Man For Himself


. In addition, you may find time slowing down… but you will enjoy it

Ergo Sum?


QLQ ST4 + EGO ADSUM combined will produce that result.


The Realization

I just checked and…my sub is here. It apparently came in a few hours ago, but I didn’t know until now because the link comes only in the email :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I ran the first loop and wow, this sub is a beast! I did little for that hour to ensure that my mind focused highly on the sub itself. I felt sensations going on in different parts of my head, in some ways like never before felt with other subs. Had to drink lots of water to get through it. That is certainly it for the day when it comes to running audios.


Is this your first Terminus sub?


Yes, and I will be following the new listening guidelines to acclimate to this sub. Will likely be holding off from using Ultimas to start.


Before I go off to bed, I’d like to talk about experiences so far. But wait, you may say. It’s the first day and you’ve only ran one loop. Well, things are already happening.

Throughout the rest of the day, I noticed that I would remind myself at different moments about things which originate from the modules. Here’s what I mean:

  • I did end up mustering the focus needed to continue reading The Power of Now. I made more progress there than I did in the past two weeks. In fact, the spell of lethargy and disillusionment has been disrupted. I am looking forward to see that that spell disappears altogether.
  • In addition, I got a sense of concern about my nutrition once again.
  • General sense of feeling better.

Now the interesting part will be processing during sleep. In the evening I was feeling my brain processing something. It felt very similar to the sensation one gets when actually listening to a subliminal. It came and went. Now I wonder what will happen in my dreams.


That feeling when you want to jump ahead with listening but you have to restrain yourself because you might overload yourself and disrupt your day
I really can’t wait to see what new things the next listen brings.


Another day, another listen! That feels weird to say because up until recent times I thought that effective subliminal usage meant listening as much as possible throughout the day. I remember back when starting Khan ST1 (before Q) I’d try to listen between 8 and 16 hours a day. Really, any subliminal from any other producer worked like that. Oh how the times change.

Again, I made sure to not do anything too cognitively intense while listening to the sub. It wasn’t as arduous of an effort as the first listen was, though. That’s good. As for benefits?

  • PoMaQ has kicked in already.
  • I sense that my sense of presence is slowly but surely developing (EGO ADSUM?)
  • I am really questioning why I would decide to identify with bad storylines, especially those that are concerned with a hypothetical future. Why choose to predict and worry about a negative outcome? I should think about what I can do right now. Easier said than done, but I feel a push to discard stories that don’t serve.

I haven’t detected much from the Mind’s Eye module yet in terms of visualization, other than I do seem to like the idea of it a bit more and I have a bit more interest in it. I am highly looking forward to using it to visualize and manifest my desired reality.

Really glad I designed a subliminal in such a way that allows me to theoretically see how different pieces contribute to the overall change.

Q Modules Experiences

It took me a while to fall asleep last night, and I overall just didn’t get as many hours of sleep as I usually did. This must be an effect of the custom. Going to lay off using BLU for a bit as that likely compounds the issue.

Despite that, I had a great morning workout (which happened earlier than usual) that I enjoyed a bit moreso than in previous weeks. Perhaps Serum X is kicking in. Excited to transform my body using that, EF ST4 and other physical modules.


This is a fairly monumental sub, I can feel it. I noticed that my belief in subliminals working—and especially this one—has gone up over the past few days. It’s still fairly intense to run, as I don’t try to absorb much media or listen to other music/videos while listening to this sub.

In some ways, I feel that this sub acts more like Ultima than an Ultima sub itself. Saint recommends ensuring we are well fed during Ultima. That was never a problem for me with Ultima titles, but for this most recent listen I was starting to feel the pressure a little bit. It didn’t go away until I had food. I do think the weekend is necessary for a break, and I will be going to 1 loop a day for next week. I don’t envision progressing any faster than official guidelines.


Although it is a day off, I do continue to feel the effects of the sub.

  • I notice that I tend to try any pull myself back into the present moment more. When I think about thoughts regarding the past or the future, I bring myself back into the moment by asking myself “Okay, but what I can I do right now? Don’t think too much about your hypothetical future.” I am very much liking the fact that I am engaging with the present moment more. (EGO ADSUM)
  • I looked into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation which is about pushing the energy up from the bottom 3 centers of the body to the brain. I’m very intrigued by this meditation and how I may be able to use it to manifest things, especially because it would tie in with Mind’s Eye as well as PoMaQ (because I am now using that energy in a much more productive way).
  • The negative inner chatter is changing for the better thanks to Blue Skies. More to come regarding this profound module, and I am ready to fully accept what it has to offer.
    • In my years of meditation, I have always remembered this saying: “Beyond the clouds lies a blue sky.”

Other Stuff

  • One significant factor in picking “Omnidimensional” is because it reminds me of Reality Transurfing which instructs one to be open to the alternatives space, and in general ideas related to manifestation which state one not to focus too much on HOW one will manifest a particular outcome but rather WHAT.
  • I’m currently experimenting with Libertine 2x during sleep, per some advice from the Libertine thread. I don’t think this will conflict with the custom because its topic is so different, but still worth noting.


I really can’t wait to unlock my manifestation ability. Some guidance here would help.


What do you want to manifest?


Here are a few things that I have considered manifesting:

  • A phone call from a specific person (I tried a guided meditation on this from YouTube prior to the custom, did nothing).
  • Certain hangouts
  • My ideal body (ft. 10% BF, muscular physique, straight hair)


For a phone call, is this in response to a message or prior communication?

Hangouts, maybe not the best time in history to be manifesting that :upside_down_face:

I too am aiming for 10% body fat, though I’m not going for a muscular build. I’m nearly at my goal, though admittedly I’ve made most of my progress just by tracking macronutrients and exercising rather than focusing on manifestation. I need to start building muscle though, so I’m going to do another course of SARMs and hopefully find a gym that feels safe and doesn’t hose down every surface with bleach every 5 minutes…

Have you taken actions to ensure that what you want is a possibility?


Specific Person, meaning someone you like romantically? Tried Libertine Ultima?


Last communication was a call I did months ago, earlier during this whole situation.

No romantic attachment. I thought it would be best to try with a friend—someone I’m fairly neutral about—before I try doing something similar in the romantic realm because this situation doesn’t have as much “excess potential” or worrying energy. Stuff like that which can get in the way of manifestation when the skill hasn’t been developed so much yet.


For body, I do my fitness routine (powerlifting 3x a week) with intermittent fasting. As for straight hair, not sure what can be done about that besides imagining myself with straight hair.


IF is good, even better when combined with a good diet. For example, I’m doing 18/6 IF with cyclical clean keto and it works wonders.

I’ve got wavy hair and I’d rather have it straight, so I just keep it short… however lately it’s been looking thinner in the front than it used to, so if I take after my dad, within a few years I may be wishing for any kind of hair :sweat_smile:


Not a fan of my wavy hair. I learned so much about hairstyles and experimented a lot with it over a few years and the hairstyle I’d want to rock all the time is based on straight hair. I know that it’s possible for me since I’ve gotten my hair straightened (temporarily) in the past a few times. Still, don’t want to do these chemical treatments for the rest of my life—not to mention, they don’t quite straighten to the extent I’d like them to.