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This was the first thing I got started with.
Now I do it throughout the day all the time rather than a set ritual

(Well technically from ages 6-13 I wandered around 2-8 hours a day imagining being in and creating other worlds and acting out characters. I also drew comics, paintings, and illustrations from my imagination as a kid as well. So I probably got some good practice then. :slight_smile: )

However after years of life wearing me out, and to busy in survival mode to ‘dream’ I had to relearn a lot of it.

It’s not necessarily ideal life, it’s just a hodge podge of what you want now, it could be ideal life but it doesn’t have to. You could also change your list/what you want every day/week/month etc, when ever what you want authentically shifts.

Yes things manifest over time.
Specific results manifest the quickest since using subs, and when I am not focused on anything specific, but just thinking about and feeling like the kind of person I want to be and generally feeling gratitude for my life now.

However stuff more specific to this practice has manifested over time.
For example: I’m now working on my own schedule when I want, and working from anywhere I want.
These were two things I visualized for a year before they came true (I am not in my ‘ideal’ situation per say but elements of the freedom I imagined are certainly becoming more and more present in my life.

Also technically, visualizing something specifically is not what leads to manifestation, it’s an element of it that contributes if the image elicits certain responses in you, but there could be an all day discussion/debate on that-

Obviously it’s up to you what to start with or try. Others may have exercises more suited to you.

I’ll plead this practices case though for the sake of it:

  1. It doesn’t have to be perfect
  2. You will mess up and not getting clearly in the beginning and that’s ok :slight_smile:
  3. Just sitting in silence with a focus on yourself and your life is beneficial even if nothing else happens initially
  4. Even just feeling excited or happy about what you wrote down on your paper, is beneficial towards manifestation
  5. Writing things down clearly starts the process of seeing your own imagination clearly and is generally good for your own clarity as well.
  6. If you think you can’t do it, pretend that you can.
  7. I believe limiting beliefs around visualization effect inability to visualize much more than an actual lack of ability to visualize. (excluding persons with legitimate neurological conditions.)
  8. I imagine you know what you want, you can’t to some degree experience it in your imagination? How would you know you want it if not.
  9. Lastly, not to be too uncouth, if anyone here has every ‘imagined’ anything while fapping, you have the capacity to visualize, and probably well…sorry. It just takes the same willingness and consistency to practice elsewhere :slight_smile:
  10. It’s like meditation in the sense that you don’t do it for the result, to become enlightened. Like you log in enough hours on a cushion and one day you’ll arrive. The practice itself is the goal, it’s an ‘infinite game’ so to speak, to be done for it’s own sake to experience the ‘frequency’ or ‘center’ of someone who has already made it.


Lol. I am suffering from this too at this moment.


I feel ya…
Hopefully Dynasties will teach you to dream-for generations to come.

I should add that’s the biggest reason this practice doesn’t work even faster for me currently.
The feeling of ‘survival mode worn out’ is the opposite of the feeling of ‘visualizing present moment living life with what you want now’. The ‘frequency’ of the latter must exceed the ‘frequency’ of the former consistently for things to shift in reality.


I second the practice of doing a morning meditation where you spend 5 minutes imagining what your life would be like if you had accomplished one of your goals. Every day, pick one. And yes, it’s not an easy one. But hopefully Mind’s Eye will make it easier and easier.

I also occasionally do a journaling exercise by thinking of these questions:

  • When am I the happiest?
  • What’s missing in my life right now?
  • What’s something I have always wanted to do?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What does “living my best life” look like?
  • If I could wave a magic wand, what would my life look like?

If Mind’s Eye is doing its job, the answers to those questions should be flashing by as you read them. While I was writing them, I saw myself in my forest lakehouse next to a small town where everybody knew and respected me, growing my own food, cuddling with my girl on the porch while my daughter was running around chasing butterflies. And lots of other things that financial independence and no limits would bring me.

You can also pick one question per day and journal/describe that answer in great detail. You may not experience it as such, but in order to describe it in words, you are visualizing it.

Oh, and always write by hand. There’s power in that.


Those sound like questions you would hear in the superchargers…


Pick a different one?

Why do you think there is power in this?


I can’t speak for @DarkPhilosopher, but for me, writing by hand brings about a sense of satisfaction of “putting pen to paper” so to speak. It is my way of connecting my conscious and unconscious to my physical self.


Pick whichever one you like, same or otherwise. Maybe one of them “clicks” for you. Maybe you’ll come up with another. In my experience most answers are slightly different from each other. Same general theme, but different emphasis.

The act of writing by hand seems to send a clearer message of intent to the subconscious (and/or whatever else is out there). It also tends to give your mind time to offer up related thoughts that you hadn’t even considered yet. There is a communication with yourself going on there that doesn’t seem to be taking place when you type it. For most people at least.

Which is why we always recommend you keep a handwritten journal. Many self-development coaches do.


I decided to do a handwritten journaling exercise loosely based off this question and my writing—which went for two pages in my notebook—went quite wild as I honed in on a particular aspect of life that I’m looking for, with the end of that writing affirming my ability to manifest anything I want in my reality and that although I have limited time, I am making the best of it. That was quite unexpected! :smiley:


It’s now been more than a week since I started listening. At this point, my mind is able to handle the sub in the morning with ease. Quite a difference from the beginning. Soon I’ll be turning up the loops! :slight_smile:


Weekends are certainly a necessary break, both from work and from this custom. Though I’ll be trying out the new releases coming soon.


First day of doing two loops. One hour break in between. I noticed that:

  • My interest in manifesting has gone up
  • I tend to utilize visualizations more, and when I do visualize I do it in the first person more.


Today is a rest day from my custom, in accordance with the strategy outlined in support documentation. However, it is certainly not a rest from taking action. It is as if I have gotten a boost in motivation, in joy and in focus. It is as if there is a mini subliminal bloom going on here.

  • At work I’ve been fairly focused in executing upon my project. I found that I was able to get into a state of focus quickly and just do my work. In addition I find myself thinking about perceiving my time blocks as maker vs. manager times (planning vs. execution). There’s also the general sense of being more well-spoken and communicative in meetings.
  • Greater sense of joy in what I am doing right now.

I’ve been watching a lot of Joseph Alai videos in order to understand manifestation more and as a result I’ve been taking a few steps in that direction as well.

  • Trying out the list method for manifestation.
  • Trying out the journaling exercise that @DarkPhilosopher posted (thanks for that!)
  • Also learning more things about the manifestation process itself. I watched a video about three different stories of quick manifestation and learned some interesting points.

I appear to engage the ability of first-person visualization more. While it’s not like I am seeing 4K HD behind closed eyes, I do get the sense that the pictures I think about evoke more emotion and sensations. Which by the way, I am trying to increase by running this Sacral Chakra Healing audio I found from a YT channel.


Two loops again today. One in the morning after my workout, one during lunch. I’ve found that to be a good cadence so far.

  • Working out: I powered through this one way more easily than expected! This workout usually takes longer than the one I did two days ago, but instead it measured up to be the shortest workout for its kind in a long time.
  • I find myself to be a better planner for a project at work today. Although it’s still not quite my forte I found myself doing well here.

Another thing: I manifested something. I wrote yesterday that “I am hanging out with a friend I met online.” Today, a friend messaged me out of the blue on social media about some food-related topic. It’s kind of funny though, because that means the sentence got interpreted a differently from how I wrote it. Is it an approximate manifestation? Is there more to come? We’ll find out. Nonetheless, I feel much more confident about my ability than before.

  • “I am hanging out with” <= Action
  • “A friend I met” <= Object
  • “online” <= location

How To Cultivate The Mind's Eye?

Will be listening to 2 loops again later today. Anyways, I manifested more stuff. Have to say that it’s really cool to have this ability. I will certainly be cultivating it more along with inner work as I have been doing a meditation that helps me complete the past so to speak.

Work out in the morning today also went very well. I hit new records on my key lifts. Visualization is definitely coming along as a result of my dive into manifestation and meditations as mentioned above. More and more, I know that I am in charge of my reality.


Ended up listening 1 loop yesterday. That’s alright—I was quite overloaded by the day which had a lot happen.

Today’s a rest day, and I have thought more about what I’ll be doing during the rest of my time during COVID. I’ve decided that I will be focusing much more on inner work. This was already a theme, but now I’m pushing it even further. Curbing things of a social nature—which is mostly in the form of calls and video chats at this time—as I became aware that many people are apathetic about it. I’ve been the one to reach out over all these months and they never did. In retrospect, did I really enjoy these things? For the most part, no—it was me pushing myself to be more ‘social’ whatever that could mean in this time. Just unenjoyable stuff that felt more like work. So I decided that I will stop reaching out to the majority of the people on that list.

My exploration into the world of visualization-manifestation continues to grow deeper. Joseph Alai’s videos and the scripting practice do make me feel really good about the topic, more than ever before. I remember when manifestation was at first a foreign thing, and then a thing where I thought it was just thinking about stuff in a positive way. I see it’s more than that now. Some of the stuff I wrote down in my manifestation lists did already materialize. I very much aspire to develop this ability even further.

Shoutout to @Malkuth who talked for quite a bit about manifestation in the other thread.

Of course I am not forgetting about the other things that I set out to do.

  • Currently at record levels for strength in the gym.
  • I am believing myself to be more attractive recently.
  • My hair is changing. It feels a little different when I run my hands through it, certainly.
  • Going to capitalize on QL by learning memory techniques (including the memory palace, where visualization will again come in handy) and speed reading. Wish me luck there as I tried doing both those things in the past to no avail.

This doubling down on inner work type and personal interests makes me more glad that I picked the modules in MFH that I did.


A Look So Far

Overall, things are going good when it comes to MFH.

  • Joie de Vivre is a good one. I think it can serve as an indicator that I’m doing the right thing. E.g. in my manifestation exploration I have had a level of joy that I haven’t had for an interest in a while. I think this module really kicks in for one’s proper goals, as I wasn’t really enjoying the whole call rotation habit I was forcing myself to do.
  • EGO ADSUM: Definitely a greater appreciation of the present moment and especially of moments of silence.
  • Deep Sleep: I track my sleep and my sleep quality percentages have been good despite largely not using supplements—the main change I’ve made recently is using memory foam pillows.


Here’s some of the stuff I’ve manifested since starting this sub:

  • Free milk tea (multiple times)
  • Referral points on an app
  • A free car wash at the dealership where I got my car maintained recently
  • A new friend reaching out to me online
  • Feelings of happiness after enjoying a very specific meal (the conversation and the general vibe that actually occurred was great)
  • A conversation with a friendly individual who approached me in public
  • A “hangout” went unexpectedly well during this weekend (that hangout turned out to be a phone call which yielded the insights I discussed earlier regarding rest of COVID)
  • This one: “I am in enjoyment of a day made better by a meaningful phone call” (same as the hangout one)

Main Disc. Thread - Mind's Eye Q
How To Cultivate The Mind's Eye?

Did three loops today, with an hour-long break in-between each one. Let’s see what happens. I envision the sweet spot to be three loops on M/W/F.

Manifestation & COVID-19; Man Is Really For Himself

Joseph Alai has a fairly interesting theory on Manifesting & COVID-19. It is perhaps due to one or multiple individuals’ thoughts that COVID-19 itself was manifested. I don’t think of this idea as a way to blame someone. Rather, I’m running with it as I theorize what coronavirus really is supposed to mean for me. See, I’ve yet to encounter or know of a single individual who got ill (or worse) in this time. I’ve only heard about it in terms of a few famous people’s cases. So the impact for me has been staying home, working remotely, and not seeing many people in all this time, in a year which I originally dedicated to social goals.

Is coronavirus itself a bridge of incidence that I am supposed to walk and use to transform myself? Perhaps to me, it is a trial of sorts in which I must do lots of inner work, heal myself, remove even more negative attachments and overall improve as a human being before I start seeing people (be it my coworkers, friends, and new people) again. Essentially, the conclusion is that coronavirus itself is a type of manifestation which is supposed to promote growth. That is what I have decided, and that is why it is imperative for me to not wait. The moment itself is perfect for exactly what I am supposed to be doing. So what’s next?

  • Stay motivated. I have to remember this.
  • I am continuing to push hard in the gym.
  • I am continuing to do more advanced meditations which are particularly for healing.
  • In a few days, The Complete Reader (Neville Goddard collection) will be coming in. Up until now I have not read any of Goddard’s teachings but Joseph Alai’s videos and the successes that I’ve had in manifestation so far have intrigued me greatly.
  • I now have another reason to start the memory techniques and speedreading course I’ve been putting off. Using the enhanced memory and reading techniques, I can understand and internalize these spiritual teachings even better. There is no better time to do this course than now, given the amount of time I have at home and the fact that I’ve got readings that will take a while. Of course, QLQ ST4 and ME (for visualization) are obvious subliminal-level integrations with this course.
  • Transmute my sexual energy for good. I really am seeing to it that it is used to support the initiatives I have outlined here.


Numbers. This post itself is post 79 on september 7 (7/9 or 9/7 depending on date format. It was 7:09 when I posted this.


I decided to search up the meanings of these numbers right now and I must say that I really like what 999, in particular, seems to mean. It is extremely relevant to my life right now. For the sake of brevity and redundancy, I’ll leave it to the curious reader (and I’m sure an intelligent searcher) to find out all the interpretations. The first one is particularly outstanding:

angel number 999 announces the end of something in your life. It is possible that a certain situation will come to end or that a certain phase in your life is going to be over. Most important is not to have fears because of that, because something better is expecting you.