Man For Himself


Great. I have now used my visual/mnemonic powers to encode that and connect it with my knowledge of “sanguine”. Sanguine Sangria.


Your visualisation-based word association exercises are similar to mine.


I can’t wait to start listening to my custom again. I am hoping that it gives me that renewed push and interest to continue on the path of my interests. I feel as if maybe the subliminal washout occurred too soon.


Back At It Again

I am very happy to be listening to Man For Himself again. It has helped take me out of the rut I seemed to be in earlier and back on track to feel some blue skies.

Today’s listening was:

  • Executive in the morning
  • Man For Himself (x3)
  • Sanguine

Executive was effective in kickstarting my day and quickly shifting myself into action mode, no matter the mood I may have been in. I got a major push into getting right to it in my work. It also felt good taking this action.

And Man For Himself, man oh man…I missed it.

Sanguine further pushed onto this optimism. I listened to it as the final sub for the day, while I ate my dinner. Whereas yesterday it seemed to not be so effective, today it got to work with all the other programming I had today! As part of my listening schedule this week Sanguine is on almost every single day. Let’s see how that goes.


  • Though I had listened to my custom for 7 weeks, I could have done with a 1-week washout. Or perhaps I didn’t even need one? I don’t think I need another washout of such length for the rest of the year. We’ll see.
  • If anything, the way I was feeling in the final days of the washout versus how I’m feeling today does appear to demonstrate that this sub definitely makes an impact on my mood—for the better. There are a handful of mood-related modules in my custom so it is now obvious that they work quickly (if it wasn’t obvious before).
  • I’ll be keeping Ultima loops to at most 2 per day, after the Commander experiment a few days ago didn’t go well. This means 2 different titles at 1 loop each or 2 loops of the same title. It just seems that going beyond that is ineffective or results in reconciliation.

Man For Himself is definitely a sub I’ll be using for a long time. In fact, I can imagine using it in a post-COVID world (perhaps some stack rotation would be involved there) since as the first post says, the stuff in this title reflects ever-present necessities—for the core modules, this is especially the case (I can envision switching out some of the non-cores for other stuff later). Besides, I’m far from living up to the product description for each of the modules—which is great, because that means my life can only get better the longer I use this title!

Time to improve my memory further.


Which parts of the subs you would like most to work in the next few months (or the ones you feel are most deficient) :thinking:


Rest day from custom.
The Commander in the morning, running Sanguine as I write.

It has been a crazy day that’s been jam-packed with meetings. I had 7 meetings in the span of 8 hours so that should tell you how little time I had to do work outside of those meetings. However, with the help of the Commander I pushed through. I believe the executive scripting from yesterday + today has helped me stay in line and focused on the mission.

Sanguine ought to help with feeling better about the current state of things (both at work and in my personal life).

Looking for Advice

I have this fear that right now I may not be doing enough social healing. Yes, my subliminal has Blue Skies in it and I do not regret that as it is one of the most significant modules ever. Still, I feel that perhaps I am not aggressive about it enough. I feel that the quarantine is the perfect time to do social healing, especially because of my current focuses which is basically anything BUT social stuff.

  • This is reflected in the module choice of my custom and even moreso in my recent decisions to cut out even more social stuff. In the middle of this pandemic I was calling a few dozen people a month, but I got very tired of that (and fed up with how it wasn’t going anywhere) so I cut that down to 5 people. I may even reduce it to 0 people soon enough and just not do it for the rest of COVID.
  • I’m also not meeting people that often, which is OK for now—the learning/goddard stuff take up a LOT of time when I really get into it (I remember one Sunday where I spent 8 hours just on Goddard stuff). I also have a ways to go with both things.

Still, I feel that in lieu of actual social interactions that maybe I should be running a title related to social healing. Ideally I should be in a much better state in the new world when everything is back to normal, especially since I know I will start running a social custom in the post-COVID world. I have Khan Q ST1 with me for use, but will it get drowned out by the power of this custom? How many loops would it even take for Khan Q to even have an effect? Is there a point if I’m not taking much social action over these months? For reference my current main sub listening strategy is 3 loops of MFH on M/W/F.

@WhiteTiger @King @SaintSovereign @DarkPhilosopher


Well, every single module’s potential is yet to be fully realized, so I would say all parts. PREFERABLY:

  • Physicality Shifter. I want my hair to be thick and straight. Straight as a ruler. I’ve even imagined myself with a ruler and pulling a strand of hair and showing that they’re about as straight as each other.
  • Facial morphing. Looking for my face to be highly attractive.
  • Serum X. I want much more muscle. When Project hero is ready I will upgrade my modules.
  • QLQ ST4, because I am certainly nowhere near fully realizing its potential. I would like to see time slowed down more, me having insane memory and success with my techniques, great visualization, lie detection, etc.
  • Mind’s Eye because of its manifesting technology.


Ok, so we have

  • 3 objectives related to physical shift.
  • 1 related to the developpement of the mind
  • 1 related to manifestation into the world

For the physical shift, patience is a virtue. (except serum X, working out is good, but you still need to be patient)

For the mind, exercising (don’t have a lot of insight on it, I never really focused on increasing my memory or anything, nor manifestation, but I am sure visualisation would help for this, and would also fit your mind developpement objective! :slight_smile:

Now : As far as healing goes, you could maybe try a protocol (which I will test in the next month or two), to combine the fact that you don’t want to lose the momentum you are currently building with your custom with the healing you would like to add. And this is just a theory, but what if you ran Khan St1 for a whole week, just to destabilise some social limiting beliefs and replace them with maybe 1-2 good beliefs that Khan St1 contains.

A little bit of drilling for the healing (1-2 weeks) and then back to action with your regular stack. Could potentially help you pushback some beliefs and limitations that you have in social situation. Also, could let your brain rest from MFH for a week before pounding it again with it.

But the questions you raised are very good, will there be enough exposure to have an effect? Social healing while taking no social action. Sure you will heal a little bit, but it’s hard to compare to when you are taking action! Might be some interesting ideas in the The healing dilemma thread.

Also, @Azriel mentionned a strategy where you run regeneration while running your main core. Regeneration can actually heal anything, if you take social action (while speaking with people and everything), regeneration could potentially heal some social stuff :thinking:


Yep - Saint confirmed it. Regeneration run by itself will try to heal everything (so very broad). Stacking RegQ with let’s say a socially-driven custom will prioritize healing social aspects of your personality.


Unfortunately, this means that regeneration would not be effective for me when it comes to social healing. Since my main sub at this time is not socially based, Regeneration would heal something else.


Yeah, depending on how much you can process, you might see if you can maybe replace one of your ultima loop by 1-2 loops of Khan St1 for a few weeks :thinking:


@WhiteTiger I was considering doing this as part of a schedule:

  • M: 2x Ultima + 3x MFH
  • T: Ultima + Nx ST1
  • W: Ultima x 2 + 3x MFH
  • Th: Ultima + Nx ST1
  • F: 2x Ultima + 3x MFH

I ran Khan for a while in the past so I’ve been exposed to ST1 for high loop counts in the past.


Yeah, I think alternating is great!

But remember, it’s not because you ran Khan St1 in the past that everything will be smooth, the challenges this ride might bring up are supposed to be new ones :wink:

Also, keep us updated on how this alternating is working for you!! Right now every Q custom stacking and cycle are highly experimental and we need to gather more intel for the community!


BLU + 3x Custom + Rebirth.

Though I continue to switch things up with my Ultima—a practice perfectly OK by me since I find them to be situational subs—I learn new things from each use.

  • I felt that BLU today in the morning wasn’t that necessary. I was productive at work, no doubt. However I feel that I would have hit that level of productivity anyways (not to mention, there’s QL ST4 in my custom). I’ve already gotten very good at solving the particular kinds of problems that I tackled today (so to speak), so much that my manager consistently extolls me on this point. If I had to decide again, I would have run either Executive or Commander because either of those things compel to take action, moreso than BLU by a noticeable amount.
  • Thanks to the rapid amount of progress I’ve made in my mood and outlook on the current state of things, I’ve dropped Sanguine from my plans this week (Sanguine was originally going to be played every day this week). I have a feeling that returning to my custom played a big part in turning things around.

Of course, my main sub is also doing its thing. Last week, I struggled at a certain set of weights in the gym. I was also not running my custom last week. Today, at those same weights from 7 days ago, I excelled!

My time outside of work at the moment is dedicated much more towards developing my new memory techniques than towards my manifestation studies.

The Detour On Khan

Yesterday I ran 2 loops of ST1. I had some pretty interesting dreams, including one involving SubClub, Saint Sovereign and the forums. I was accused of being part of the government’s operations!

Going to run 4 loops ST1 tomorrow as I ramp up (maxing at 5-6).



I am really starting to get into the groove of using both Commander and Executive. This week, I’ve been alternating Commander and Executive (so tomorrow I’ll be using Executive) and I have found it to be a GREAT strategy.

  • Giving each title a day of rest lets the following loop work better.
  • Commander and Executive are complementary since both work on the executive function and give the user a “get things done” state of being.

Did I also mention the urge processing factor? With Executive, the willpower/discipline to control urges (for bad actions) increases a lot, so it’s easier. with Commander, it’s not even there in the first place. This is so great. For those who want to avoid bad habits, take note!

I am even planning to run Commander on Saturday. To be precise, it will be the experimental combo of Commander + True Social because another event is happening then. I am looking forward to see how Commander affects those around me because it will be the very first time I meet people in-person on a day I run Commander!


4 loops Khan ST1, nothing much to say there. Debating whether I should revive The Road to Khan or discuss here when findings do arise.


Executive + 3 Loops Custom.

Enjoying the day so far, as well as the push to get stuff done even in my personal time. That includes right now, a time after working and eating. Usually, I wouldn’t stop the show (~45 minutes long) I watch after I finish eating. Usually, I finish eating sometime in the middle of the show and then continue to watch through the whole episode. Today, though, I jumped out after 15 minutes, feeling like I should be doing something else.

Here I am.

The day’s gone well and I now don’t doubt that the fitness aspects of my custom are working, given the significant difference between last week and this week in the gym (using the same weights, mind you). Executive has also pushed me to be fairly productive and get stuff done at work today. And I feel it’s doing the same right now. My brain is firing up, telling me that I should do something meaningful with the time I have, despite Friday evenings typically being a time that I consider more ok to relax (by watching shows and the like).

Once again, I am seeing the difference between Executive & Commander when it comes to avoiding certain undesired practices: Executive gives one the impetus to avoid those practices while Commander does that (to an extent) + remove the desire in some cases altogether. Perhaps I’ll experiment next week with running Commander once every day, given this situation.


Reading your journal really gets me inspired to create a wealth custom and pair it with executive and Commander. Love it!

Got about 6 weeks of RegQ/Elixir left for healing, but man… if I read your journal too much I will switch before the end of healing phase haha

Great job and all the best to you!


There. Made it. I finally read through the whole journal. Started over from the beginning and went the whole way through.

That was really enjoyable. I spread it out over several sessions between doing other things today.

I get a very sanguine feeling from your mental voice, @SubliminalUser (pun intended, I guess) . Just the way you approach your life and talk about things. Gives me a comfortable feeling, like watching a Miyazaki movie. Similar feeling I get from reading @Vanno .

I feel like I got some real inspiration from reading about your experiences, and some specific ideas too.

For one thing, I’ve yet to play The Commander Ultima. But actually, I really enjoyed playing the supercharger back 9 months ago in January. At some point, I may try that, just to see how it impacts me. I’ve basically been using no Ultima tracks. Though I did play a loop of Beyond Limitless today and another loop of Beyond Limitless last week, I think. I don’t feel that much from it yet. But there’s so much else going on that I’m not so intent on adding Ultima to it all.

It has also been inspiring and instructive to witness your journey with manifesting and Neville Goddard’s work. I feel happy for you.


Friday Evening

I purchased Elixir because I feel a greater need to focus on healing, particularly emotional healing. This is in line with me using Khan ST1 again. I noticed that the Elixir hits very differently from Rebirth. It is considerably heavier on the mind right now. I ran two loops on this evening and through the second loop, I was not feeling that good. I went to bed right after finishing this loop and I had some pretty strange dreams.

I also noticed a sensation in my upper-left thigh when running that title, which shows me that the Elixir is also doing physical healing; earlier that day, I had stretched that part of my body a bit more than expected (thankfully not to the point of injury) in the gym, so the Elixir was helping me recover.


Elixir + True Social.

Several things manifested on this day, including a free drink from Starbucks and multiple people calling me on their own (+1 trying to plan a hangout with me) in addition to two new people reaching out to me on the penpal app. What I realized, however, is that I have to be more specific with my manifestations and truly focus on the end. I wrote in my lists sometime back that a certain specific friend calls me out of their own accord. Guess what happened? I got that call on Saturday, but I had to hang up quickly after telling them that I was on my way out (for a social event) so I was busy! I recognized what happened minutes after hanging up—I had focused on the middle, not the end. A similar thing happened with another call I got on this day! As a result, I am writing more specific items now, such as:

I have a satisfying phone call with someone who reached out to me on their own.

The social event itself went well. What helped here was when I was at a restroom at the event (after a long trek to get there), I imagined that it was the end of the day and I was telling myself, “Wasn’t that event so wonderful?” The bridge of incidence that unfolded after led me to telling myself this as I went to sleep at the end of the day. Of course, True Social worked wonderfully, too.


Elixir + True Social.

Ahh, what a Sunday. I woke up close to noon today due to the event yesterday. Then I finished Prayer: The Art of Believing by Neville Goddard. Also listened to the lecture How to Use Your Imagination while walking outside. Was very nice. Though I have finished 6 out of 10 of the books in The Complete Reader, I feel that the teachings are not to be looked at only once. In other words, I will certainly be looking at these again as I continue on this adventure. By the way, my favorite Goddard book so far is Out of This World.

Although I wrote a list today, I am thinking of taking a break from the lists. Just to put my mind off of it for a bit and regroup. I wonder if that would do anything.

True Social For The Second Day In A Row

In the late-afternoon/early evening, I hung out with some friends I hadn’t seen in months (one not since last year) due to the pandemic and it was very enjoyable. This is what prompted the use of True Social for the second day in a row (not done before since the Ultima version was released).

I have learned…that there is a buildup effect here.

While I am already close with these people, it is notable how much I was joking around this time. In addition I was living out some of the stuff I had read in articles and watched in videos before regarding certain aspects of the conversation. Such as using the opportunities to praise others (since they followed a certain path) as I talked about some of my recent developments and overall being able to put on a kind of act that allowed for a lighthearted mood while feeling natural about this at the same time. Perhaps the fact that these are my longtime friends had a lot to do with this. Still, I feel that I have changed somehow.

In addition, if I were to run True Social day by day that I would see a bigger shift occur. Alas, such a listening routine is unlikely to happen until the end of the pandemic as I’ve got other plans.

Coming Up…

What other plans, you might ask? That’s a good question! I want to use this time to heal and breakdown that which doesn’t serve, to prepare for the next level. Man For Himself alone already helps in this regard due to the phenomenal Blue Skies module, but I’d like to set myself up for success in the social sense. I’m going to alternate between these two over the coming week.

  • M/W/F: Commander + 3x MFH + Elixir
  • Tu/Th: Commander + 6x Khan ST1

Notice the following:

  • I have featured Commander, my favorite Ultima title so far. It pushes me towards getting stuff done, building a sense of personal power as well as removing the urge for bad behaviors.
  • MFH continues to be my main (it will stay this way until end of pandemic—which I consider to be the day everyone is back in the office and we’re vaccinated).
  • With the Elixir and Khan ST1 in the mix, I have a LOT more emotional healing. ST1 can potentially be on my schedule for months. As for Elixir, I’ll just have to see what it does in this setup but so far it’s been promising.

I see the use of Elixir and ST1 as a setup, if you will. I already know that I’ll be focusing on a different custom that’s much more socially oriented post-pandemic, and so building the foundation for it now is great. Don’t get me wrong, to say that’s all the Elixir & ST1 helps for would be wrong and would undersell what these titles offer. In fact, I anticipate that both will help with self-love (in tandem with Blue Skies) as well as improve my general introspective process in my day-to-day existence.

Hmm—the more I write about that, the more I seem to realize how much I understated the significance of running these two titles for what’s going on right now as opposed to running them for what’s to come. Anyways, off I go!


Commander + 3 Loops Custom + Elixir.

I’m getting exactly what I expected from Commander. That’s another thing I like about it—it’s a sub with very predictable results. I imagine it’s going to become more and more effective the longer I use it, and I will have lasting changes with it, even if the aura/action-orientation is temporary. Because I get stuff done with it, and that stuff is good for me in the long run.

Custom is chugging along just fine. In retrospect, it’s quite nice that I was able to start a sub like this at the terminus level and get results throughout the journey.

When I start running the Elixir, I set an intention to heal. Specifically, I tell myself “Elixir, heal X and Y. Heal anything else that may be good to heal.” X/Y may be negative thought patterns, physical healing (e.g. healing from my workouts), beliefs, and so on. I emphasize the emotional healing part more since I already know Elixir is going to heal the physical stuff that comes up day-to-day. This is gonna be good!