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Thanks for asking @Simon. I’ve been a bit unmotivated lately but right now I’m feeling it. Here’s some things that have happened.

  • My friend is having GREAT success with manifesting. Among multiple things, he manifested a low-effort online side-hustle that’s giving a decent amount of cash. There’s other stuff too. Funny enough, one of my manifestations is that he’s telling me about the great success he’s having with manifestation. This manifestation got fulfilled today.
    • I got ideas on how to improve my manifestation practice from him!
    • In the past month since i told him about manifesting he has awakened a personal development phase and he says its thanks to me. This in turn has motivated me to become better than before and to continue to be one who inspires.
    • In fact, one of my manifestations that I wrote today is that that my next conversation with this specific person would provide great ideas and huge inspiration. This just happened.
  • Lifting has been upgraded. 4x a week now, doing WAY more exercises. My friend is shocked when he felt my arm :joy:

My conversation with my good friend has reminded me to keep on pushing forward and to think more seriously about what I’d like to accomplish for next year. Fascinating how a single conversation does this.


Could you give me a quick count of how many modules that are directly and indirect helping with manifestation?


You may find this post enlightening!


You know am still alway amazed that yggdrasil is doing so much manifestation, i figure deus and omnidimesional are also working too
Nice you got a plan on how longer you be running this sub? Or you running until pandemic is do right?


Hello everyone, and welcome to the new year! Man For Himself is getting stronger and stronger.

Today, my sole focus has been to manifest my year—and perhaps many other things throughout my entire life. So I’ve spent the entire day so far manifesting. I’ve taken breaks here and there especially as I’ve gotten more fatigued in doing this (seriously)! Just got out of a meditation session and I feel better now, though. To give you an idea of what’s going on: I am pushing the list method to its limits today.

While I usually put down ~5 items, today I have done hundreds of items.

This is more mentally challenging than one might anticipate at first! I plan to keep this up until I can’t do any more items for the day. Wish the best for me as I continue and that these manifestations come to pass.

Conscious Ceation/Deliberate Manifestation?

Would you say that meditation helps you with the subliminal in terms of process?


And what has manifested thus far?


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I’ve practically gone through the entirety of Goddard’s The Complete Reader. Still, it is better to take action and live out the word.


How Can Physical Tech Change Modules?

Module Can It Improve From Physical Tech? How So?
Quantum Limitless Q ST4 Core Y Changing the brain, nervous system and hormonal changes.
Emperor Fitness Q ST4 Core Y Changing one’s muscles, fat, bone structure, height, etc.
Mind’s Eye Q Core Y At the very least, decalcifying the pineal gland is a physical change.
Blue Skies N
Stop P and M Y Change the wiring of the brain to match one that is not addicted. Modify the reward system, and also hormone system (e.g. androgenic receptors)
Facial Morphing Y Change one’s face!
Epigenetics & DNA Module Y Need I say more?
Serum X Y Change one’s muscles!
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness Y Change everything about the body physically (it’s in the name!)
Deep Sleep Y Paragon, a physical ultima, has reportedly improved people’s sleep!
Sensuality And Handsomeness Improver Y It really depends on if this module is actually doing something in a physical sense or if it’s focused solely on the user’s expression.
Natural Winner N
Pragya Y “Expand and develop the PHYSICAL capacity of your brain to assimilate…”
The Merger of Worlds Y I am sure the subconscious-conscious connection is aided by some physical aspect.
Omnidimensional N
Yggdrasil N
Overdrive N
Joie de Vivre N

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Glad to see things are going your way! Very interesting the manifestation happening super fast! :slight_smile:


@WhiteTiger yea. I was in an amazingly lazy rut recently but things are picking up again


Imagine how much I’ll be able to make use of manifestation tech in other subs once I get to them!


How good are you at it compared to your objective? :thinking:


I’m not sure why you tagged me. Can you please elaborate?


Would like your thoughts on the physical change ideas suggested


Thanks for the clarification. I’d defer it to @SaintSovereign and @Fire because they know what’s in the script. Also I suppose you could quote the product’s description.


Hey @SubliminalUser by Neville Goddard’s Complete Reader – do you mean this book?

I was about to purchase ‘The Power of Awareness’ and it seems to have so many different versions, I’ve never read Neville Goddard but synchronicity’s led me to look into his knowledge. I’m about to purchase a book, you seem to have quite a bit of experience with Neville Goddard, so I’m open to suggestions from you.

What book would you recommend?

I literally found 6 different versions of this same Power of Awareness book, explain that to me? lmfao.



He means this audiobook.

There is no copyright on Neville’s work. So his books are all available free online.
Amazon savvy guys publish his books to make an extra income stream for themselves.

Edit: Here’s one of the sites where you can download all his books for free. Just googled.


Note: If you search for a Neville pdf and find smaller 5-8 page documents, those are transcripts of his speeches – whose audios are also free online, both MP3 and youtube.