Man For Himself


@Simon to be honest I’m a little confused as to the expected format of this as I continue through the days, despite the initial instructions being quite clear.

What I did on the first day was:

  • create a new note on my computer:
  • Type for an hour about goals/anti-reasons (bullet points mostly)
  • Then while listening to the sub for an hour, go over the notes and type out things I think about those notes.

This was the initialization step so that’s why I used so much time here. But moving forward…would the idea be to just add on more reasons to that list? Rereads your advice from above

It seems that the idea is I’d start a new journal of things I don’t want or am looking to remove. Statements would be tailored to my goals, of course. So would it be that I write statements such as “I don’t want” or “I can’t do X because of Y” in this separate journal for MFiH?


I wrote this 4 hours ago and my mind is still centered on the profoundness of this and what it means for my life and any other change I want to make.


I may or may not have just bought Minds Eye…haha.
I really want to manifest some good shit and focus on what I want out of life so I feel it fits in nicely.

Might replace StarkQ with StarkT once a week so I don’t lose the effects it’s giving.

Thanks for the TL:DR.
I’ll be reading your journal at some point this week.


Will be using DR, Khan Stage 3 and Minds Eye x1 loop each day + StarkT x1 per week.


Or “I want to be free of” … or “I feel stuck at” … etc.

Don’t overthink the semantics. Do it however you please.

The point is to shine light on the darkness within. :astonished:



This was actually pointed at you, sorry for the confusion. What thoughts did you have in regards to Inner Circle with Transcedental Connection again?


I’m sorry, my post wasn’t meant for you guys, it was meant for my journal. Apologies guys! I realised I accidentally wrote in this one.


@Hermit Inner Circle + Transcendental Connection = Inner Circle of Transcendental Connections? (ICTC)

On a serious note, I have not done this combo yet. You may have heard me mention it as part of my plans for my second custom which is socially oriented. The current state of it is here: Find People And Handle People. I don’t plan to make it for a while.


Hey @SubliminalUser, I personally found it an intriguing combination and so I’ll let you know how it executes once I receive my upcoming Custom. See the overview below, I have not seen this Find People And Handle People of yours but it happens we have similar ideologies.


Whoah! Our builds are quite similar in a lot of ways. I’d love to hear your experiences with this one!

By the time I run this custom, who knows what my manifestation power will be by then… :slight_smile:


I’ll most probably share my experiences here on the forum once I have a significant amount of experience with it. As for ‘Man For Himself’, it seems quite dense, did you have a lot of reconciliation in the beginning, how long did it take for you to see result acclimate?


I do like the suggested semantics because they are different from the semantics used for the statements that I use to manifest things. I would ideally like to maintain a structural distinction for those statements which correspond to things to be removed, even if I do realize that if I am at the point where I am writing these statements that they are simply emanations of the darkness within.


I decided to declare a 90-day sprint in which I focus on a few things I’d like to see happen in my life. Some of these things address issues that are long in the tooth. Others are aspirational and meant to take me to the next level. Now having a personal observation of a 90-day slice of time that has been a time of significant change I am highly motivated to do this.

It doesn’t even matter that it’s November 29 and not December 1. Looking back at the post in which I remarked on the 101-day window, I realize I don’t even care about what the specific dates are. Change doesn’t have to start exactly at the beginning of the month.

One thing that really helps me see the value now is thinking about where I was in manifesting on day 0 versus day 90. Or on fitness for day 0 vs day 90. Or learning activities on day 0 vs day 90. Big difference. And I wasn’t even consciously trying to work with a 90-day sprint.

I also just realized that all of the key things in this sprint are supported by specific modules in MFoH, so that’s great.

Let’s get going.


Have to agree with this, it doesn’t make sense to me when people say they will just wait till the year begins to do x and y smh time isnt waiting neither should they.

Yeap keep the ball moving


@SubliminalUser Thank you for keeping such a profound and thorough journal!

You were using Mind’s Eye Q (normal version) prior to your custom, right? Would you say your Terminus Mind’s Eye custom gave you better visualization skills than the Q version?


@friday glad you liked my journal!

MFoH is the first time I used ME in any form.


I see. That’s a pity haha. Anyway, have you been running QL Stage 4 (normal Version) before you put it into your custom, and could give me an overview how Terminus affects you differently?


@friday you might find this funny…but I basically did not run any of this stuff before MFoH and i’ve been doing alright.

In retrospect I realize how risky this move was to include potentially the densest set of three cores I’m going to ever include in a custom (Khan + IC + PCC doesn’t compare in density), and how crazy that it ended up working out!


Manifestations just keep getting more and more awesome.


No I salute you. You made a bold decision, followed your own intuition in opposition to the recommendations and it turned out very well as it very clear you having great success with it!


Updates? :slight_smile: