Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


Admit it, you just want 7.1 Doly Atmos THX certified moaning. :wink:


I dont even know what this means, but anything as technical as this in front of “certified moaning” cant be bad :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Do the current builds use any virtual surround sound? I mentioned in my journal that when I listened to B for the first time I felt a point of tension/headache slowly trace a single circuit around my head during the length of the track. Was that due to any spacial encoding, or was that just a personal reaction to what B was doing?


No comment.




Funny thing, almost nobody has a 7.1 set, most have 5.1. Saint being an audio engineer, that thought did not enter into his reality. :wink:




Wow that file size is huge :star_struck:


So, if the most of the present titles aren’t compatible with ultima, will there be a brand new product line for it?

Can only imagine what an ultima equivalent of eog would be capable of…:upside_down_face:


Maaaaaaaaaybe. Maybe not. :wink:

Stage 2 of the Ultima Test starts soon, where we will test a major subliminal in Ultima, just to see what happens. Just based off the build, however, it’ll probably serve another purpose.


Has the subliminal for stage 2 already been chosen? And if so, which one will it be?

Stark Stark Stark! Quantum Limitless may also be interesting :slight_smile:


I doubt we’ll ever know what the test subliminal is. Definitely won’t find out before the test is over


Hmm should we take a break before stage 2? Is there any benefit to listening the stage one files after we’re done?


They will become modules in the Q store.


No break necessary. It’s going to be one of our major titles in Ultima format. Haven’t decided which one. If you like the results you’re getting, sure. Just keep in mind that it can burn you out if you’re not careful.


I’ll ask here because it’s related. If Ultima is that much better, I’d like to get on it the next time I buy a sub. Problem is, if it requires high grade audio technology, I don’t know squat about it and don’t know what I should be saving for and buying. Could someone who knows what they’re doing help me please? I don’t know what half the tech jargon being used here means.


There’s nothing to save for yet. Ultima will be it’s own product, so you don’t have to worry about subs bought on sub either on the SubClub store or the Q store becoming obsolete any time soon. But, that being said, here’s a rundown:

Most consumer grade headphones and speakers will color the sound to make the audio sound better. For example, a pair of Beats by Dre will automatically boost the low end (bass) and some of the high end (treble) of the frequency spectrum.

Studio-grade equipment, used by producers, sound designers and engineers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, film editors, etc. are generally “flat response,” meaning the headphones / studio monitors will make no changes to sound. This allows them to make accurate decisions when doing their jobs. For example, if you attempted to produce a song on a pair of Beats, you’re going to hear a drastically different version of the song than if you played it over a car stereo (trust me, I made that mistake in my early days).

In actuality, even studio-grade equipment will color the sound. That’s why the marketing material for that equipment comes with a frequency response chart. Allows you to see exactly how the equipment will change the sound. I have a pair of studio grade monitors, the AKG K240, which cuts out the majority of the low end (and some other tweaks), allowing you to hear the rest of the frequency with crystal clear clarity.

Studio-grade doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, however. The Sennheiser HD280 Pro is a studio darling and it’ll only run you about $80 – much cheaper than Beats, Bose, etc.

We asked testers to use flat response equipment because Ultima may be fragile due to the build method. Didn’t need any artificial changing of the sound. However, we did allow a few testers to use non-studio equipment and they seem to be getting results, so we’ll see.

We also built Ultima in 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. Results are exceptionally promising. Don’t rush out and buy a system yet, however. We need to do much more testing, and those who have listened to it will attest that it doesn’t sound great, as I mixed them on a set of 7.1 virtual surround headphones. We are currently developing a 1300 sqft music / audio production and subliminal research and development facility, which will be equipped with a 7.1 (maybe 9.1, if I can get a good deal) surround sound listening / monitoring station. When it’s done, this will be the pinnacle of subliminal listening.

For now, don’t worry about anything. Ultima is going to be a much different product than a major title.


You’re having way too much fun…

Anyways, doesn’t speakers tweak the sounds too? If so, what’s a good bet on surround sound speakers?


Great to see someone loving their work and their life, right? And pretty encouraging when that is the same person creating products that can help you love yours more.


Yeah, that’s why I mentioned that the 7.1 and 5.1 tests don’t sound that great. We’ll be able to handle this issue once the studio is finished.