Man For Himself


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Very much so. During the process:

  • Elixir did not disturb sleep
  • I had vivid dreams throughout the entire night
  • Some dreams seem to have me tackle certain problems head on
  • Some dreams had such HD quality, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t watching a movie in 4K.

Waking up:

  • Deep voice.
  • High sense of groundedness
  • A sense of knowing that a lot is healed.


Planning to do something quite out there: A “Rebirth Run.”

  • 8 hours of Rebirth while sleeping tonight
  • Rebirth when I can throughout November 1

I may throw in 1 loop of Commander tomorrow, but on the other hand I’m inclined to give that sub a rest.

This is a good way to transition into the new month.


Have you tried running Ultima Dreams during the night?


I haven’t done it yet. Might be worth doing a “Dreams Run” for 8 hours while sleeping.


I’m seeing Elixir mentioned in more and more journals nowadays.


keep this one for next year, will look out for a update from you on this run, you have a goal/insight that you want to come from dream ultima run


Sanguine Sunday - Morning

It’s morning, and I rest in the knowing that today shall be a “Sanguine Sunday.” But hold on, why do I call it that again? A quick review tells me why. But now it seems quaint that I once had a problem regarding the nature of Sundays. That feels like it was a long time ago.

@King told me that this idea of “feeling like this happened a while ago” is an important concept to understand:

…if you have been thinking that something happened a long time back, then most likely you have become detached from it and it isn’t bothering you at the moment. You have moved into a state where it isn’t bothering you now.

This is a really great point, although I wonder, can I use this understanding intentionally? By using “Rebirth” today I hope I can do so. One thing I realized from this is that quitting bad habits does not necessarily have to take a long time, given the right frame of mind about them. Or that even quitting so-called “addictions” doesn’t have to be a lifelong game. Perhaps 30 days, 60 days or 90 days (this final number being a popular number used for a particular habit) is enough to be able to think back and say, “That feels like it happened a long time ago.”

Thus I am able to accept much more this: in the process of moving away from undesired habits it may feel strange or weird at first, but eventually, it’ll be as if it was never there. This “eventually” does not have to mean a year or something that long.

I just think back to when I was using a certain guided meditation app to track my meditation habit and now it feels like I long time ago that I used that app. I quit it a few months ago, still going with meditation, and going to reach 4 years soon.

It’s become a trend as of late.

Is the last phrase a question? If so, my main goal is to induce lucid dreams. However, I don’t have a place in my schedule to run it regularly at this time.


my idea is to just run it before going and sleep, also leave it playing while sleeping


Looks like my hairline is improving, as I see more hairs beyond my original hairline.


Really enjoyed today. A lot happened.


I did not see this, to what do you owe the improvement of your hairline? -Visual Manifestation?


Commander + 3 Loops Custom + Elixir.

In light of the fact that my listening schedule is now a bit more loaded than before, I’m going to turn down the loops to 2 for my custom. This will allow my mind to have more time to process a bit. I’ll see if it yields better results. Not doing 1 loop/day because of the Khan days that I have going on; I want to be able to essentially cycle between the subs on different days.

There’s a few things I’ve done to help this out:

  • The physical modules in my sub (most notably, “Physicality Shifter” and “Epigenetics & DNA Modulator”)
  • Some low-light laser-therapy (LLRT) that I’ve been running since last December.
    Not confident that the LLRT has done much. I certainly did not notice much from LLRT during the time before my custom.


cool, I found physicality shifter was helping with the hair I did have, and very slowly with the hair I ‘didn’t’
I started shaving my head fully, but I’m letting it grow back and definitely notice more than before. Than only thing new besides continued use of custom with that module is a shampoo with tea tree oil.


Oh yea, that reminds me. There are quite a few other things in my hair care routine which do help. I have had them for quite a while.

  • Multivitamin which has biotin
  • Special shampoo which helps hair regrowth and has DHT blockers
  • Hair oil


Did some memory/learning technique related studies for the past few hours. Used the major method to memorize a few of my credit card numbers. I feel like I can keep going a little longer but at the same time realize that I should pace myself so I don’t burn out later in the week or something like that.

So now, there’s my manifestation activities…I started my lists again yesterday and boy did I miss writing them. This time I’m making my statements considerably more specific to ensure that the end is focused on, as well as there being some accompanying good details around the manifestation itself.

Challenge: find a good guided meditation-visualization practice that is based on Goddard.


One other thing, I think you mentioned Elixir curing your tinnitus on another thread.
Can you say more about how long you had tinnitus, how you got it, do you do Elixir Ultima with headphones etc? How long did it take etc?


I got Tinnitus back in April due to running ultrasonics using headphones. I know—I thought I could get away with doing that while listening at a low volume, but that didn’t work. At one point back then, it was so bad that I’d hear my ears ringing pretty noticeably right after listening and not listening to anything else for 30 minutes to an hour after. At some points, even driving in the car by myself was loud enough to trigger tinnitus. As you may guess, I quickly abandoned the practice. In fact, it’s probably the biggest factor as to why I don’t listen to ultrasonics much to this day (though it’s picked up again due to convenience—using speakers now of course).

Tinnitus became less noticeable over the months. For the long tail end of it, I noticed it only during the night in bed. Even with my earplugs on, I’d notice a ringing fade in and out. Thought I’d have to deal with that for a long time. But sometime after the first few loops of Elixir, I noticed that it was gone altogether. So here I am now, tinnitus free!


Do you feel that you could visualize the credit card numbers when you recalled them?


That’s awesome,
do you use Elixir Ultima, or any Ultima with headphones?


I would be great if SC issued a sub for physical healing to stack with Elixir.