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Ok, I just read these post… And the first thought that came to my mind is : That’s too much. It really confronts me.

It is logically impossible to always be the most dominant man where you go. Some situation will require to take a step back, etc. This is why I struggle while reading this, because it’s not a grey one, it’s all good. Real life is always in the gray zone (even if it’s 95% good).

I also notice lots of strong keywords, truly, I am, incredibly, powerful. Reading this makes me uncomfortable. I’ll still write it as an exercice, and then write down why it is impossible.


Self-imposed limit?

Another limit?

See when I read your posts (and mindful that I’ve not read them all), I see someone who is destined for greatness because you are starting to walk down a path of greatness. However slow or cautious you might be, I see you clearly as walking that path. Now as you walk, how will you talk the self-talk of greatness to yourself?

Greatness isn’t about logic. An illogical idea is only an illogical idea until it is actualized and then it’s just another fact.

If people were supposed to fly, they’d be born with wings… or they’d create a substitute!


@mecharc originally wrote these by converting the salespage sentences into affirmations.

It’s not a personalized narrative.


And I thought I knew the products well.

Where’s a trophy I can give you?

Update: :trophy: for @Simon


@RVconsultant @WhiteTiger

SOrry for the confusion guys!

@Simon to the rescue again! just one more recue and it’ll be your 1000th time!!


I’ll just write it down!

But @mecharc it does seems to be working for you. Seems like you are making some money from trading and life seems to go in the direction you want.

I’ll write it down. I see now shit tons of limiting beliefs… Cleverly disguised as facts and logic. It’s not so fun. In fact it’s been few days I write everyday!


I do know the main store salespages well … but in this case …

I knew this because “turn salespage into affirmations” was one more of those ideas I had casually dropped, and @mecharc was one who publicly applied it. :wink:



@WhiteTiger I got the idea from @Simon


Does the strategy seems to work on the way you see life and take action? :thinking:


Bro, the main reason for doing so is so that i may read the descriptions over and over again, nothing else soo prominent so far.

However bro, the trick is…
Just go on life as you woild if there weren’t anything called subliminal club.

The sticking point is this, There is a reluctance to action because we feel as if the sub will induce changes which will prompt us to take action. Initially when i started listening, remember @Simon, i was waiting for this change to happen in me. However, just sitting around, the desired change never happened. The only change that happened was my subliminal stack.

Don’t think too much about what affirmations to read and what not. It will just move you into analysis paralysis.

Just do what you gotta do, that is the trick bro.


I agree with this 100%.

In my case, I just assumed it works and just did my thing. I wasn’t paying any attention to my feelings or changes. I didn’t journal.

Later, looking back all the changes are obvious.


Yeah, limitations goes away when you write and reflect? It does seems when I did that in the past!


Thank you for sharing this.

I’ll go into further depth – each and every one of us has a Conscious and Unconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind thinks and the Unconscious Mind believes, so here’s the problem – whenever there’s an incongruence between the two you will not have the smoothest pathway towards success.

So either, you are thoughtfully working against your beliefs, or your beliefs are working against your thoughts. Optimally, you’d want your Thoughts to be in alignment with your Believes, which is where all the magic happens. With Subliminal’s you’re changing your Unconscious (Beliefs), so when you are doing that and not using your Conscious (Thoughts) to get into alignment with those Beliefs, reconciliation will occur.

Affirmations hone the Mind and Subliminal’s to hone the Subconscious; life will work for you instead of against you.


You gone high voltage for sure mate :slight_smile: welldone


6 January Day 4

  • Quantum Limitless Stage 1 - - - - - - - - - Day 11 : 2 : 28

  • Emperor: House of Medici - - - - - - - - - Day 85 : 1 : 138

  • Stark Core Custom Q - - - - - - - - - - - - - Day 31: 2 : 73

Today i saw my old group of best friends hanging out. Everyone of them were there. Only I wasn’t even invited. After seeing the story, I am feeling very Bad. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.
If this is reconciliantion, i sort of think of it to be strange/ Last week i was listening to 10 loops of it everyday. This week i have toned it down to 5/6 per day. Is this recon? I @SaintSovereign


7 January Day 5 Slip

  • Quantum Limitless Stage 1 - - - - - - - - - Day 12 : 4 : 32
  • Emperor: House of Medici - - - - - - - - - Day 86 : 3 : 141
  • Stark Core Custom Q - - - - - - - - - - - - - Day 32: 3 : 76


That is horrible man, what happend, did you lose touch with them over the years? I remember from reading your other topics that things have been pretty tough for you, especially with the family business, your mother and father.How is it going nowadays, you haven’t been sharing much mate?

Maybe a quick meet with some of the guys out of that group that you like most and grab a bite or a quick drink and see how it goes. Before you know it the lost connection becomes alive again.

Ps you seem to have some good friends here also :love_you_gesture:


Hey Man!

All’s well with mom now.
My father passed away
Family business is still crawling
looking towards light at the end of the tunnnel.

How have you been?


These times have left me alone and like it is too late to achieve anything that truly matters. Is it too late to find anyone I really like?

Today I am wondering, these subliminals feel like a bandaid and sometimes I wish I could just stop with this self development.

I am like this guy going nowhere, each day pushing a big round rock up a hill, then not making it and see it rolling down again. Starting again the next day with the same result.


Simple response

  1. Sorry to hear your struggle, it sounds like your being brutal on your self for not achieving the result you want/being where you want to be. It may seem trite- but how you do the journey matters just as much, so hopefully you can find some enjoyment in your struggle.

Esoteric answer

  1. Your talking about Sisyphus bro!!–check this out-


“All Sisyphus’ silent joy is contained therein. His fate belongs to him. His rock is a thing
Likewise, the absurd man, when he contemplates his torment, silences all the idols. In the universe
suddenly restored to its silence, the myriad wondering little voices of the earth rise up. Unconscious,
secret calls, invitations from all the faces, they are the necessary reverse and price of victory. There is no
sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night. The absurd man says yes and his efforts will
henceforth be unceasing. If there is a personal fate, there is no higher destiny, or at least there is, but one
which he concludes is inevitable and despicable. For the rest, he knows himself to be the master of his
days. At that subtle moment when man glances backward over his life, Sisyphus returning toward his
rock, in that slight pivoting he contemplates that series of unrelated actions which become his fate,
created by him, combined under his memory’s eye and soon sealed by his death. Thus, convinced of the
wholly human origin of all that is human, a blind man eager to see who knows that the night has no end,
he is still on the go. The rock is still rolling.
I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain! One always finds one’s burden again. But Sisyphus
teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. He too concludes that all is well. This
universe henceforth without a master seems to him neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each
mineral flake of that night filled mountain, in itself forms a world. The struggle itself toward the heights
is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

At least your gonna be jacked