Merlin's Rejoicing: Return of the Eleven


Do you have Current Invoker in there by any chance?


Having had a bit more of a chance to review it I don’t think its as revolutionary as I originally thought. Some interesting concepts, and I’ll probably go back to it from time to time to see if I discover anything I missed, but the areas I had been hoping to see groundbreaking stuff when I read the transcripts were very ordinary, information I knew about ten years ago. So I probably won’t be recommending it.

One thing I will be experimenting with is the eyeless sight stuff seen in the Superhuman documentary. The information packed into that part of the documentary was enough to inspire me to buy one of those Mindfold sleep masks they were using in the film. It should arrive in just over a week, express post. Blocks out 100% of light.

This is the guy that came up with the method and it seems they use this specific blindfold for a reason, so I made sure I got the same type.


Is the program interactive and practice/action based as well as informative?

I’ve dismissed programs before when the content seemed bleh, but years later when I went back and actually did them, all the steps/exercies/ as designed it was life changing.

Obviously your decision makes sense if you fully know the content, just curious to see if there’s more there…


No Current Invoker. Modules are in post #1. I will say so far this sub has pushed me in unexpected directions and I’m guessing part of that is the name embedded Stark in there. Potentiator may be egging me on with trying to learn the eyeless sight method. My master used to teach it in India, but for ridiculous prices whereas I’m pretty sure I can find all the training materials I need entirely for free online.


This is the (abandoned) patent on his methods in the US. Looks worth a read through.


Multiple vivid dreams tonight and the night is not done. Summarized themes:

  • A house I was forced to go to for something which had living there three people from my life I don’t wanr to ever have to encounter again. One was the guy I still believe caused the fire which led to the destruction of my previous life. The other two were a landlord I lived with who had a holier than thou attitude when angry or when she felt slighted, and her ex boyfriend and carer who was a violent bipolar individual. These last two in this dream, like the last dream I had with them, were living together and in this one were actually throwing a tea party! The dream involved me trying to avoid them and when they did notice me being disinterested or the confrontation being nowhere near as scary as I thought.
  • Another transport themed dream section situated on a train with at most 6 individuals standing and holding on to straps as the train moved, each of us had a battery operated remote which allowed the train to talk to us, this was demonstrated by a beautiful woman next to me operating her device which spoke her name out loud and gave some embarassing fact about her. When I tried to operate my device, the last person’s identity who had operated it was still stuck in the device and it spat out a female name. Unphased, the woman shows me how to fix this by removing the battery from the device and replacing it.
  • A dream segment involving me talking my way out of being mugged/beaten up, where I even used the phrase “I’m not a violent man”, which never works in those situations, but in this case somehow did in conjunction with the other things I was saying

And more which is fading quickly from my mind. Going back into the dream space now to see what else Morpheus has to teach me :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m very interested to know if Libertine Ultima works through online channels and not just through face-to-face physical interaction.


I’ve read interesting online results from others on the LU thread. I think asking the right questions would help here:

  1. What does it mean for it to “work”?
  2. How do you prove the effect was due to Libertine? Also to what extent does this matter if it works, other than repeatability?
  3. What other factors are at play in making it “work”?

An example: people who are interested in the use of Libertine are usually also running other programs that may have, for example, sexual manifestation components. How do you differentiate that from what is purely Libertine?

Manifesting sexual outcomes online may require coalescence of several factors: visual (eg selfies), textual (eg flirting), timing etc. Libertine may help with some but not all of those factors, and this by attempting to alter physical behavior or appearance (eg body language, voice) or action. Then even if you take right action, other factors may be involved.

I reckon an objective approach helps. Speaking personally, I think Libertine has helped me in terms of outward appearance in projecting positive energy, but this can be blocked by different factors (like masks), and probably in terms of being bolder in actions/speech (but not hugely, because I am still in lockdown land with no option for physical connections with online folks in the next six weeks). I think we’re likely to see more impressive results once local lockdowns let up and people start to relax a bit more.


I’ve been considering the things that are holding me back from achieving the goals of Stark and Emperor, as well as Primal Seduction.

At the same time I was trying to make a choice between adding Ultimate Artist and Regeneration Q to my stack, for different reasons. UA due to the writers block, Regeneration Q for multi reasons.

After considering several of my bad habits around procrastination or time wasting and their probable root in past traumas (of which I have had many), I decided. Regeneration Q is worthwhile considering the modules it has in it for willpower and procrastination and habit removal etc. And it would be helpful for healing any residual trauma around prior sexual relationships.

So I’ll be starting on this tonight.

I’m aware I have a whole host of subs I’ve been working with and rest breaks are probably good. But I also suspect that there are several deep traumas behind the reasons I delay action and these need to be rooted out so Emperor and Stark etc can manifest quicker with more structured and regular action taking (perhaps my subconscious has deep seated reasons for not taking action in some areas despite being aware of my shortcomings)


Quick morning update.

This morning I felt a lot more creative ideas coming on how to improve a whole range of factors in my life. I was speculating on orgone energy and considering what would be the optimal way to utilize ones own DNA rather than sheep DNA (in wool/sheepskin) for the energetic shaping layers, as well as fully recognizing the organic layers as being about energetic shaping and coherence. I watched two videos, one on Ganesha and problem-solution based consciousness vs bliss, and the other on “resemblance visualisations” (a term coined by Nithyananda for a somewhat obvious meditative technique) and using them to shape your emotional reality.

Its hard to pinpoint any one thing from my first loops of RegenerationQ that indicates the development of the goals of the sub yet. Sleep last night dreams were muddled and not remembered, as opposed to prior nights where those were clearer, I suspect the subconscious is being stirred up.

Reading responses on other threads to problems with auras not working gave me ideas for my own experimentation. My own desire is to optimise these to give me a better chance, so I’m doing a fair amount of experimenting here within the restricted confines of stage 4 lockdown.

Heading to shops now for food and possible clothing shop. Shops are now open restricted hours and my schedule now means I can’t do my weekday shopping at nights. Brilliant how the government has managed this lockdown (sarcasm), it really remains to be seen how effective any of these measures they’ve put in place will be. Not looking forward to another 6 weeks of this but I suppose it will give me a chance to fine tune the auras.


Did half an hour of Om Kleem practice tonight and half an hour of Kamadev gayatri (one mala) split with a short break between them while listening to Libertine Ultima. It feels good to be doing the practice again and I hope to be able to keep this up for at least a month or longer like my previous work with Kamadev which ran for a month and a half before being interrupted by the events mentioned elsewhere. I did continue even after that to pray kamadev gayatri in local parks in Melbourne city, but in no way the dedicated practice I had due to practical reasons.

I’m now listening to a second and final loop of Libertine for the night.


A trying day, with system issues marring much of my day working from home. Almost had a mental breakdown due to the extent of the stress. Plenty of swearing. But come the end of the day, I switched Libertine on and did my Kleem and Kamadev Gayatri practice again. Kleem practice? Yeah, certain level of cool with the vibration that arises in the face. But the Kamadev practice afterwards, powerful as hell. I’m taking selfies after each session to see how my face and my eyes or expression changes as the result of the combining of these through consciousness technologies of Libertine Ultima, Kleem, and Kama-gayatri. So far the results internally are making me wonder why I ever gave up the practice just because of difficulty practicing in my last two or three home environments.

Also still feeling the pull towards deep meditation very strongly. Going to go download some sound tech now to assist with this to effectively use my time for the remainder of the night.


Another session of Kamdev gayatri tonight, and I finally found again the vashikaran mantra I used with its associated ritual. Om kamadevaya vashyarupaya agarshaya agarshaya.

Tonight while taking my selfie at first I thought the camera lens was covered with something that was blurring the image but then I realised some kind of light was overpowering the camera. And it wasn’t the overhead one. I can also see physical changes in my face, subtle but appearing.

Back in November 2017, I used Kamdev Gayatri and Kleem along with a psychedelic where I took it upon myself to chant the mantra continuously during the course of the night as the ally was taking effect. I still have a photo of the radiance in my face that completely transformed my skin tone and facial structure for the course of a couple of days.

Now, I’m undertaking the gayatri experiment without any ally other than the subliminals. After a week I will post some results.

EDIT: Also found a full copy of the Taoist Yoga book I owned which burned up in the fire online! I now have access to review it in the light of what I’ve learned since then. I’m excited about this.


Positive result from last night: A girl I used to know who I had drama with several years ago re-added me on social media. They seem to have changed since the drama and have been making positive changes in their life, and are still living in my city. In our chat getting reacquainted they called me a “valuable person” and told me it was good I had been investing in myself, and offered to get together in person after our local lock-down ends. I’ll probably take this opportunity, it may involve a party once lockdown ends, which would be a chance to see how Stark and Primal Seduction in my custom plus my Libertine and mantra practice transforms my attractiveness and social skills.

There is still approximately 5-6 weeks left in our lockdown at least, so plenty of time for my custom and the practice to achieve a deep and lasting effect before taking external action. I’m wondering if this is first fruits from the mantra practice given the connection I had previously with this person. Regardless of how the new interaction turns out it is a tangible outcome which reminds me to stick with this practice.


Other positives for the morning:

  • My Mindfold should arrive today via express post so I can start experimenting with the eyeless sight method given in that patent.
  • I bought a set of pens in different colors to practice the color recognition aspect of that process which should also be handy for art magic, doodling/creativity and vision boarding.
  • Watching the first part of a multi part series on speed seduction this morning and was impressed at the methods of re-framing used to ease someone in to the process of pickup and dealing with rejection. The methods seem applicable to my own psychology, practical things that I can use.
  • Today is Friday! Last day of working for the week, plenty of time from 7pm on-wards for personal experiment and watching some of the material I’ve obtained this week, as well as opportunities to practice the mantra.


Two malas of Kamadev gayatri back to back across one hour of Libertine Tonight. The second loop I did with the Mindfold on just as a test. The first felt more powerful due to being able to look at the image of Kamadev and tune in to the meaning of the mantra on each round. Selfies done, not really feeling it tonight from them, less external glamour and more internal energy.

The Mindfold does the job, mostly, of removing 100% of light. Not sure if its worth the Australian price tag I paid for it, but at least it will ensure I use it.

So far I suck at recognizing colors with the Mindfold on. I need to review the literature and do a systematic test. The strange thing is, sensing the colors out, light colors feel dark, and vice versa.


After responding to the Libertine Ultima post this morning, I decided I wanted to share the book I had read on Kamadeva on the forum. This led to me reviewing my Kindle apps. I have two Amazon accounts on two separate email addresses, and I had lost access to the one with the majority of my kindle content for ages due to the domain name expiring and being temporarily held by domain scammers. Now that it’s available again, I repurchased the old domain name and gained access to my old Amazon account.

Boom! Immediate access to a wealth of old information, one of them a book called “Scalar Heart Connection” by Stephen Linstead. I remember it as being a syncretistic amalgamation of New Age stuff and useful, tangible information about scalar waves and manifestation/healing. I now have an opportunity to re-read it, as well as revisit some of my old useful information about the Hopi people, which brings much joy to my heart.

The Kamadeva book:

I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the fascinating story of this god, its well written and entertaining at the same time as it is devotional in its own strange way.

I’m also excited now I have the domain re-registered to consider using it for future self publishing plans once I get some content collated.


How do you feel Blue Skies has impacted you?


That’s a good question. I find it hard to tease out the effects of some of these modules from one another. Some are clear effects, like Primal Seduction, I can clearly see how that has impacted me in this short period of time.

I’ve always had a strong desire to peer under the hood of reality, and had my own development of concepts of Love ever since being in primary school, through observation of others and in my own relationships and spiritual development.

Its possible Blue Skies gave me part of the push needed to restart Kamadev practice. I have also had a strong drive to find ways of meditating or lengthing my ability to concentrate and have direct influence over my own body and external reality through meditation, although I don’t ascribe those effects to Blue Skies alone.

Part of the goal of my custom is unleashing my own magical or supernatural abilities as well as perfecting existing skills, and stopping myself from curbing my power on false moral grounds or due to fear of responsibility for results. I know my potential and what I have been in previous incarnations, but in the past I have suppressed my own abilities for reasons which have only a very tenuous basis in reality. The breakup with ex #2 was a tipping point for this, I could have gone so much further with them if I hadn’t deferred part of my own power to other people such as them. A common mistake, one I’ve made in the past, and something I’m aiming to fix by reframing around power and its application. Looking at the module description, I can see how Blue Skies might be helping that. It’s probably too early to say for sure yet though.


Watching X-Men Apocalypse thanks to reading a post on the social media of the girl I mentioned: "Weapon X is loose! Weapon X is loose!’

Me: “Ahhhh now I know where that came from :laughing: