Man For Himself


I starting losing hair in my 20’s
I keep it really short or buzzed mostly
but have been lazy and growing it out during quarantine,
I was going to shave it all off but since adding custom-Physical Shifter-sexiness -that’s the only module that could be effecting this.
the hair that I do have has totally changed form, it looks awesome, used to wavy-to curly and now its thick and straight. It’s not growing back where I’ve lost hair though. I asked every girl I’m seeing if I should shave it, and they all say no, they really like it. It’s kind of ridiculous though, like a cross between Ginsberg and Wolverine. I’ll go full bald again soon if they don’t come out with a hair regrowth module, but this is fun in the meantime.


Are you kidding me? This is exactly what I am looking for! How long did it take?


Dude, I’m not sure exactly, 6 weeks maybe…
I have not grown my hair out this long in years.
But last I did it was not like this.

Actually the week I started my custom, my hair placement, started seeming almost perfect, even when I woke up.


@Azriel Is your hair as long as this guy’s?



not, it’s just past my ears.

I’m usually close to bald though.


@JCast kind of looks like a rockstar


Yea maybe @JCast will be first to succeed with RockStarQ


Okay, I can’t resist it anymore, I’m finally going to say it. With my truly sincere apologies to JCast, but every time I see that picture of him I’m wondering when he’s going to start creating the Uruk-Hai to take over Middle Earth.

There, I said it. I’m sorry. :slight_smile:

PS I like JCast, he’s great. Just figured I would mention it.

I know a LOT about IF, ADF, OMAD, keto, warrior and so on, but “cyclical clean keto” is new for me. Care to explain?

What is your fitness plan? Running, yoga, dancing, martial arts, something else? 3-6 times a week? 30, 60 or 90 minutes?

The elusive 10% body fat where the abs become nice and visible. Recently, I abruptly came out of a 4 month long fast at 11% when my body had an electrolyte shortage and the scale suddenly said I had 6% body fat. Scared the heck out of me. Took me little over a month to get my body’s mineral supply back in balance.

I’ve been listening to eFit Stage 1 as part of my stack and it seems to be quite profound. Although I’m not going to attribute everything to subliminals, it does seem that muscle growth and recovery is a lot faster since I started listening. Personally I’m hoping for the parts in the script that help me set up a healthy diet (and fitness) plan and stay away from snack foods. I’m getting there slowly, but I do love how things taste.

I’ve combined eFit with BLU for that “take action” boost.

As for the hair, I’m like Azriel. Although I’ve finally gone short now, no longer have the illusion that there’s enough hair up top. Doesn’t mean I’m not trying all kinds of things to get it back though. Losing it is a natural process, so reversing it must be natural as well. All we need to do is find the correct conditions.

Funny thing, I once say a presentation by a fitness guru with long wavy hair. He started his presentation with stating that he wasn’t a real fitness guru. To explain why he showed a slide with all the most well known fitness experts of the time, and all of them were bald(ing). Although it was meant as a joke, it did get me thinking. Since hair loss with men is due to a byproduct of testosterone, maybe men with lots of testosterone had a higher chance of going bald. So now I just hold firm to the belief that I’m more man than my scalp can handle. :slight_smile:

But you said nothing about being bald, only about wanting to straighten your hair, so consider this just a story.


I started losing my air in my late twenties, and tried a bunch of stuff to get it back, some of which did help somewhat.

In my early thirties, whenever I talked to one of my coworkers, he would stare at my hairline. It was pretty blatant, and it made me feel self-conscious every time. Then one day I noticed he was actually thinning up top, and it hit me that when he was staring at my hairline he wasn’t seeing my impending baldness, he was seeing his own. I also realized that nobody else gave a toss. So I went out and bought some hair clippers, and never looked back. All that worry disappeared overnight.

Seriously, there’s immense freedom in just owning that kind of shit.






My wife said I cant build a Uruk-Hai army because we dont know how much it will cost.



@DarkPhilosopher I have been considering purchasing Spartan and running that with BLU and Ultima A/Executive Ultima to motivate myself to work out all the time or at least build the habit

Talk about anything

Cyclical keto is when you intentionally exit ketosis on a regular basis (I do one “cheat meal” a week) by eating higher GI foods, but still mostly keto. My wife and I like doing hikes on Sunday mornings followed by brunch at a favorite restaurant, for example a few weeks ago we did that and I had a breakfast hash bowl, with steak & eggs and hollandaise sauce over hash browns. Normally I wouldn’t get hash browns as they’re high GI. I was back in ketosis in about 12 hours.

Clean keto is a less-defined term, so I’ll define it by what it’s not. The original Keto diet shared a lot in common with the old Atkins plan… just eliminating carbs. Little regard for the quality of the fats consumed, nor the amount of protein. Over time, a more moderate version of keto was developed, which came to be called “clean keto”. This focuses on maximizing vegetable intake as well as healthy plant-based fats, and reducing the amount of animal protein. In addition, it prioritizes grass-fed meat and wild-caught fatty fish over CAFO meat/farmed fish. The amount of protein ingested is important too; unless you’ve got a lot of muscle repair going on, such as with after regular intense strength training workouts (which I’m not doing at the moment), the excess protein can be converted into glucose with gluconeogenesis. I want my body to burn fat, so I eat the amount of protein I need for what I actually do, and no more. As a result, my protein intake is likely considered very low by many standards, here’s a typical day:

(any time between 8am-10am) Breakfast:

  • 12oz Bulletproof coffee (decaf for me) made with 1.5tbsp grass-fed butter, 0.5tbsp MCT oil, and about 1tbsp of heavy cream just because that’s how I like my coffee.

(1pm) Lunch:

  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • half an avocado
  • 1 sliced up bell pepper
  • half a tbsp of MCT oil

If I have any snack during the day, it’d be a small handful of sprouted walnuts, but that’s rare.

(6pm) Dinner:

  • 3oz of cooked ground beef or a single chicken thigh or a 3oz wild-caught salmon fillet
  • big salad

Done by 7pm, then fasting (except for morning coffee) until 1pm the next day.

In contrast, a “dirty keto” diet would just focus on the macronutrients with the goal of just getting as much fat as possible. Little regard is given to the quality of the fats, or to the vital phytonutrients, fiber, etc that low-GI plants provide. A McDonald’s burger without the bun is dirty keto, as is a plate loaded with nothing but bacon and eggs. Tasty, to be sure, but not too healthy long-term.

There are multiple variants of clean keto, I mostly follow the Bulletproof Diet, which is a cyclical keto diet that focuses on avoiding toxins, avoiding histamines, and subsequently reducing systemic inflammation. It’s 70% fat by calories but mostly plants by volume.

So, a cyclical clean keto diet is just cycling in and out of a “clean keto” diet. :slight_smile:


Currently my plan is:

  • Powerlifting 3x a week
  • Intermittent Fasting (16/8 a lot recently)

This is definitely worth documenting somewhere. I’ve practiced EF before, although not quite as long. Would like to hear about your experience with this.

Such as listening to the hair sub from Saint whenever that gets released? :slight_smile:


JCast running Mind’s Eye T2

beard is a side effect of time distortion



those were both hilarious btw, got a solid laughing out loud at my seat.


Today, I decided to try listening to the sub earlier in the day, during the middle of the workday. What I noticed is that it wasn’t as stressing as it was before; I was able to watch an informational video while listening to it. The food probably helped there. However, I think I will be listening to it after work tomorrow. The effect of today’s listen wasn’t as profound as I thought it would be, likely because my conscious mind was already busy with work stuff (among other things). Tomorrow, I’m going to try this:

  • BLU in morning
  • MFH right after work, as a way to transition between work and personal time. If I absorb any other media, it’ll most likely be related to the content of the custom (e.g. videos on manifesting).

Current Challenges

  • Finding a path towards manifestation. How do I cultivate the Mind’s Eye for Visualization-Manifestation?
  • Getting the ball rolling for some of my interests once again. I noticed that I’ve been in a lull over the past couple of weeks and I think that is because I just didn’t even start progressing on some of my interests. Visualization is one of them (I need your guys help! :smiley:), a course to improve memory and learn speedreading is another. I’ve been particularly unenthused about the seeming fact that these initiatives won’t seem to pay off dividends until way after—sometimes, it seems that way until the post-COVID era. Does it have to be that way? Don’t think so. I need to get the ball rolling.

How To Cultivate The Mind's Eye?

There are a lot of great visualization practices,
but the one that I like most because it’s so applicable to everything,
Is you right down on a piece of paper what you want your life to look like, what you want essentially, and what your life would be like in the present moment tense if you had that. Don’t think about how you will get there, just the end result. Every time how comes up let it go.

Then spend 5 minutes EVERY morning, imagining your already living that life, with as much detail as possible, See if you can see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, and feel it. You can go back and forth between first and third person perspectives. Consistency is key. This is also the single most life changing practice I think anyone can do.even if they have nothing else.

This way you practice visualization, aligning yourself with your path, feeling gratitude and the experience that resonates with what your looking to manifest, and it’s really fun to think about what you really want for your life, so it’s easy to do consistently.


@Azriel, thanks for sharing this routine. This sounds great on paper (:wink: ), however…is this how you started? It seems like a big thing to work with off the bat. And is this your daily practice? Do you find that things from that visualization are materializing over time? I understand that these “ideal life” type visualizations generally tend to include a lot of details or things that people want manifested but I really wonder how long people stick to it before something happens.