headset?


You are all lucky, you have been accepted to this new program :wink: I feel alone, even though I have a high resolution audio walkman from Sony with its headphone, I don’t have any answer from @SaintSovereign :wink:


No worries
There must be many who were not selected , there must be some reason behind that .
I too have B & O H6 , which is quite capable , but then @SaintSovereignmust have other reasons too .
And eventually he is gonna offer this to all of us if results are good


I consider you to be the lucky one. You get to live your life with your targeted subs moving eagerly toward your goal. As testers we are essentially stumbling through a dark cave, hoping this new technology will benefit us. Of course there are benefits (free stuff) for our sacrifice, but it is indeed you who have it better, knowing what you should do and expect :wink:


I think it is part of reconciliation, changing sub:joy: i am reaching a plateau, I hope it will be a narrow one:joy:


This post is the start of my official campaign for Libertine Q. I need the fire that burns within me to shine in Q!!


I was willing to take part, but I’m actually really glad that I’m not. I’m literally six days into working with new customs. I’ve barely started! And I’m really, really into the ones that I’m running.

I’m often open to try something new and it’s great to get innovative benefits, but, dude, I’m on a program. And I deeply want to see this through to fruition.