Man For Himself


Brilliant analysis and results, @SubliminalUser.

Am beginning to actually feel what manifestation is all about. Previously, I used to tell myself that am responsible for everything but it was told in a very “outward” way and getting it from within felt very uncomfortable as if I was faking it and it wasn’t true. And previously I used to feel it was nonsense even though I very much wanted to believe LOA. Now I feel intimately tied to being the cause of everything in my life including my moods and it is already working wonders for my mind and happiness.

Neville Goddard + SubClub + Action = Perfection :ok_hand:


It’s hard to quantify how much this holds for me as well. Previously I merely intellectually grasped at the idea of it. However it has now come into my experience.

Next up, DREAMS Ultima to create manifestations in the waking world through lucid dreams.


This is exactly what am talking about.


Three loops today. Feeling a little tired after work, so even though I want to continue reading I’m not quite up to it.


Rest days are very meaningful in the journey. I believe it is a good thing my schedule has built-in rest days because I am still dealing with some mental fatigue (which improved a lot after food).

I’ve seen a lot of angel numbers over the past few days, and in quite unlikely circumstances, too. Someone messaged me today at 3:33. At a hangout recently, I turned on my phone (after keeping it off for a long time) and it was 1:11. Randomly checked my phone yesterday on a walk and it was 5:55. These are signs of great change.

Who would’ve thought that I’d get this far using SubliminalClub subs? At the beginning of this year it was out of my imagination that I’d be able to get a custom subliminal with my own name embedded. With that, I am changing my life.


I now ascend to High Alchemist.


I’ve been seeing 444 again recently. Such as when someone near me decided to set the microwave timer to 4:44, or when I randomly checked the time on my computer and it was 4:44.

Also, yesterday a girl messaged me online about chatting again soon. She decided to put a call on her calendar for next week. This was quite funny because I had decided earlier that I would stop reaching out to her (for a few reasons) after last month. At the same time, I wrote yesterday that “People are reaching out to me on their own.”

I am documenting manifestations to further build the faith in this ability. Wish me luck in maintaining these practices!


who does that? lol

this is a solid representation of how you are creating your reality more and more.

very smart, building little victories and creating new evidence for yourself on your capacities is one key to larger success.I believe.


444 Is The Symbol For A Spiritual Awakening

[*] Seeing the number 444 may be a confirmation that you’ve recently entered a new path of spiritual awakening. Have you started a new spiritual practice lately? The meaning of 444 is that this is a great fit for you and will benefit you greatly.

[*] 444 is a sign to double down on whatever spiritual practice you currently have. Spend more time with it, put your energy into it, and trust it. Good things are happening as a result of this practice.

[*] The more you put into your new spiritual practice, the more you will get out of it.

I must say that I do like the sound of this!


Don’t pay so much attention to the meaning of the numbers. :slight_smile:. Just give the numbers whatever meaning you want them to have.

Lucky you aren’t Chinese. Otherwise, you will be living in fear being surrounded by the number 4.


3 loops today. Now comes a weekend of rest from the sub!

The Pygmalion Effect

Learned about this one recently. I find this to be a notable phenomenon because it appears to tie in perception (potentially manifestation) with performance (potentially intelligence). In other words, an unlikely link between Mind’s Eye and Quantum Limitless for me. By believing that I am smart and can perform feats like reading quickly and memorizing lots of info, it is more likely that I will be smart and do these things! Let’s not say more likely, though—I am manifesting myself to be of these characteristics :smiley:



I started using a special kind of app which gives a pen-pal experience. People send letters to each other from around the world, and it actually takes a while (a day+ to receive a message).

Get this: My first response from someone came in at 11:22:33 P.M.

What is this.


Module Analysis

Module Category Analysis
Quantum Limitless Q ST4 Core Core More and more, I embody a superlearning human being. A course I am taking is helping me awaken my full potential; using chunking, for example, I memorized my credit card number and code (ideally, I’m going to memorize ALL my numbers). I think I’ve only scratched the surface of this sub. There is so much healing/balancing going on in my brain and nervous system that I’m probably not even aware of. There’s also the fact that these changes are positively impacting my ability to absorb this subliminal itself!
Emperor Fitness Q ST4 Core Core I am rocking it in the gym. I currently run a powerlifting routine and I am at the strongest I have been my entire life. I also do get the sense lately that I am losing some fat. I haven’t measured myself though since strength is my sole fitness goal for now. I also think this sub has helped me with sleep (more on that in Deep Sleep module), as well as increasing my overall concern with getting the right amount of protein.
Mind’s Eye Q Core Core I am the creator of my world. Read this thread to see what happened.
Blue Skies Healing In conjunction with Mind’s Eye, I have experienced a profound shift. Certainly my current spiritual awakening is partially attributable to the insights achieved through this module.
Stop P and M Healing This module works, and when they say “Remember to use the newly rediscovered sexual energy productively,” you better take that to heart. For me, I use the energy towards spiritual practices (and it certainly impacts my learning/fitness activities)
Facial Morphing Physical “I am attractive” is a thought that frequently occurs when I look at myself in the mirror.
Epigenetics & DNA Module Physical Not much to say here.
Serum X Physical The pump is much more evident on workout days. I feel that I have been gaining muscle at a faster rate (in conjunction with EF ST4, of course)
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness Physical Not much to say here.
Deep Sleep Physical Although my sleep still features variability (84% average), I am astonished at the frequency at which I have nights with above 90% sleep quality (tracked through Sleep Cycle app). For reference, my country has an average sleep quality of 75%.
Sensuality And Handsomeness Improver Status Not much to say here.
Natural Winner Status When I think about it, I have been in the habit of seeing less-than-ideal circumstances or results as learning opportunities for how I can do better moving forward. This is very much the case in manifesting where I see negative situations and then intend to manifest the opposite. Overall though, I am more driven towards success.
DEUS Booster From my experience, my subliminal has become stronger and stronger over time.
Pragya Booster Check out the previous entries in my journal. The first listen was tough, the second one not as tough, and so on. I acclimated fairly quickly to this dense sub.
The Merger of Worlds Booster This greatly aides my manifestation practices since it allows me to impress upon the subconscious mind more easily.
Omnidimensional Booster This greatly aides my manifestation practices.
Yggdrasil Booster It is perhaps this module and Mind’s Eye Q which “unlocked” my manifestation ability.
Overdrive Booster I am certainly having success with this subliminal and I believe I am going to be successful with more subs moving forward.
EGO ADSUM Booster Yes, it is “The Power of Now” in a sub. My present moment awareness has increased significantly and I find myself catching more thoughts which focus on hypothetical futures and the perceived past. I am in non-reactivity more often.
Joie de Vivre Booster I have very much enjoyed working on my goals and passions (especially the most recent one, which has to do with manifestation). It’s crazy that I haven’t had to track manifestation “habits” so far (massive departure from the habit tracking I did for other things). I just show up and do them every day.

Q Modules Experiences

Hmm interesting that’s what you get out of QL ST4. Quantum Limitless was the first sub I bought here besides Rebirth. I consider it my factory reset. It’s also in my main custom.

You mentioned memorizing numbers. that’s something I’ve done for ages, especially that one summer my debit card just did not want to stay with me (at one point it slipped off the receipt binder and fell vertically into an impossible to reach gap in the bar I was at). I couldn’t have made it happen if I tried.


How so? And I am certainly going to be getting much more out of it as I know what other learning skills I am developing with it.


Just like it’s the tip of the iceberg. Look forward to seeing what you discover.


3 loops today.

When I talked with my manager at work about how my weekend went, I briefly mentioned that I was reading Goddard’s book, which is in the mystic category. This action was a surprise to me since that is not my prior self. He asked me to briefly summarize what I’ve learned so far and this is essentially how I described it:

Our reality is shaped by the thoughts we have, and one of the objectives to change it is to impress our subconscious mind. By doing so, our subconscious mind changes and that leads to a different reality.

It is intentional that I toned down (for lack of a better phrase) Goddard’s message here. Nonetheless, what happened next was very surprising and inspiring. He was impressed and had a smile on his face as he responded. He told me that he knows about the idea that the subconscious runs a lot of our life. He also noted that these ideas, although they are not new—and neither are the people who talk about these things—have increased in popularity in recent times.

He also believes that I will be going deep into these ideas and have great success with it.

Now, he knows that I have been meditating for a while. However, this response is still unexpected and amazing to me. Take these written entries.

  • “I have people I comfortably share my spiritual journey with.” — Written a few days ago. Did not expect that I’d mention to my manager.
  • “People are with me on my spiritual journey.” — Hmm…

I also feel today’s occurrence is a bridge of incidence in a way; soon I will discussing with more people about stuff of this nature. I already did mention this to a friend recently and he took it very well and wants to chat with me in detail about this. There’s also the SubClub forum members :slight_smile: .

Since discovering LOA back in 2017, I’ve largely kept the journey to myself. Sure I did find quite a few YT videos that proclaimed that people are waking up, whatever that means. But it feels different when I now encounter people in real life about it, and when I discuss it on this forum. Perhaps I am now manifesting a reality in which more people are knowledgeable and accepting of these teachings.

That is great!


I am curious as to the things you write down and how many. Been doing the same exercise for a while now but now having that many results.

Apparently we are going through a massive energetic shift that is changing many people and the way they think about things, pretty much all the esoteric practitioners have been talking about it for months now, how important it is to align correctly while this is going on in order to end up on top once it passes.

No idea what to make of it, but with the amount of people that all say the same thing, I’m not ignoring it.


I would attribute this to the availability of the Internet, social media as well as new discoveries in the scientific realm.

But well done on manifesting a reality where you can talk about these ideas. When I joined this forum, there was hardly any talk about Neville Goddard and his teachings, but I would say I also manifested more discussion on this topic as time passed.


We shall see. The time scale of months aligns with quarantine so that may be in conjunction with this:

With many people staying at home, perhaps there are quite a few new visitors to the spiritual community. Will people come out of COVID-19 positively transformed? We shall see.

In an earlier journal entry I talked about manifesting and COVID-19.

Yea, you have that very interesting manifestation (which came in the form of MY message) about someone talking about Joseph Alai on this forum, predating my post by more than a year.


Rest day.

My manifestation abilities are becoming better and better. Here are some of the recent ones:

  • At work today I was commended by my manager in my meeting for what I considered a minor detail in task management, yet he said to the other people that they should follow me in example. This is the first time this detail was praised despite me doing this as my standard practice for a while (basically a year+).
  • On the penpal app, some girl from another country decided to reach out to me and has sent a letter that will be arriving in about a day. I wasn’t aware of this person’s profile or anything like that until after the fact.

I can tie each of these manifestations back to individual statements that I have written. The penpal app one can even be tied to something I wrote today in the morning.

I am also found that I thought very little of the personal past today. When it comes to perceived issues (either of the world or of people close, like family) I am very quick to catch myself and switch towards thoughts (with the intention of manifesting) of the corrected reality. As that is the reality that I am going to be in.