Man For Himself


The Old Man inside you must be slowly dying!


Yes, it is.

Funny enough one of my statements today is that “What I write in these lists manifests quickly and easily.” So now that these have happened and affirmed that, this itself has beared something and as I am in appreciation (a reaction) of it, it is going to repeat. This is what Alai said.


Isn’t It Wonderful? :smiley:


Not to mention I’ve seen 444 and 555, recently.
Also some really funny stuff, like when my food delivery after everything cost 16.66.


Our favourite number “12” appears 2 times. Or maybe 3 times.


At this point, I encounter these kinds of numbers too often for posting here!


Rest day. Going to dial back to two loops in order to give my mind room for more experimental listening with other audios, such as the upcoming Ultimas.


This is progress :grin:


That’s right @Ninjistic. Funny you mention that, because I also had another manifestation related to that app occur because another person reached out to me on that app a few minutes ago.

It’s actually a multi-sign manifestation because I had intended that “Multiple instances of manifestations come with each written statement.” In other words this new person sending me a letter is a repeat manifestation of a statement I wrote earlier and simultaneously fulfills this new adjunct statement.


Rebirth + 2 loops today.

Got a haircut today. Impressed at the extent to which I conversed with my barber, that hasn’t happened before. Noticed myself to be very attractive afterwards. Also noticed some manifestations occurring. I am also much more confident in my overall situation changing in a more and more positive way (and the rate at which that occurs will increase as well) as I continue to internalize what Goddard’s teachings really mean for me and my reality. I will be consciously directing it.

Looking Forward

Two loops every other day may be where I stabilize my listening, now that more Ultimas are going to be involved. Man For Himself is the basis of this journey, but I already see several Ultimas coming into the fray:

  • Rebirth
  • Executive
  • True Social/Libertine/Commander (these of course are much more situational)
    I’m also not too far away from my planned washout, where I go a week without listening (per my strategy of “1 week off every 7 weeks”).


Rest Day…so far. We’ll see whether I run whatever comes with the “12” update.

What I have noticed is that when I read Goddard’s work or when I focus properly on content related to that work, I get a certain sensation in my mind, a sensation unlike that experienced by any other hobbies or interests. It is as if Joie De Vivre activated at maximum power when I was reading Feeling is the Secret despite the short amount of time I spent on it today. In fact, the feeling started rolling in with the first paragraph.

I take this as both a sign of my abilities activating, as well as that I am on the right path.


A rest day from my custom and a day for checking out Ultimas.

I ran Dreams last night and encountered 5 memorable dreams (up from 0). This is promising. Looking forward to lucid dreaming every night.

Ran the executive earlier today and I feel a big push to take action towards what interests me the most. At this time, that means a lot of stuff related to the manifestation journey. I finished Feeling is the Secret today (a book much shorter than expected) and reviewed my manifestation lists again.

  • I was complimented on my hair (a very deliberate manifestation that I listed out 3 days ago) today. My parents in particular did that and then said something in native language, which puzzled me. I inquired and they told me it is a saying to ensure the person complimented does not get affected by the evil eye. This is very astonishing as not once in my entire life have they mentioned this concept to me until today.
  • Noting down the manifestations (and tracking the number of manifestations encountered so far) is a great activity that builds faith in this ability. I believe it.
  • I encounter the angel numbers as a part of every day life now. Too frequent to be continuing to note in this journal. I will mention that I started numbering the manifestations (instead of bulleting them unnumbered) at manifestation 44, and this post was first published on 4:44).


I remain curious about the things you write down. Do you keep short sentences, long sentences, I am-statements, how many do you write and so on.


2 loops Rebirth, 2 loops custom.

I continue to write my lists and document more stuff. However, I am holding off on consuming more content on the subject of manifestation because I have enough info to work with as is. I also intend to ensure that I work on other things as well.

Not feeling particularly motivated to do much today, to be honest. I also found it a bit of a challenge to avoid some bad practices once again. What I intend to do for one of them is to use the Goddard technique for visualizing-manifesting as I fall to sleep in order to manifest a reality where the bad practice isn’t a part of my life anymore. I also feel that I am getting a little burned out from work so I’ll be taking some time off soon. Even if I am just staying at home the time I get to myself is restorative.

I may just have to start running The Executive every day to give myself a massive push towards these actions which don’t have as much intrinsic motivation as some other things.

A random thought: Am I am one of those people who needs to run multiple loops of Ultimas? Sometimes I wonder if I am supposed to feel something immediately happen. @DarkPhilosopher any thoughts?


Going to try Commander for the first time. 2 loops of Commander OR 1 loop of Commander + 1 loop of Executive. Rest from custom.


In the morning, post-meditation I write down my list. I shoot for a minimum of 10 items. I may write more, but no more than what a single page in my notebook has space for; I’ve written almost 35 in one day before.

My statements are not all I am statements.

  • Sometimes they are written with other people or things as the subject of the sentence (“People compliment me on my hair.”)
  • Sometimes people aren’t even involved directly in the statement (“All my glasses are perfectly fine.”)
  • “I” statements don’t necessarily use the “I am” construction. (“I receive an unexpected call from someone I know.”)
  • Statements are typically in the present tense.

The examples given above correspond to manifestations which have occurred.


2 Loops Commander. Hour+ break in between each.

What happened? I suddenly started taking more charge of myself! I got a significant boost in motivation and now I don’t even want to take those days off (which I planned for later in the week). 1 day off, probably.

As today was a meeting day, I led the meetings fairly well. There are things to improve upon but I got great feedback for someone who is new to this! I also noticed that in one of my later meetings in the afternoon my voice was deeper and so much more attractive (if I do say so myself :wink: ). One of my coworkers picked up on this because she couldn’t help but smile right after I began speaking for the meeting that I led at the time.

The “executive” scripting that exists in The Commander was sufficient for me to take more action. Even now, after work, I am happily going through stuff related to my goals for improving memory. QL is helping me in that regard, and I want to see what BLU can do for me there.

I also feel that I am responding much more easily to some of the morphogenetic fields that I run. The energy cultivation aspects of The Commander must have impacted this. I have to say, as someone who’s running this title for the first time (never ran the original), I’m really liking what it has to offer so far!


BLU + Executive (or two loops BLU? Thoughts on this @JCast?). 2 loops of custom.


Do one loop of each. Report back


@JCast any recommended order?


BLU then Executive.


I’m still very curious as to what running BLU , Executive, and QL would be like .Obviously running each stage of QL in order for now less than 30 days


My custom has QL ST4 in it so I may be able to shed some light on that.