Matt's Subliminal Journey (currently Khan)


Try thinking about your goals for the year and designing subliminal choices around that. Also, for breakdown try out Khan Q ST1.

On another note, great to hear about someone else also focusing on social goals. It’s why I’m focusing on Khan this year—PCC was once on the year’s plan but may not happen now given a lack of in-person interactions. Inner Circle is extremely intriguing especially with the Q update but I’m not sure how effective that could be in this time.


Thanks for your reply, I considered Khan Q, but hesitated because it is a multi stage subliminal.

Inner Circle seems to do something for me, my social circle is expanding and I got opportunities to try myself out as an artist (acting, writing, radio). I am also doing some magic(k) which goes into similar directions, so I guess there might be synergetic effects.

Ok, now I am reading the Copy of Khan.

“Total Breakdown” sounds interesting. What I am missing with the subliminals is some guidance what proper action steps could be. How could I enhance the effects of “Khan Q Stage 1”?

I only hear that subliminal results are greatly enhanced when you act, but so far, I haven’t seen concrete examples for acting.

Sometimes it may be obvious, but let’s propose I am stupid and do not know yet what good action steps could be, what could I do to enhance the effects of “Khan Stage 1”? :slight_smile:


You could go work out, go try to talk to women, read info for certain businesses you are interested in, work on something productive like a job or a business. I am sure there are plenty of other actions or ideas for action you could use.


Good points.

So, working on my day job and working on my writing projects count as action steps?

Working out is also good. Looking into business plans as exit strategy from my job are also good.

Talking to women… ha… that’s going to be interesting. I am currently listening to Captain Jacks Material (some seduction guru) and he was talking about that some guys live in a fantasy about themselves and women. They do not act because they do not want to destroy the fantasy. And I guess I am in this situation. Fantasies consisting of past successes etc.

Have to push myself to get over it.

He even has a mental technique for it:

Asking myself what’s the worst that could happen.

  • Rejection
  • Getting ignored
  • Getting laughed at or any other harsh rejection

And the best that could happen:

  • a date
  • sex
  • longterm relationship

And 50 % of that:

  • A date
  • Sex

And 25 % of that

  • Just a new learning experience

This is a technique Captain Jack described as helping to get yourself to approach (from repulsion to desire or something it is called).


You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take so the only thing you have to lose is another chance. No one is perfect, rejection happens and the more you understand that the more likely it is to just roll off your back. The worst thing rejection can do is lower your ego a bit or make you re think your methods neither are bad. Sometimes it is important to rethink your strategies and try again with someone else.

Me personally i have never cared or feared to be rejected in the dating scene i always figured there were more women out there. My problem was that i didn’t think i was on their scale in looks. But where i lacked looks i made up for in personality.

Worst thing you can do is freeze up when you approach someone, a good way to start a convo is with a compliment. I can approach just about anyone and start a convo about nothing just from complimenting something about them or their car or their watch or anything.


I had a sort of epiphany this morning.

In the past, I was repulsed by seduction because I felt like women were not interested in myself, but only because of the technique I used, my confidence, body language… something I did see as not being me.

I hope I can explain that. Now I think that “love” is only a concept and does not exist in reality.
Better yet this “myself” without techniques, confidence, state, body language, intelligence… does not exist.

It’s just an illusion. Attraction exists as chemical reactions in the brain triggered by some buttons.

If someone is attracted to you, she can see the good qualities about you - however small they are -magnified.

Being loved for my true self seems impossible. I should stop looking for something which does not exist.

This made more sense when I woke up this morning :smiley: I may be onto something, but at the moment I feel confused about what I am trying to explain here.

“Total Breakdown” seems to be working on something.


Just went for a walk.
I was in the moment, like a few weeks ago when I was having my day off from Stark Q : T.
Body language and vibe seems to be good, some people hold eye contact, some looked down submissively.

No approaches yet. I should start some kind of regime for that. In the past I did DC for that, but I guess it’s not so easy to do in these times. It’s a program where you approach women a lot to gain great levels of approach confidence.

I am still in my bubble and I hope this new comfort zone will not become a cage. One approach a day could be a good start. Or just saying “hi” when a woman is holding eye contact.

Need to get out of non-action.


Do you love yourself for your True self?


Probably not. :frowning:

As I wrote I see no true self.

I can only answer the question if I like the conditioned self and I dislike it at the moment. Which is part of the conditioning - seeing some attributes as loveable and others as not loveable. For example this guy I am spending most of my time with seems pretty lazy. I dislike him for that.

A coach once told me to look at myself from the perspective of someone who loves me. Like a loving mother or a loving god. From that perspective I wouldn’t be so harsh on myself and probably able to love this guy I see.

Back to the true self. My guess is it is consciousness.
When I am the conditioned self I like to judge things a lot.
When I am the true self I don’t see this judgement. Some people could define that as love or acceptance of what is.

Thanks for the question Michel, I am still confused or it seems this way


However you get to the true self, it’ll feel less burdensome.

Easier said than done, of course.

Good luck.


Tonight dreams about fighting with my childhood bully.
Interesting. The dreams in general get more about the far past.
After a while in which they were just memories from the last days, this changed.


Similar to listening to emperor Q experimental, I begin hating time wasters like Social media and chatting with old friends. Generally I am feeling more like choosing to be alone at the moment.


The dream I could remember this morning was about the funeral of one of the guys I disliked in school.
Interestingly next to me there was the same guy sitting and crying about losing this guy.
And a friend of mine wanted to hold a funeral speech, but only stumbled a few words and told the audience that the rest of his speech will be in his upcoming novel. Hahaha.
In the dream I thought that the parts of the person that I disliked (being an asshole sometimes) made him interesting. The other parts of him were rather boring.


Thoughts of quitting my day job arise.
If I follow through with this thought it could mean losing a lot of luxury.
When I was younger I had very little money at times. It seems to me that life quality didn’t get better through spending more money.
The real reward were the skills I got on the journey, but now I don’t see any growth opportunities anymore.


Today I take a day off from Khan Stage 1: Total Breakdown. Letting it process.

I am slowly getting out of the habit of listening to my negative ruminations.
Putting myself more in a presence state of being the perceiver of thoughts.

Tomorrow I do not have to work. That’s great.

Still trying to find out how much of Khan: St1 Q I can handle. Dreams are less remembered at the moment. Thought patterns of depression and addictive behavior were strong the last days.

There are at least two ways for me to deal with depression. A) Accept it. B) Fight it.
I guess accepting it is the first step, then other steps like state changers can be used.
I also like to get out of the concept of “having depression” and seeing what’s really happening.
Making micro decisions and taking micro actions can help.

I have been there before and I know that it will be over after a while. In the past, depressive episodes took years, this seems to change nowadays. The last major depressive episode took 6 months. It could be possible that at one point in the future the depression will be over in a few days, maybe few hours.
Knowing that alone makes it more bearable.


One thing I noticed is that when I am listening to more than one loop of Khan Q Stage 1 I feel a bit weird.
Yesterday I listened to 3 loops (1 + 2) and felt a little off. I cannot pin point it yet what’s different, but something feels odd.
Today my plan is to listen to one loop in the evening.

I want to listen to Khan: Stage 1 for a while now. The main goal is consistency - to stay with one subliminal for a longer period…


This was a really weird day. Work was good, but while heading to the office in public transport and back home my RAS (Reticular Activation System) was showing me the oddest people. As if there were only misfits out there and no attractive women anymore.

I don’t want to know the deeper meaning of this. I found it amusing after I noticed that this seems to be happening. It might be the weather - like when it’s good weather I seem to see more attractive women.

Listened to 3 loops of Khan Stage 1 in the evening. A little headache arose.
When I went out to get some food on my way home there was a group of young people. The guys looked Alpha to me, but I thought they are just faking it.
I didn’t know how to get past them. Then they stopped and I thought maybe there will be trouble.
Confidently I walked through the middle of the group and the two guys jumped to the side.
Do I have a scary aura now?

I cannot wait what the next day will bring. I hope a better reality.

This was somewhat funny, but also a bit strange.


Today begins day 12 on Khan Stage 1. I am listening to three loops. From now on I will take breaks between the loops.

This morning at 3 am I wrote about an intense dream I had:

The dream began with running after a guy for trespassing and then finding out he was actually allowed to be on property. Then I collect the bottles to exchange them for a meal.

I dream about accidentally making sexual advances on my co worker and threatening my old boss to leave the company when he wants to tell it everyone. My mother is suddenly there and he is playing with me and pointing that he could tell her. I decide to stop working for him. My mother compliments his hair when we walked out.

Then a copy shop scene - Color copies to expensive, me and my mother leave

I lose my mother when she enters a bus before I can enter

Then a scene where young people call me a loser and instead of just doing nothing I stay in the situation by gaining their attention asking what they got (drugs) and go to an vending machine to buy ice cream. They are behind me. And try to steal the ice cream. I don’t give it to them, but tell them they can have it when I have eaten my share. When they want to leave I provoked them and they beat me up. I tell them I need to be at work soon and ask them what they work. They tell me that they work nothing.

When they leave I lie on the floor and some other people come and I expect them to fight me and kick after them. Then I wake up.

This was a connected dream when I slept for 2 hours at night. The day before I listened to three loops of Khan Stage 1 in the morning. In the evening i listened to two loops of minds eye. It was the first dream which was very obviously connected to facing challenging situations and not acting nice.

I am listening to the audiobook “Not nice” by Dr Aziz Gazipura. Interesting spin on the “Nice Guy” topic.


Yesterday evening I wrote this in my journal:

Today I felt needy looking for attention when outside. I listened to three loops of Khan Stage 1 with 30 minute breaks.

In the evening when returning home from a friend I felt very bad, my body was shaking. Maybe too much caffeine. I don’t know. There was no anxiety seemingly present, but my body felt weak.

Today I wrote this:
My day off subliminal. In the beginning of the day I felt off and had a headache.

In the evening I felt very good. Totally relaxed and a bit more in the moment.

  • I am thinking about the person I want to be. I wrote some words down to describe that person: relaxed, focused, goal-oriented, confident, decisive, mature, honest to myself
  • Yesterday I slept for the whole day - so it was another subliminal day off.
  • This morning I decided to focus on one subliminal only for the next weeks, which is Khan Stage 1. I have put that and one hour of silence to my mp3 player.
  • Thinking about getting back on track. Saturday I drank too much alcohol. I want to focus on my writing more, finishing the course I started a few months ago. 5 weeks to go with this course. I want to stay with my current work and also giving my best for it.
  • Had a look at the Q store. Some interesting modules there, but my current financial situation luckily keeps me from beginning to build a new subliminal. Luckily, because my guess is that it is better for me to stay with Khan until I finished it. After ordering nearly the whole subliminal club catalog my thought is it does not matter which subliminal I use, what matters is that I stay with one single subliminal. Khan could take half a year or so to finish, I do not know how long to run a subliminal with the new Q technology.