MECHARC - Marathon to the top


Why? Have you proven to yourself that, of all builds, T2 works best for you?

@blackadder recommends Terminus because it’s effects are better for him.
This is neither common, nor the official SC prescription.


Prioritize one of the above.

There will be conflicts if you keep all these goals simultaneously in your mind.

Pick one goal for the next 6-12 months, and build your Custom around that.

If you must do them all, then Mogul or AM will have to be your major core (to keep the scripting as generic as possible). You can then add all the intelligence & communication modules to superpower it.

EQ, SQ, EOG, or HM will enforce the one they are most aligned with, but not support all of the above goals.

Another way of expressing it would be that 1, 2, and 3 are each different types of people / identities.

What kind of person you’re imagining & committing yourself to become?

What are your Strengths that you can capitalize on, which will be your fastest pathway to wealth?

Don’t try to be everything, and don’t try to impress everyone.

Tagging @Apollo @pacman @WhiteTiger @Azriel as they are also working on their goals currently.


Thanks brother!

I am a bit poor with self reflection.

But if i would prioritise my goals:

  1. Building Multiple Streams of income -
  • I started investing in the stock market
  • i want to increase revenue of my famility business’
  • Find a good job
  1. get good at programming- I am learning programming

  2. Build a tech business- I don’t have good tech knowledge yet, neither do i have any idea on what I want to implement.

So for now, building a tech business could be put to the side.


Family business can’t pay you enough yet? Or why do you want a job?


All family business income goes into paying back the bank.


Is It a B2B or B2C type of business?

The most important thing for you to learn is how to sell your products.

Could you get a job in sales somewhere?


B2B… It’s a really niche market.

Looking for management trainee position


The reason i suggested Mercharc go the terminus path is that he is an advanced user and his grey matter may already be primed for terminus. If he does go down that path he needs to be wary of the number of loops he listens to and to take the recommended breaks.


I would suggest avoiding T2 and go terminus first :slight_smile:


12 January Day 3

  • Quantum Limitless Stage 1 - - - - - - - - - Day 17 : 2 : 38
  • Emperor: House of Medici - - - - - - - - - Day 91 : 2 : 144
  • Stark Core Custom Q - - - - - - - - - - - - - Day 37: 1 : 82


Goals when I first came here. Oct 2019

Goals now Jan 2021


@Simon Do you think i need to use Dragon Reborn?


Neither you, nor I, have the luxury to run Dragon Reborn. :sweat_smile:

Everyone can benefit from DR, but we have more pressing issues that need urgent attention. Right now, we cannot afford the rumination or the reduced productivity from reconciling on a major healing sub.

Rebirth Ultima gets my highest recommendation though. :+1:t2:


True That!

Bro! in your opinion, when do you think i should start an EOG run in my stack rotation?


Smash it bruv :slight_smile:


Long way to go before your environment is ready for EOG.

Still, considering that you already own the files…
If you are involved in the daily running of your family business, you may stack G1.

Remember though, Medici is a more fitting major program for the current needs of the business – sales, collections, banks, politics, drama.

You can stack higher stages of EOG when the company is ready to do more strategic expansion – like new products, new markets, etc.


Traveling the Paths of Wealth, Imbuing Vital Physicality (Custom Q Journal)

Please explain what is the perfect environment for EOG…


You missed my final edit …



Thank you stack guru! @Simon

I had a small query,
Medici is good for both sales and finance right?


Yes. :+1:t2:

As it says on the page:

If you’re a trader (day trading or growth investor), salesperson, entrepreneur — this one’s for you.

Best part, it’s for the type of Sales that is fitting to a Businessman / Entrepreneur – aka Dealmaking.

It is not for the cold caller playing a numbers game. :wink: