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The Complete Reader (Neville Goddard) came in a day early!


Saw 77 and 999(9) again today.


2 Loops Today.

Something about reality itself is changing. I find that there is a stronger connection between my thoughts and what happens. Because of the videos and teachings that I am getting myself into, I am also more concerned about what’s in my conscious and I take a more active effort to redirect conscious thoughts towards the better.

I remember when I used to find the connection between thinking/visualization and reality to be fairly tenuous. At the very least, in the past I would find this a hard process to take control of, even if I believed it to be true. I thought that I would have to strongly think about something for a long time for anything to happen. Now though, I am finding that there is a shorter time to manifestation and I am much more confident in this being an ability that I can hone and master.

Earlier today, I wrote down that my refund for a product I want returned is occurring effortlessly. I wrote this right after I got an email which said that they couldn’t cancel my order because it shipped out yesterday. Later, I went on the phone call and I found that there were 40+ people ahead of me, which got me tilted (more on that later). However, a few things happened:

  • Despite the automated voice message in customer support telling me that it may take several business days to get a response back via email due to being impacted, support got back to me within hours of me sending me email requesting a return label for my refund. Even better, they got back to me within an hour after I responded to that email asking a question about it.
  • So I had this thought pattern and belief that “I am in a tilted state right now.” However, after lunch I thought, “wait a minute, by thinking this I am being in a reactionary state and affirming a negative reality!” So I decided to drop the thought and countered with thinking positively and understanding that everything is going to work out. The push for this was especially strong after recently watching a video about accidental negative manifestations as well as about ensuring to become aware of thought patterns, uprooting them, and replacing them with better thoughts. Nothing too new to me but I was surprised at how quickly I turned around my conscious in the middle of the day like that. Even a few hours later I was really wondering and laughing at myself as to how I could have been so tilted earlier, especially because I now see that in fact the refund is going to go smoothly and work items went well.
    • The funny thing about the accidental manifestation video: I think the whole situation with the way the refund went was the result of an accidental manifestation. I had written in an earlier manifestation list that my order is arriving earlier than expected. However at this point, I had made an order from place A (but sent out a cancel request late last week) and an order from place B for the same item (much cheaper). Place B’s order is the one I’d want, not place A—and on place A’s website it said that they were expected to ship about 4 days from now. Yet they somehow shipped it out yesterday! In other words, I wasn’t quite precise with my manifestation!

Interesting stuff. Other than that:

  • Burst of energy today at the gym, completed my workout effortlessly and in record time. On top of that it happened in the afternoon after I had already ate (usually prefer fasted workouts in the morning), which is very unusual because I usually do not like to work out at this time.
  • Going through the course and I remembered how much of the memory improvement techniques rely on visualizations (not even talking about memory palace). Looking forward to be very effective here!


Looks like QL and Mind’s Eye are good fits as major modules in a custom sub.


They really are. Mind’s Eye even has a tailored version of QL Lite so the signs of that are already there.


Feeling the need to heal myself strongly. Considering whether an ultima healing sub is worth it. Of course, I’m also checking out something from another author which gets at what I want directly (healing the inner child, among other things).

If anything, I’m excited to soon hit 3 loops a day for every day I run the sub.


Whoah…this video offers such an amazing take on healing.

The spiritual community has many beliefs about emotional healing, most of them are wrong - and this is creating widespread confusion.

Today, let’s put an end to that, at least for you. And then perhaps you can become an embodiment of healing, which you can pass onto others.

There are a couple of things you must understand about healing from your past trauma, your limiting beliefs, and attachments.

A couple of things you must understand, without which your healing process will seem like a never ending journey.

Here they are:
-Healing is not about revisiting the past and “doing something” to release it.
-Pain and trauma are in mind only - your essential Self knows no trauma or limitation. You are already free of all past. True healing is about just recognizing this fact.
-For any real and lasting healing to occur, you must let go of “the one that needs to be healed” - this means relinquishing attachment to the identity which claims to be wounded and incomplete - thereby fading away all belief in your hurt and limiting ideas about yourself and your world.

Today’s video is dedicated to these points.


Why not just read the Pruning Shears of Revision and revise your past?


Is this just a lecture?


Yes, just a lecture but the concept of revision is very powerful.


Made an investment and the final unit price was 111.11, so my total was 444.44. Interesting numbers…and it’s also the 11th today.


Mind seems to be able to easily handle three loops now.


Searched up recordings of this on YT and I found that a lot of videos on this lecture have extremely positive comments regarding it and its significance. May have to give this a read/listen.


This is a really cool lecture. The last few nights I have been doing something related to practicing visualization as I fall asleep. This may become one of those visualizations. The problem is when I focus and do visualize these things, I find that my brain becomes active and as a result I don’t feel sleepy. Wondering how others do it, and wondering whether DREAMS Ultima would help in this regard (fall asleep fast).

It also turns out that Pruning Shears of Revision is the name of a chapter in Awakened Imagination & The Search.


@King Social manifestations occurred today. This subliminal, with Mind’s Eye and all, has definitely awakened a latent ability within me.



It’s not that difficult isn’t it? Actually manifestation requires one to do less (or if possible, simply nothing) rather than do more.

I don’t think there is a need for complex rituals, clearing chakras, wearing crystals, raising vibrations, chanting mantras etc when you fully understand what Neville Goddard is talking about.

I myself am also learning how to let go and just “be”.


Haha, funny enough I am not certain as to whether me clearing chakras and raising vibrations had an impact on making these things happen. I do think they increased the power of my ability but they aren’t essential.

I’m also understanding the finer points of the process better. This specific video brings up an example which demonstrates why one must focus on the end instead of manifesting the middle. I saw this today with my desire, “A friend has called me out of the blue.” I suddenly got a message from an individual I haven’t heard from in a month about hanging out. However, after that, it became tricky to set up the actual hangout because of conditions that are in the area. I wasn’t upset at that, because I know what I manifested and that nothing after the scene manifested is guaranteed to go a certain way. It is just awesome to actually experience this teaching.


Captain America Vibes


You really think so? Is it the Serum X?


1 0 0

Entry 100

Would you look at that! We’re already on post 100! I have to say that with the help of this subliminal, I have been on an interesting journey. I can’t say that I would have expected myself to be where I am today with this subliminal. I have a lot of thoughts regarding what Man for Himself has done for me, and you can see some of these thoughts in great detail by looking back at some of my previous entries.

The biggest impact has been in the direction my spiritual journey has taken. This is also the most surprising since it doesn’t even comprise a plurality of the modules that make up my custom. The Alchemist isn’t even in my custom. If I had to pick out my spiritual modules, they would be…Blue Skies. Yes, you read that correctly. Out of all the modules, this is the only one that is categorized as spiritual—according to the Q Store. That’s not to say that there are other modules which have been particularly relevant to the spiritual aspect of things:

  • Mind’s Eye Q Core
  • Yggdrasil
  • Omnidimensional
  • The Merger of Worlds
  • Joie De Vivre

The manifestation saga kicked off with the beginning of this sub. While I was initially lost, I have to thank the members of this forum for giving me direction. Here’s what’s happening:

  • I’m diving into Neville Goddard’s work. I’ve heard of Goddard since 2017 but never read anything (let alone watch videos by people who are followers of his work) nor really understood manifesting until fairly recently. However, the successes that I’ve had so far (including one today, which was a friend calling me out of their own accord) have given me confidence and happiness in my realization of this ability. The Merger of Worlds is really cool when it comes to practicing these teachings because a focus is “impressing the subconscious mind” with the desired goal (visualized through the mind’s eye) and that specific module is ALL about the conscious-subconscious connection.
  • I am more careful about the thoughts and assumptions that I have as a result of the manifestation understandings, now seeing that everything is a manifestation of some kind. Be it assumptions about myself or about other people.
  • I feel much better off when it comes to the relationship to the past. I am practicing a greater acceptance of the present moment and whatever feelings may come up.
  • Overall enjoy this process. I’ve noticed much more positivity and a greater expression and connection to my feelings recently.

I’ve stumbled upon some amazing insights from some spiritual channels and I am internalizing them in my life.

That is not to say that the other parts of my modules are not doing anything.

  • When it comes to my lifts, I am at my strongest, ever.
  • My brain feels very high powered. My productivity at work has been high and personally, I’ve been learning more as well.
  • My beliefs about my own appearance are consistently fairly high. And I feel that the texture of my hair has been changing. I am sure that appearance-wise I am changing, too. I am not too concerned about looking in the mirror every day to notice changes. I am confident that it is happening.
  • I have good sleep quality on average.

This coming week, I will be doing three loops every other day. I can’t wait to see what great things come next! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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