Manifesting Your Dreams 101 - Week 1-8, [9]



I may should have added that I write “Everything I manifest happens in a way that brings everyone the best and enriches them” and at the end I write “Thanks for all these things that come in an absolute peaceful and satisfying way into my life”
This is ofc because I dont want to take something away from someone (although I am not really sure if this is even possible, but in any case) and because I want to protect myself from manifestation that come in a not-so pleasing way.
I learned that when I had a “mystical experience” by hitting my head pretty hard.


“I am grateful to have grown 5 inches taller.”
Hits head on doorframe a week later.

So the first line on your list is “Everything I manifest…” and the last one is “Thanks…”?


Yes, thats how I do it.


WEEK 6 - 28October -3th of November 2019
So guys, I have an important message to share.
I knew a guy from the internet that was… well, lets say he didnt do very well in life and he also was a little bit elderly.
I never met him in person but a few months ago, I imagined a different life for him. I dont know if I actually wrote it down or just imagined it, but if I find it, I will share with you the exact words I have written down.
Right now I dont really remember what exactly I wished for him, just a few abstracts. Now lo and behold: Today I checked up on him again and saw he found a girlfriend! While I dont know if it is a platonic relationship or not, it is a very big step hin his life. He was really really down back then.
While his mother couldnt be saved and passed away, and he still has many issues in his life, I consider this really an astonishing accomplishment for him. It is just mindblowing.

Now think about this. What world could this be, if all of us would spend just a few moments for one another and wish us joy and fulfillment? Each and everyone of us has the power to make this world come true guys.
Let’s use it.


WEEK 7 -4th of November -10th of November 2019
First day, first manifestation. There was a meeting with someone I wanted to surprise by handing them over my book. Problem was, it would have been really difficult to arrange and finish everything to that date. So yesterday and this morning I wrote down “I give them my book in front of everyone and I am so glad about it”
Now, lo and behold: Just a few minutes ago someone told me the appointment was cancelled because someone couldnt attend and we would postpone the meeting for more than 2 weeks! More than enough time to finish my book!

  • Got a text message from a friend I havent talked to in months (“NAME OF FRIEND texts me” (9/12/19) This is actually on the oldest manifestation-sheet I wrote.

  • A halfway manifestation. A friend of mine told me she got a job offer which is very convenient for her because she got to work from home (“name of friend has a job that suits her, is very profitable and fun and gives her lots of free time”

  • A polite guy joined my online-community (“Someone nice joins us, stays with us and is a great help for everyone” (9/17/19))

  • I put my business registration in a frame (Yes, it had to be done) ("I have a beautiful picture in a frame " (9/21/19/))

  • I found someone who is able to create an awesome graphic for me for a very good price (“Thank you that I got a free or cheap design for my project”(10/24/19))

5 manifestations in 7 days. How are you doing guys?


Like your neighbourhood? Community of writers? Virtual community? And can you elaborate a little more on how this is a manifestation


Sure, I will tomorrow. Sorry forgot to explain that


Editted the post. It doesnt happen very often that someone like this joins us, because we are a rather small group.


Cool man! So besides writing down your manifestations, what is your process for them? It seems to be really working out for you!


Thats actually it. If something is important Ill visualize it a few times and feel it real. Then I drop it. Thats the crucial point for it to work. You need to drop it.


What do you mean “drop it”? Let it go?


Yes, exactly


Very cool! I’m definitely going to put your technique to use. Thank you for sharing your wisdom :smiley:


WEEK 9 -11th of November -17th of November 2019
10 manifestations in the past 12 days. Ill not share every single one of them because it is just too much, but here are some highlights:

  • A very good friend texted me ("friend xyz texts me (9/12/19))

  • My mother told me I appeared in her dream (“Someone tells me I appeared in their dream” (9/14/19))

  • This is a funny one. I wanted to make an appointment with my hairdresser, but she had surgery so she couldnt work. So I looked for another hairdresser and found a more professionell saloon who also give advice on style and stuff. Very welcome since I have had problems with my hair for a long time. So I got there and got a very nice haircut and some products that would most likely actually help me with my hair problem (“I find the perfect shampoo” + “I have the perfect haircut” (11/14/19))

  • Found Independence Day in book form on the street. Read it in two days. Nice read ("Someone gives me a very interesting book (11/14/19))

  • Last for this week. Got a hellofresh box for free. ("I get a hellofresh box for free (11/16/19))

How about you guys? I am eager to hear about your successes


if you are wondering why there arent any more updates, it is not because nothing is happening. Definitely not. I am just too busy (lazy) to keep up. In fact, so much is happening, I cant keep the journal up here.
So many things started to appear out of nowhere, because consciousness operates from nowhere.
Just now a few minutes ago a friend texted me and told me he finally found happiness and home within himself. The exact words I have written down he would tell me. And so much more.
Think about this. Think about what you could do. To yourself and others, with just 5 minutes of time each and every day. I stopped documenting which manifestations came to pass because at this point it is obvious, every single one of them will in a way, that is just perfect.

I really hope you put this to the test and use it for yourself.
The ability to change the world is within you.


Excelled journey, man. I’ve been following this post and your experiment is GREAT.

I’m about to begin something like you did. Maybe starting from today. Let’s see.