Man For Himself


can relate I’ve been getting result from combining commander + executive, feel i will keep this till end of November. it really got me moving and completing task


Enjoyed reading your journey in Man for Himself.

I should really build in QLST4 into my upgraded version of Glorious Dynasties.


Commander + 5 Loops Khan ST1 + Elixir.

Elixir, heal me of my thought patterns that do not serve. Heal me so that I can reach the next stage of my life.

I did not have good sleep last night. I am going to make a strong correction on that with the temporary usage of a particular sleep supplement. That said, 1 loop of Commander took me back into action mode again. It is crazy how productive I was today, despite the meetings that were going on throughout the day. I had the energy to push through it all. My mind is on point. (It’s possible this energy contributed to it being difficult to sleep last night)

In fact, I feel as if Commander hit harder today than it did yesterday because of some sort of buildup effect. I’d like to see that continue through the workweek. I am crushing it.

Then there’s the healing. I was originally going for 6 loops of ST1, but then I decided to switch things up by doing 5 loops ST1 + Elixir. Does the power of the Elixir build up over consecutive days? What will I experience in my dreams and how am I going to transform when ST1 and Elixir are run on the same day? We shall see. For now, I can say that there isn’t any immediate reconciliation and it’s been smooth so far today.


A huge manifestation occurred today. I wrote earlier that a certain project at work is getting launched on time. At the time this was written, this project was coming up against some major roadblocks which made it uncertain as to whether it could be launched on time. That would impact things like performance reviews.

Today, I found out that this entire project will be put on hold for this half. If we can do some internal testing near the end, that’s great! But the project is put on hold in favor of a very special initiative that’s going to take up time over the next month. At the same time, our current effort (because we’ve done a lot for this project) is going to be rewarded in our performance this half. Our manager is making sure of that.

When I connected the dot between my manifestation action and this result, I thought “…I would not have guessed it would turn out like this!” This is amazing!

I am more aware of my manifestation power now and have faith in my ability to manifest other great things in my life.

Hope this is not an exit post! I do enjoy seeing your comments here, @King.

Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan
Regeneration + Elixir

This sounds so much like a Christian prayer… Especially when you replace the word “Elixir” with “Jesus”.


Elixir, heal me so that I rise up stronger than ever before.
Elixir, heal me so that I no longer have inhibiting beliefs and avoid bad habits.
Elixir, heal me so that I have great sleep.
Elixir, heal me so that I may proceed to the next phase of my life.

Commander + 3 Loops Custom + Elixir.

I woke up today groggy from the sleep supplement I took last night as part of an initiative to correct my sleep patterns. The supplement worked; I woke up late, not able to perform my morning gym routine. NAC, a shower and running the Commander got me to shift into a work-ready state.

The Commander continued to rumble and rev up in the background, while I lazily went through the first half of the day. It was the middle of the afternoon when I was starting to fall into a trap again, where I considered watching some bad videos as part of some downtime.

As I went to get ready for this, a voice in my head said, “NO! Go do your workout, right now!”

And so I did. I dropped the previous thread and went straight to my workout. I excelled in today’s session, aided by the mechanical advantages working out later in the day has. And for the rest of the day, I did my work to the best of my abilities (this kind of setup is possible thanks to both a home gym and working from home).

And now, I shall have my dinner and then get to my interests.


Home gym is awesome. Not possible for me at the moment. But I do love 'em.


I am so glad I got it at the start of quarantine, because it has led to two things (among many):

  • Longest workout streak ever
  • Strongest self ever


This is interesting since I used to also intuitively offer my issues to my Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ stack. Especially in the beginning part of the month when I started this playlist. Wonder whether Elixir has that effect.


Khan, break it ALL down.

Dropping by here for a mid-day update. So far I’ve listened to Commander + 2 loops ST1. Currently on the 3rd loop, shooting for 5 and will get to Elixir by the end of the day.

Commander is helping me get to where I want to go. I am taking charge of my life. My thoughts, feelings and actions. My mission. What being a Man for Himself means.

Perhaps it does…or maybe I read your journal and was inspired to do this myself. You decide! :smiley:

I find that given it conscious intent feels good, because doing so is an action in of itself. This is especially notable for healing since the action (in terms of the classical 5 senses) isn’t so obvious when it comes to healing.


Today’s listening is really dragging on. Thanks to all the random occurrences and meetings breaking up listening in the middle of the day, I’m still in the Khan ST1 part of my schedule for today. In fact, I’m on the 6th loop as I decided to push it to the max (max because the single audio listening article recommends at most 6 loops of Q in a day).

After the 6th loop I’ll take an hour-long break, then go to Elixir. Will have to create a variant of my playlist using the ultrasonics so that I can avoid these kinds of interruptions.


Still feels very strange to read these other people’s journals—it feels like I’m looking at other realities where the pandemic doesn’t exist. All the characters involved in these other stories feel like they are part of a post-COVID world


The only one thing that matters is consciousness… Everybody is living in his own quantum bubble…


I feel that. This weekend is coming up and I am trying to figure out how to make the best of it.


Elixir, heal me of any traumas that hold me back. Heal me so that I do not follow and believe the undesired past that is ultimately a placement of my awareness on what I don’t need.

I’m stepping it up.


LOL! It did cross my mind but what the hell, we do learn from each other here.


Six loops and no reconcilliation?
What sort of action are you taking ?
Do you think elixir is playing a role in this?


Commander + 3 Loops Custom + Elixir.

Going to adjust the per-loop rest period to 30 minutes. My mind has upgraded and I don’t need an hour between each loop. Let’s see how that pans out.

I ran my custom at Ultrasonic for most of the day which was helpful to avoid interruptions, but it did feel a little weird to not have any earbuds on for a long time.

To be honest, I am not sure what reconciliation one would expect here. I experienced a funk in the beginning of my Khan journey (see The Road To Khan), but after a certain point I didn’t notice that much. Thoughts:

  • I haven’t had such effects as getting into a funk over several days or something like that in general.
  • I run Khan only two days a week as of now.
  • Man for Himself contains considerable amounts of feel good scripting, including EGO ADSUM, Joie de Vivre and Blue Skies.
  • Elixir probably helps, I can’t say for sure.

A more controversial point may be that I just don’t feel that Khan Q ST1 is aggressive enough for me to feel that much reconciliation. Heck, even in last days before I took a break from Khan and before starting Man for Himself I had some doubt in whether subliminals really work. Man For Himself—with it being at name-embedded Terminus—and the Ultimas—being as powerful as they are—changed that.

This is why I want to run a name-embedded Terminus/Ultima/what have you version of Khan ST1, so that things massively accelerate. In that case, perhaps I won’t run 6 loops of Khan ST1 on my Khan days.

This tangent may have some misguidance though since it assumes that effectiveness is strictly proportional to reconciliation, which it is not; this custom journal largely reflects the falsity of that assumption. Still, for a breakdown sub that’s as hyped as Khan ST1 I would have expected more than interesting dreams. Perhaps I’m just like @DarkPhilosopher who just doesn’t tend to experience the dramatic feelings as often.

I may be selling the sub and myself a bit short since I technically am taking action since I do talk to people at work, people I see on weekends, my parents, etc. There are some changes that have been happening that I note to myself every now and then, but I haven’t been too invested in documenting said changes largely because I’m not operating within a social mindset right now, and I don’t really expect to until post-COVID. That’s far away. Nonetheless, I would like myself to heal and be ready for that world—therefore I am doing some healing.


Currently on the third loop of Elixir. Interesting how I can do this without reconciliation so far. Perhaps its my use of rest periods, Pragya in my custom as well as the healing nature of this sub that allows for this to happen.


I played eight loops of Elixir while I was sleeping. It was beneficial.


Wow! That was a lot! How beneficial was it?