Man For Himself


All Ultimas are with headphones. Never on speakers


Saint mentioned the ultrasonics on Ultima are much lower, thanks for all the specifics of the answers.
I’m running Elixir Ultima on headphones this week at low volume, and already feeling much better since I ran it last night


How so? Physical/emotional?


emotionally in general,
physical the tinnitus is down, and when it is there, it does not bother me as much.
I’m pretty sure it is at least related to a stimulant based medication I’ve been taking for years.

Something in Emperor Fitness Stage 4 and other optimizing/healing modules perhaps have me at a point where I no longer require this medication and therefore it is effecting me adversely


How is this custom treating you? I just decided today to make a custom very similar to this (QL4, EF4, Spartan, Survival Instinct cores).

What have you really noticed as far QL, EF, and the physical changes go? I’ll be honest, I skimmed through the thread but haven’t got the time at the moment to read and digest 200+ posts. Soon though!


While my listening has been regular, my life has become a lot more magical recently.

QL is starting to show itself much more, as I find myself coming up with very creative visualizations while using memory techniques as I read. I also find myself more inspired and motivated to learn the skills and apply the techniques—which I am getting better and better at! Still need to build my memory palaces. Today was going to be the day for that but it went way off the rails (yet in a surprisingly satisfying way).

For fitness, I worked with a reference 1RM of 300 lbs for my deadlift this week and it went respectably well. I’m going to do more work to get comfortable at that range (and then get to the point where I am literally lifting 300 lbs for a few reps, since I don’t actually lift that right now) but it shows that I’m making progress. I’m being a bit more pragmatic about my nutrition as well. While I don’t like opening up my eating window when I know I can easily do OMAD every single day (perhaps for the rest of my life) I know that the optimal and quicker outcome is going to be here with a bigger window + additional supplementation with stuff like protein shakes. I can utilize my special fasting techniques later to get rid of stuff like excess fat. Anyways, just as my strength grows, so do my muscles. I wouldn’t say my muscles have quite caught up with my strength but that’s because I’ve focused on strength much more than hypertrophy this year. Perhaps that will change in a few months as it will be much more meaningful and satisfying to focus on hypertrophy closer to the end of the pandemic (get the hint? :wink: ).

As hinted at earlier, my personal life has appeared to take a more magical turn recently. I may be doing myself a disservice by not writing more of my manifestations down the moment they happen. I’ve got to review what I’ve written down earlier. I feel that some of the things correlate to statements that I wrote not recently but perhaps weeks ago. Such as:

  • A person reaching out to me on his own via text, and explicitly asking me, “when’s the next meeting?”
  • In fact, it seems that there are some days where the balance is tipped heavily towards others contacting me first instead of vice versa
  • Longer letters on the penpal app (some reaching ~1000 words)
  • A specific person calling me on the phone and then calling me by my real name (as opposed to a nickname used prior) the first time correctly, without hesitation. This corresponds to a specific statement I wrote down.

I originally envisioned today being a day where I’d build out one or more memory palaces and then doing some work with them. In other words, it was going to be a day focused on memory-related efforts. I even ran Commander + BLU today for that. However it turned out quite differently.

  • Today I was much more conversational and connected with my brother. I was also more open to sharing about myself, which is something I’ve wanted to rectify for sometime. I may be understating the significance in this writing, but believe me—that’s good news.
  • Lots of meaningful back-and-forth writing on my penpal app! I feel like I’m getting to deeper connections here.

I believe that there is a shift in my life taking place and that my state of being is improving significantly. My orientations towards action as well as the scope of what is satisfying is expanding.


I would love that. I’ve been suffering from Gout for some years now, and what a hassle. I would really like to get rid of this affliction.


If subs can change your appearances I bet they can heal physical ailments too. So it would be great indeed.


I can say from my experience had a knee injury from since 2014 which keep reopening, so once i stay off it for awhile in would seem heal, ran my health and healing sub at the beginning of this year and since after i worked out again an nothing it still doesn’t hurt up to today
Hope this helps


Indeed it does. I can somehow relate, and whatever that can get rid of this problem is nothing short of a blessing. I’m glad it has helped you, thank you for chiming in.


Man Finds Himself: An Ultima Custom

I have ordered an ultima custom that is going to lead to insane progress in emotional healing. I present to you: Man Finds Himself.

Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Attachment Destroyer
Power Awareness
Gratitude Embodiment

You better believe I’m excited about this. In order to support it:

  • Today’s my last day of running Elixir.
  • My Khan ST1 days are dropped until I get this custom.


Looking forward to this one!


Yes, in the meantime I shall be doing my own introspection while living my life. Seriously. Something the way my conversations with even my family has changed. And I got a friend motivated to try out manifesting.

I’m also in the process of using my memory techniques to memorize the questions used in the “Fast Friends” experiment!


Looks like Man for Himself has completely changed your life!



Maybe you’ve mentioned that before but, please, kindly tell me, will you be using your Ultima custom along with Man for Himself or you gave up on that custom?


What possibly gives you this idea? :joy:
One of the funniest things I’ve read this week. :joy:


The possibility of not asking you about that, maybe? I don’t know. Good luck with your new custom then. :slight_smile:


I’ll be sure to enjoy it alongside my main custom.
MFoH with MFiH.


As much as it sounds strange I’m excited to really get into the rough with my upcoming ultima.


Thanks, I know only a bit about customs since I’m rather interested in major programs therefore I posed that question which sounded funny to you. Doesn’t matter, really. Thank you for the clarification and once again, wish you all the best on your path. :sunglasses: