Man For Himself


BLU + Executive + 2 Loops Custom.

Hmm. It’s as if the reverse uno card was played on me. Work-time productivity left much to be desired and after work and dinner I didn’t feel like doing much so I just watched shows through most of my free time today. The latter is nearly unprecedented for the middle of the week.

Wondering what happened.


Rebirth + Commander.

It is as if the BLU + Executive programming from yesterday kicked in today because I was awesome at work. In addition, I got through both my memory-improvement activities today as well as finished Out of This World by Neville Goddard. Listening to this guy’s video about it right now.

That book is REALLY awesome, by the way. I am internalizing all these Goddard teachings. These are so powerful and I am changing my life with them. I know that I’m on a trajectory where change occurs much more quickly now. This manifestational take on the self has reinforced how important it is to focus on changing myself, because everything is me pushed out.


BLU + Executive + 2 Loops Custom

The action man persists through today (thanks to being reborn as a commander) as I blaze through work and get a few extra things done in the last few hours. I am emboldened further by BLU + Executive and I have a feeling that the effects of that combo will persist through tomorrow.

I also feel that the listening I did today has reinvigorated my manifestation journey—a strange thing to say as it has only been less than a month since the turning point happened; I consider the turning point to be seeing COVID-19 as a bridge of incidence. Still, yesterday’s success with the commander, today’s feeling of feeling so alive, and the manifestations I continue to have influenced the vigor with which I am on my pursuits.

Extended rest for subs is coming up soon. It’s neat that it’s happening around the same time I am taking my rest week from lifting (which is essentially my way of de-loading).


Some guests are coming over! I am going to finally try out True Social Ultima. In fact, I will be doing Rebirth + True Social.



Rebirth + True Social (2x).

I have found that it takes a few loops for an ultima title to break in, just as one needs to wear a new pair of shoes a few times before it “breaks in” and feels much more comfortable. In this case, the initial loops of an Ultima title allow for the inculcation of the state so that subsequent days which make use of the title require only one loop. As this was the first day which used True Social, I did 2 loops (spaced several hours apart, with the second loop finishing half an hour before the event).

I can say that True Social made a difference yesterday! People talked to me much more than before. While these are people I have known for a while, in the past I felt that sometimes I had to “talk at people” in order to get a response or get things moving. Almost as if it were a struggle. This time, the conversations and happenings flowed more effortlessly. In addition, when I myself spoke I found that people were more attentive and receptive to what I had to say! Overall I thought yesterday’s event went well!


Sanguine Sunday

Rebirth + Sanguine (this is being played as I type!)

Over the years, I have found that my Sundays have a somber tone to them. A few years ago, I first named this phenomenon “Somber Sundays.” Little did I know that it was an experience shared by others—my searches this year revealed the existence of the phrases “Sunday Scaries” and “Sunday Anxiety.” It’s a little weird to think that I never searched this up until a few months ago despite having experienced it for years, but that’s how things go sometimes I suppose.

As I went to sleep from the event yesterday, I found that I already started thinking of this idea of dealing with “Sunday Scaries” for the upcoming day. Unfortunately, I believe that kind of thinking affected me in my sleep.

  • Did I experience a time-loop or another dream? I’m not sure. In this scenario I woke up at 7AM and opened my phone. For some reason, I decided to end the tracking for my sleep cycle app for that night and then continue out. As I went to sleep again, I thought, “Shoot, that’s going to be bad data.” It wasn’t until I woke up the next time in the night that I realized that this event did not actually happen in the waking world!
  • Despite not running Dreams as I fell asleep, I was still able to record items from five dreams. Those dreams dealt with some really strange, anxiety-inducing stuff. My entry for last nights’ dreams is simply titled Scaries to reflect this content. Seriously. I woke up from one of those dreams in the middle of the night, still feeling very anxious and a little scared about what I was going to do about the situation that was at the end of the dream. It was so notable that I opened up my dream journal in the middle of the night and wrote a half-page of details about that specific dream.
  • Amazingly, my mind quickly shifted to Nevile Goddard at that moment after I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought, “What would Goddard do? If I had remained in non-reactivity and used my imagination perhaps I would have figured out a proper resolution.” That I woke up in the middle of the night and thought about Goddard’s stuff demonstrates to me that I am truly immersed in his teachings. I am certainly doing more today.

This “Sunday Scaries” phenomenon is an outdated concept and does not accurately reflect my experience as of recently. I’ve had quite a few great sundays in fact, thanks to the actions I have been taking. Those actions are either big or small. Even just running Sanguine Ultima, makes a big difference and it is why I ensure that I run Sanguine Ultima every Sunday!

Therefore, I declare that I have Sanguine Sundays.


A few great ones happened today within hours of waking up:

  • Free food from a food delivery app.
  • Free milk tea
  • A friend messaged me out of the blue, on his own about hanging out with me and a few friends at a very specific restaurant that I had noted down in my lists 12 days ago.

Enjoying my journey so far!

Main Disc. Thread - Sanguine Ultima

Rebirth + Commander + 2 loops custom

Unlike my typical Monday, I did not work out today. That’s because this is “deloading week” for my fitness routine. The way I deload is by not working out at all for a week (and then continue the following week with the same setup as last week). I enjoyed the extra sleep that I got today.

Rebirth as usual continues to be very effective. When I woke up I had some worries from the earlier days, as well as a concern about whether my revision technique related to that past worked. After running Rebirth, I changed. Why worry? I believe it worked. Besides, I’m okay with things as they are right now. Also, I am going up, up up! I feel like it is still affecting me now, even with most of the day done.

I really like the Commander. The executive functionality that it has is enough for me to get stuff done—I’m sure Rebirth helps boost the attitude of me being a powerful action man. The energetic cultivation may also impact my spiritual practices as well.

Of course, the custom is working, too. I am so grateful to have run this custom and get the benefits I have gotten so far. With so much time still available, I know I will continue to go above and beyond! It is insane how much the direction of my life—as well as my belief in the relationship between myself and the very fabric of reality—has changed in this period of time. It will only continue to improve and become more and more beneficial!

I’m a few days away from the beginning of my subliminal washout.


@King some divine timing occurred with Alai teachings.
Yesterday I decided to read one of Alai’s blog posts for the first time. I did it in order to practice some learning skills I am picking up from a course as well as understand manifestation better (so that’s two different goals involved here at the same time). It turns out that post was written exactly one year before.


7 Loops Rebirth + 1 Loop Custom

This is my final day before my subliminal washout, which is currently planned to be 1.5 weeks long. It’s 1.5 instead of 1 so that I can align the weeks back to Monday; I started this custom on a Wednesday. Weird to think that it has been just 7 weeks since I started this sub.

I decided to try and fit in as many Rebirth loops as I can today in light of that. I ran it once every other hour, except for the very end where loops 6 and 7 happened back to back. To be clear, I’m currently typing this in my 1 hour break before I run 1 loop of my custom. It’ll be late in the night by the time that is done so I opted to write sooner.

I have an outstanding nonchalance with the past and a willingness to shift many beliefs. I find minimal resistance in shifting the direction of my thought patterns and it is supremely easy for me to drop worries about a specific thing that may have occurred even 10 minutes ago.

All these loops of Rebirth are definitely going to have an effect on the bloom that’s about to occur.


Going through the end of the journal, Great posts. Clean concise, connected.

How do you find Executive vs. Commander?


Also very excited to hear how this turns out.


Executive is all about taking action, while Commander has improved executive functionality + more.

So far, my executive runs have been combined with BLU so in effect what I’ve seen from it is becoming a more action-oriented individual. This has been beneficial to getting things done at work. Executive has a lot of possibilities because its general action-taking nature can be combined with the social ultimas. I haven’t done this yet since the situations haven’t come up yet (and True Social, with me having run it only one day so far, was run with Rebirth so I’d get up to speed with it).

Commander feels much more like a complete title on its own. As you can see, there are days where it is the only title I run, period. The executive scripting built in it allows me to get things done, while the personal power and energetic aspects to it allow me to shine in personal interactions (especially in meetings which I have been leading more) as well as overall discipline. I noticed that the desire for food decreased quite a bit and OMAD became trivial with Commander. I also notice my voice deepens and becomes more noticeably attractive while running it.

I haven’t run the Commander on a day where I’ve met people in-person yet—work is all remote still. However, I still feel that it is a complete social ultima title on its own. As of now I like what I have gotten out of Commander more than Executive.


My experience so far is that Commander has superior ‘executive functioning’ in the technical sense than executive. But executive is incredible at raw horsepower pushing the ship. Commander is better at steering.

I’m curious how your in person social experience will be
mine on commander, was not great for me-the status reflection was massive-but I didn’t feel good or like how I showed up-likely recon.


First day off.

I have to say it did feel a little weird not listening to any of my audios today. Particularly in the first half of the day when I’d usually expect to run a lot of things. Anyways, I’m continuing to pursue my interests nonetheless. The time spent outside of work has lately focused on developing learning and manifestational abilities (therefore touching on both QL and ME). Deloading week for lifting continues but that will get back to normal next week (EF).

I have to admit that I am feeling a little lazier than usual. A part of me is concerned that I am absorbing all this info about spiritual teachings and it won’t translate into practice. “Knowing is not enough, you must take action.” Any thoughts on this @Azriel @King?



I’ve had some insight on actions today after playing around with the “I remember when” technique.

I believe that “I remember when” technique , while effective after you keep running the phrase the whole day in your mind, will be even more effective if you run the phrase when you are doing a specific action that is related to your goal.

E.g. When you are shopping at the supermarket, you can try repeating “I remember when I couldn’t afford anything I wanted”. I think this would trigger your subconscious and it will start linking the feeling of being unable to afford anything as that from the past, and it will create the feeling that you can afford anything you want.


Washout is going well. I have a feeling the fat burning aspects of emperor fitness kicked in more strongly during this time.

A social event is coming up on Saturday evening so I’ll likely end it then by running True Social before the event.


Alright. Today marks day 10 since I last listened to Man For Himself. In accordance with my listening schedule I’ll continue listening to it again this coming Monday. I would say the washout did have some effect on me in the first half, not so much in the last few days. I lost some weight and my learning activities got a kick in motivation.

In order to pull myself together I listened to 1 loop Rebirth + 3 loops Commander. The first loop of Commander was good, second loop pushed it and after that, well I’d say that I shouldn’t have done that because I experienced reconciliation for the rest of the day. Wasn’t particularly motivated to do much besides watch videos. I also didn’t feel that great in my mind. So I learned a lesson there in terms of loop limits:

  • Limit loops of an Ultima title to once a day if running two different titles:
  • If listening to one title, max the Ultima loops at 2.

These limits don’t seem to apply for the healing-type titles, as my 7-loops-of-Rebirth experiment did not yield reconciliation.

Today, I’ll most likely listen to Rebirth + True Social before the event that’s tonight.


How is Mind’s Eye been treating ya, dude?


The Rebirth of The Sanguine

Alright alright! We’re back at it again with Sanguine Sundays. The beginning of the day was anything but Sanguine, however. I woke up in the late morning, feeling a little groggy from the powerful sleep supplement I used last night to fall asleep. In addition, my demeanor from the previous few days appeared to persist.

You see, in the second half of the washout (after the middle of last week) I started to become a little more lazy and uncaring about my interests. This includes both the special learning activity as well as those things related to the world of Mind’s Eye. One might even say I fell into a mini-rut over the past few days, as I was particularly unmotivated to even read/watch much related to Neville Goddard (which is a shocker to me as that’s the first time that happened since the beginning of this thread). I’m not exactly sure why this happened. Perhaps the monotony of the quarantine was getting to me?

Anyways, today I ran Rebirth + Sanguine, which made me feel a lot better once again. I am feeling a bit better than I did over the past few days. There’s still a lot of time left today and a lot more to read and learn, though, so I am going to do that!

To answer this more specifically, I would say that my visualization power has certainly grown during the washout. In my learning activities (which involve developing a memory technique that’s highly based around visualization), I have been able to utilize visualization to a greater extent and memorize things much more easily. For example:


  1. Optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
  2. Blood-Red.

The way I remember this word’s meaning is this: Sanguine => Sang wine. There is a person whose skin throughout his entire body is red. He has a bit of wine (so next to him is a wine glass) and while drunk he is in a very upbeat, cheerful mood as he sang a song. As the outsider may infer, the visual and mnemonic techniques allow me to encode both meanings of the word sanguine!