Man For Himself

  • I am aware of my full power, be it physical, mental or spiritual and I strive to utilize it to its fullest extent in this world.
  • I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given in this life and am not taking any of my moments for granted.
  • I am living in full freedom from all toxic individuals, feelings, situations and traumas that may have once existed in my reality.
  • I am waking up to the true meaning of self-love, revealing all the secrets about myself and uncovering the veil of reality itself.
  • I am maintaining a strong belief in myself and question everything that encroaches on the truth of myself.
  • I am fully living in my power; I AM THAT I AM.

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power awareness
gratitude embodiment
Attachment destroyer
Blue Skies
Don’t know -New Beginnings?

Wait lol that’s your Ultima, I thought I was guessing but I saw a pic of it before.
Any way beautifully said.


I’m feeling it once again. Goes to show how much stuff I’ve been hiding from myself, regarding how I feel about certain parts of my life situation. That I’m okay with the way certain things are when I’m actually wishing for it to be another way.

Fortunately the development on MFoH means that I do feel I can do something about it. Whether it is making use of my growing manifestation ability or to utilize my newfound learning skills to improve my life. I am looking to do more in both those regards today. I’d like to a Goddard lecture because his voice is so soothing. Despite my current feelings I think I should push through and do these things.

I was thinking of running Sanguine to counteract this but another part of me tells me that I’m supposed to be feeling these feelings and let them process fully.


Put so much time and effort into my new pre-reading practice today. Got a lot of insights about the usefulness of the SQ3R method. Don’t think I can do it anymore for the rest of the day though. Expends a lot of high-focus energy (the kind that one would use in deep work).

Hopefully that doesn’t get in the way of being able to process MFiH which is coming up soon. So far today I’ve run Commander and 2.5 loops of ST1.

Yes, 2.5 loops. Half way through the 3rd loop my intuition was telling me that I shouldn’t run it (and it was backed up by some feelings of heaviness) and that I should save it for MFiH.


Here we go. Another loop of MFiH. Keeps me on my feet.


Did I really just manifest a penpal response letter that’s ~4000 words long? I only wrote ~350 words…and it’s the first letter I wrote to this individual.

@PurpleRT73 @King


Today is an eventful and very fun day.
People are always down to hang out with me!

Interesting. More manifestations. I was in the middle of writing down my list and I had written down the above two statements. A few minutes after doing so, I got a call from one of my friends saying that he has been busy with stuff. Then he tells me that they (he and a relative of his that I’m friends with but haven’t seen in a while) were planning to go to the same mall that I was going to go to since he knew I had to go there to pick up something today. Then he suggests that we get lunch together, go to the mall, and hang out. So I’ll now be out in a bit making this Friday eventful.


Using the fact that I can sleep in to allow for doing MFiH more often than originally planned (originally every other day, but it’s been every day)


@Simon looking for next steps on the conscious breakdown process. Going to be running MFiH again later today. Is it just going to be rinse & repeat of the beginning steps day in & out?


Dude you’re making me want to switch Stark for Minds Eye…stop that :joy:

Great results so far man! You’re doing awesome. How are you finding it all?


This man molds his reality at will. Your customs are making wonders eh.
@SubliminalUser makes his fate and manifest as he wants to. Keep up the excellent work!


Yea. My manifestation ability just keeps getting more and more powerful. I’m sure of it. I feel that I am doing myself a disgrace by not practicing the other methods (e.g. visualization-meditation, state-akin-to-sleep stuff) as diligently as I am practicing the list method, because I am sure there’s much success to be had in those avenues. It’s just that those are harder to fit in as daily practices…

I really wonder, though. Notice that my manifestations sometimes don’t have much to do with the other modules in my custom. So my ability is in general getting much more powerful. Imagine how far I’ll be by the end of the pandemic, and how much my ability to utilize something like Inner Circle and other subs of that nature will be.

Also: I started this on August 19. It’s now November 28. Just 101 days passed between the two, and so much has happened. I’m keeping this as evidence that it doesn’t take long for big shifts to happen in life. (It took less than 101 days, really.) Highly assuages my fears which often go like this:

I’m behind on some things and it’ll take too long to catch up on them.

@PurpleRT73 @Brandon


Can you name a few of your manifestations?

I’m going to find time to read through your entire thread but I just want some TL:DR (I promise I’ll read) stuff I can view.

I’m strongly considering swapping StarkQ for Minds Eye, especially as I’ve heard it’s a lighter sub and it would possibly make sense to visualise myself a certain way and manifest things.


Like the first and second post while you’re at it >:)

  • My entire project at work got officially delayed such that it is guaranteed my project is getting launched on time as far as my performance record goes.
  • Someone proactively says that if I’m in the area and wants to get lunch, I should let her know. This leads to a hangout and she pays for my lunch
    • This is multiple manifestations, one of which is free food
  • I’ve got friends who are following me on the spiritual journey.
  • I get invited to a special day trip to another city and it was fun
    • My friend manifested this same trip
    • In the nick of time before things locked down even further and the trip wouldn’t be possible any more!
  • I get a letter on my penpal app that is 520 words.
    • This follows an intention for receiving a 500-word letter, after not having much luck with getting long letters up until this point

My # of documentated manifestations so far is a 3-digit number.


Do share a link to this please. :+1:t2:


Yes. With ever increasing variety and details.

See it as another application of your Lists, another communication with your Mind.

You’re probably already writing all kinds of Goals – manifestations, achievements, answers, emotional states, etc.

This is the list of all you don’t want, or want to be free of – beliefs, conditions, fears, limits, doubts, reasons, excuses, et al.


Hey! This is very motivating! But would you really spend 1 hour a day (as that is the length of the Ultima track)?


I use @Simon process with visualizations as well. So basically state what i want and why i cant achieve it and then visualize all that i want.


Haha. No. 10 minutes is fine. :hugs:

You do not have to do this while listening to the sub. Do it along with your journaling. :+1:t2: