Main Testing Application Thread - Project: Ultima


Just a pure value add, everyone who’re stressing about studio quality, flat sound headphones, check out behringer.

Cheaper than your normal headphones, still made for studio use.


I certainly didn’t have studio equipment and my Bose Noise Canceling 700 surely didn’t look good at the high end of the spectrum. Although I was getting good results from Ultima, but for the purpose of testing I’ll be getting a Sennheiser as it isn’t expensive anyway just to see if there’s a difference in results. Honestly I also believe we shouldn’t underestimate the unconscious mind, I think it can make sense of just about anything.

Yes, indeed from there fruits ye shall know em. Life is a lot of fun when you’re living out your divine life purpose. Be service to others and you’ll receive it back tenfold :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what else these guys can pull out of there sleeves.

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Is anyone using Sennheiser HD202? Is it good enough for Ultima?


Those seem pretty good, yes.