MECHARC - Marathon to the top


That might turn out to be a challenge that will bring more growth, up to you


9th November

Beyond Limitless Ultima: 3 loops at night while still awake + 2 loops after 5pm
Emperor House of Medici: 1 loop while falling asleep

On my third loop of BLU, I was struggling to Add 36 to 49 mentally.
And I calculated the wrong answer.
I calculated 89.
I am usually very proud of my math skills.
I don’t know what happened here.

On Medici I feel more distracted towards accounting work, compared to when on Mogul.
Why may that be so? @SaintSovereign


I have the feeling that Virtuoso di Matematica module is in medici and that is where the accounting part comes in just my 2 cents


we’re humans… let’s just learn from it :slight_smile:


10th November

Quantum Limitless Stage 1: Day 41 : 4 Loops over night (no break) + 1 loop in the Evening
Emperor House Of Medici: Day 29: 4 Loops Over NIght (no break) + 1 loop in the Evening (break after 2 loops)

Commander Ultima: 1 and a half loops during a nap in the afternoon
Beyond Limitless Ultima : 2 Loops at night


I have not bee focusing on my Python learning Journey for almost a week today.

Got into a verbal confrontation today.
I imposed my frame on the other party many times
The other party imposed their frame on me once.


Journey’s Guide module?

Journeys’ Guide will help you know exactly where you are located at all times, as well as how to get to any physical destination you desire. You will intuitively know where everything is, where your destination is, where you are, and what is the fastest, safest route to take.

(not sure if you meant ‘navigational skills’ metaphorically or literally)


Haha navigation as In navigating the road. I forget directions to locations I’ve been to 100’s of times


Ah. So, Journey’s Guide would be a good module for you at some point in the future.


Yea I am looking for making an Ultima with atleast the following. Will add more

  1. No Porn and Masturbation module
  2. Journeys Guide Module

Two biggest problems for me atm

What do you think?


Sounds good to me. That seems to be how Ultimas are meant to work.

For this one, I’d think of it as the ‘Getting On Track’ Ultima. :slightly_smiling_face:

What else might you put in there?


Not sure yet. I don’t wanna rush it.

I rushed to make my first custom, but now i barely use it. So, I’ll spend some time thinking about this one.


Spoken like a true king.


are you aware journey’s guide is for hikers and travelers etc, it is a geographic orientation module not a purpose/life path module :joy: You may be thinking of Wayfinder. Unless physically getting lost has been a big issue for you.

I wonder how many people will still not know their life direction but be able to make it out of any maze or trail with those two being so close.


#Ten characters to post


11th November

Emperor: House of Medici: Day 30: 3 loops over night no breaks
Quantum Limitless Stage1: Day 42: 2 Loops at night

Beyond Limitless Ultima: 2 Loops
The Commander: 4 Loops


12th November

Emperor: House of Medici: Day 31: Total Loops 37 loops since Nov 1
Quantum Limitless Stage 1: Day 42: Total 20 Loops Since Nov 1

Commander Ultima: 2 loops


13th November

Emperor: House of Medici: Day 32: 2 Loops Over night
Quantum Limitless Stage 1: Day 43: 1 loop over night

Commander: Started at 3:30 AM


How is commander working out for you so far?



Externally, Can’t really say bro, haven’t had the chance to meet new people to test the power, authority and charisma.

Internally, I feel high status all the time, my self esteem is at it’s peak


14th November

Emperor: House of Medici: Day 33: 6 Loops Over night + 2 loops
Quantum Limitless Stage 1 : Day 44: 2 loops over night + 2 loops before lunch

Beyond Limitless Ultima: 2 Loops