Man For Himself


Looks like a freak someone who smokes weed allday :slight_smile:


Remember the title of this thread is “Man for Himself” , not make fun of a man even if it’s all in good fun and you don’t mean anything by it and you’re just saying…

Encourage participation not humiliation.


When you get “Your Quintessence by Subliminal Club order is now complete” but it’s the order for the modules and not the build order for the actual custom :-\

But anyways my current plan looks really nice.

M/W/F: Commander + MFoH + MFiH
Tu/Th: Khan Q ST1 + MFiH


True Social today.

A few days ago, a friend reached out to me to tell me that he and another are going on a day trip to a town nearby and would like me to come along. I accepted and thought that this weekend is going to be quite fun and it has been so! Today, I woke up and as I was getting ready I had the idea to run True Social. Given its situational nature and the fact that currently opportunities to run it haven’t been too frequent recently, I decided to give it a try! So there you go, @Voytek.

I found that during this trip, me and the other friend connected a lot more as we discussed some stuff. In addition everyone was quite receptive to the ideas I was preaching. There’s a lot of things since this hangout basically lasted from morning till sunset, but here are a few highlights.

  • Both me and one of the friends manifested this whole thing thanks to statements each of us wrote without the other knowing.
  • People were highly receptive to the ideas I preached, and were also inspired by what I had to say regarding my personal progress.
  • I have inspired this other friend to checking out Goddard and to do more with his life.
  • The social event was generally an enjoyable one.
  • I felt that the others were glad that I came along and they had this trip planned for today instead of tomorrow (which they were considering, but didn’t do since I don’t have work tomorrow).

So overall it was a good one.

What’s going on with Updates?

I haven’t been updating as recently and that’s just me due to getting caught up in the things I enjoy and am interested in right now. I’ve had some time challenges recently due to trying to memorize things, write new letters and other good stuff. So it’s not bad things that keep me away from my journal. Enjoying the good stuff.

One good thing is that there does seem to be a lot stronger connection between the thoughts I have and what materializes in the day. Yesterday there were certain thoughts which I could connect to the outcomes of that day. In addition as I reviewed my manifestation today I found that more things had happened and that certain things are progressing along very well.

Also I am eagerly awaiting my custom ultima with which I will be doing much more guided breakdown and progress very quickly. I have discovered already that the writing process itself appears to be particularly enlightening for me and that it allows me to tackle limiting beliefs much more easily. With this knowledge in mind and a developing understanding of the conscious component to healing I’m going to be much more aggressive with respect to clearing out beliefs.


Man Finds Himself: First Loop

Alright, I got my custom in the morning and quickly set up my playlists then so that I wouldn’t forget about this bad boy. You better believe I was excited to run this. But first, I did the journal exercise prescribed by @Simon. Since this is the initialization phase, I decided to do something quite interesting…

  • Hours ahead in the day, I told my subconscious to start digging for every possible reason why I cannot succeed in the social-sexual goals I have and bring them up to my consciousness for me to work with.
  • An hour before I listened to my Ultima, I spent the time solely towards typing my goals and why they aren’t possible. The time ratio looked approximately like 20 minutes for the goals and 40 minutes for the reasons. So you can imagine there are a LOT of bullet points for each section.

Then came the Ultima. At the moment before, I told my subconscious to be extremely receptive to the programming it’s about to receive and to get ready to change.

Then I pressed play.

I read through my goals and reasons while listening. When doing this process:

  • I felt something in the heart area and my upper back. Some sort of energetic phenomena was going on.
  • I really felt it in my head around 50 minutes in.
  • After finishing, I felt like my mind got a workout of some kind. Even now it is as if it’s got a big load to process.

Onto looking at the ‘reasons.’ I thought: “Seriously? Some of these are straight-up false yet I wrote them down.” I legitimately can point to some examples which disprove some of these statements (some of which were quite absolute). I also was a bit surprised. Did I think of these as the reasons? And even then, why not choose to manifest the opposite scenario? I found myself thinking that a lot. “Alright, now I’ll manifest the opposite situation.” I thought that even when I was able to discuss with myself and show that the points I outlined don’t necessarily mean failure in accomplishing my goals (so to speak).

The more I read these and thought about them, I found some of them to be quite funny, perhaps even laughable.

So you might be looking for some specific examples. Here you go:

  • “I don’t deserve the ones I find attractive.” Well why not, exactly? Is it that I’m not equally physically attractive (whatever that is perceived to be when compared across genders)? Or something else? I know that relationships aren’t about people being with their mirrors. I believe I have a lot to bring to the table in my unique way and can complement certain aspects to others.
  • “I haven’t enjoyed lots of socializing for so long so that’s a sign that I’m not going to ever regularly enjoy socialization.” Guess what: I didn’t enjoy eating healthy or caring about fitness for a lot of my life and now here I am with my longest gym streak (and my strongest self) and have been practicing fasting for years. I’ve outdone everyone I know in terms of fasting feats and even lead a group. Point is, just because it’s one way for a while doesn’t mean it’s ever going to be that way. Also, I got stuff like “True Social” to help me out
  • I don’t have the time and energy to reciprocate exactly what is implicated in my successful relationships. For example, if I have an inner circle featuring 5 people who have given me 100 points of effort (points of effort being an arbitrary measure), am I going to have 500 points to be able to give? This is a misunderstanding of what equivalency means in relationships (friendships or otherwise), and perhaps even a misunderstanding that good relationships are tit-for-tat in everything.

Let’s see how this goes. Mind still feels like it’s processing things even after writing all this down for you great forum readers, so some interesting stuff is to come in the following days. BTW, forums did help disprove the supposed “impossibility” of goals given certain reasons so I have to thank the forums for that!

Guiding the growth consciously
Results for custom ultima stacks


As expected. :smile:

Good conscious use of intentions. :+1:t2:


I have had the same experience. Almost. I didn’t prepare in advance for it. I only wrote my test when I was doing the exercice and it was really hard because as soon I would bring up a reason to why I can’t do or have something in my life, the reason would be disproven by my thoughts…



That was a LOT of stuff. Woke up this morning feeling like a lot happened behind the scenes that I don’t know about yet. Thankfully I was able to do my morning workout just fine. But I feel uncertain even about running titles today (let alone MFiH). 20 minutes into Commander I felt weird so it’s paused right now. Might run only one loop of MFoH.


I’m really feeling it right now. :frowning:

Probably should not listen to any more subs for a little bit.


As tough as this stuff can get, really glad to have SubClub’s subs and the community to guide me along the way.


How are you feeling today brother?

Are you taking a break?


Hey @Brandon, thanks for asking. I’m feeling considerably better as I type this message. Woke up 2 hours earlier than expected and still, it’s a good day so far. I played Sanguine Ultima this morning to help out. A few other things helped too, such as walking outside and also reviewing some manifestational stuff.

My subliminal load is going to be significantly decreased until the weekend. Then and maybe then will I run MFiH again.

You cannot judge what is to come by what is now. The moment you change your awareness, the moment things begin to shift.

Well I declare that everything is shifting.


Very cool that this new video uses the “I AM” background!
@SaintSovereign @WhiteTiger


Hey @SubliminalUser

Glad you’re feeling better man! How’s Sanguine going for you? I wanted to get it a while ago - I want to buy all the subs :weary:🤷.

I also decreased my loop usage so I get it. I haven’t necessarily taken a break but less loops have brought me back to my happy place where I feel a bit more positive. I hope it does for you too dude.

I really love the name for your sub by the way.


I feel like Sanguine needs to be improved. Either the script or just the power. Name-embedded Ultima+ would be amazing but that’s a while off. It helps but not quite as much as I’d hope for.



Oh really? Can you elaborate? How does it make you feel? How could it be better? Just interested.


A little bit better. I’d like for it to be much more dramatic, more like how Man Finds Himself caused a massive shift which is still affecting me even now that it’s the 2nd day without listening to it.


That makes sense. I’m sure the next version will be more powerful and that there will be a 2.0 like there was with Libertine.

In regards to Ultimas, do you find you can listen them them with a rest break in-between each use?

For example, I want to use Libertine and BLU but I’m limiting my daily stack to make it more digestible. Was going to use BLU one day and then Libertine the next and repeat.


You have to be careful trying to intensify the power of a healing sub. Some (most) people can’t handle it and even if you can most of the time, there may come a time when it hits harder than usual due to life changing events that you have no control over. Slow and steady is the rule with healing subs.