Man For Himself


Yea, I’m learning that with MfiH. Still affected by my one loop of MFiH


Mine feels good, I don’t feel negative emotions as of now. But I ran less subs today as instinct…

Do you feel it’s effects getting integrated in your mind?


I’m going to listen to this song way too much lol.


Hey everyone, wish me the best as I run the second loop of MFiH! I learned a lot of lessons from the first one and the few days that followed and I’m careful to see this one through.

@WhiteTiger @Azriel @Brandon


Wishing you the best :slight_smile:


This is truth @SubliminalUser i notice once when i was running sanguine stack module a little more than everything else in my stack that it made me angry at almost anything that happen
Something’s less is more
(Are even all the time lol)


I’ve ran 4 loops of my healing Ultima this week, I’m taking a week off and see if I start back manifesting. Usually you don’t really see the effects of the healing while it’s healing. You see them after once your beliefs are stabilized!


When you sleep, you process stuff. It helps you better understand and gain perspective. It’s like putting decisions on a slow roast, to make them just ready when it’s time to serve.

I find it highly interesting that the Sleep Cycle app would give me this “insight” for the sleep that followed me listening to the loop of MFiH. I do agree that sleep helps with these things and I am continuing to evolve rapidly. Lots of private journaling and noting of things as they come up.


That is very true, most of the time while running a healing stack there’s almost nothing you can look out for but it does show up after down time, cant talk about q strength tho dont know how it happens now, have got to use hesling with q


@WhiteTiger did everything stop manifesting once you started your custom or something? Also in your opinion is this a custom that’s better run as the first or last thing of the day’s playlist?


Honestly I have no idea!! I think it doesn’t matter because Q subs usually process over a period of more than 24 hours. When you play your ultima, you will heal what is present in your subconscious, which will also heal the sub you ran the day before. But just to be sure, I would run it after you played your playlist :wink:

Other point : We don’t know how strong and or how long the healing ultima takes to process. I’ve ran 4 loops over 4 days (1 loop per days), I don’t know if I feel different… It’s hard to tell, I haven’t really had the chance to try my “new healed mindset”.


I may just experiment with 1 loop every other day this week, on days where I’m not running MFoH. Funny enough this is a higher frequency than what I had last week because the insanity that ensued from the first loop caused me to first listen on Tu and not again until F last week.

Su/Tu/Th/Sa: Khan Q ST1 + MFiH


Yeah, it seems like your loop affected you a lot!


It did. Time itself slowed down quite a bit again. Some real stuff came up after that loop. The journaling process revealed a lot. I also find myself considerably more determined to move the needle forward every single day.

With this week being a week off from work, emotional healing is one of the key cornerstones of this week’s personal development.


Interesting, I wish you success on your endeavour!! As for myself I can’t wait to see what changes from my healing. I’ll probably have to spend some time with a girl but it’s harder right now. Both my roommates are not comfortable with me inviting people home :sweat_smile:


Hope they’re covid-blockers, not cock-blockers. :smile:


Feel into it, and expand on this – here, or in your journal.

What has changed?
How has your view of yourself, your limits, external obstacles, etc. changed in the context of your goals?
Where has clarity increased in a significant way?
Make a list of Reminders you’d like to Affirm over the coming days – to repeatedly fan the fire of this determination.

Maybe connect all this to the modules inside MFiH.


Well, for now it’s a little bit cockblocking since I can’t invite some girl over but the hot law student I saw last week got her place and her roommates are chill :wink:


This very statement is a confirmation that a certain limiting reason that I wrote down in the first journaling exercise is invalid and untrue. :smiley:

Love this! The last time I ran MFiH I consciously told MFiH 6 different sentences (each sentence connects to a different module).

Very useful, I’m going to expand on this when I run MFiH today.


Commander played + MFiH planned.

Since the first loop of MFiH, a lot has changed. I came up against some real stuff in my mind and I just had to talk about it with some close people. So I did. I found that some of my close friends related to the situation. I found confirmation that some of the limiting reasons are definitely false. Even if they did not necessarily have the answers, the elaboration and the process of relating to one another allowed me to heal a lot.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

What I have also observed is that taking action to address shortcomings may be considered a part of the healing process itself. For example, one limiting belief may center around the ability to make close friends quickly (or perhaps make any new close friends at all).

  • Certainly, one way to go about it is argue against this by reasoning and showing that in the past, one has made friends quickly.
  • Another way—which can be done in tandem with the above—is to take action in a way that shall help one make friends more quickly!

What I did in this regards is use the memory palace technique to memorize ALL 72 questions used in the Fast Friends experiment which was demonstrated to get participants to connect on a level that may have otherwise taken months! I’ve used some of these questions already to great effect in my existing friendships! Yielded some new insights.

This also shows that MFoH is not to be trifled with, as it is still central to what I am doing! My control over memory techniques continue to deepen, my visualization and manifestation abilities become more evident and my fitness continuing to evolve.

  • At this point, my explicitly documented manifestations is a three digit number (16 documented in the past week alone. And I get the sense I am forgetting or not realizing some other manifestations).
  • I continue to increase in strength. I might also be getting leaner? Not sure about that one. But my appetite does continue to decrease, to the point where even drinking a protein shake is a drag sometimes.
  • Really enjoying the work and progress I’m making in the memory course and how now I’m starting to more automatically generate markers for the stuff I want to know. Like my friend’s birthday (I demonstrated this to him and he was impressed as I explained what I did), or instructions for baking a certain kind of pastry.
  • A greater sense of appreciation of my very own journey and all there is to it. My story, my progress, my feeling for what everything means. It’s all coming together.

That last point is likely fortified by MFiH which has gotten me to push the needle even more forward. While I have this week off, I’m not going to be watching TV shows all day. Far from it. I haven’t even watched an episode today yet and the sun has already set. I’m going to keep going.

I’m going to keep reflecting. Keep learning. Keep persevering. Keep growing. Keep moving forward. Finding out the potential that lies within.