Merlin's Rejoicing: Return of the Eleven


Daily update. Missed kamadev practice last night. Making up for it today I did half an hour of kamadev gayatri and 15 minutes of om kamadevaay Mahaprabhay Hrim Kameshwari Swaha. Some kleem. Will continue more mantra after a short break. Ran libertine ultima while chanting. Now on Beyond Limitless.

I updated my profile picture temporarily so you can get a bit of an idea of the aura that gets projected after less than a week of dedicated chanting (and using libertine at the same time of course :grin:). That said, I have done a month of chanting several years back, and I expect I will have to get more serious devotional practice in to get the results I want, but thats okay. Where theres a strong will like mine theres a way.


You look 20 years younger in your new profile photo.


Why thank ya. Living backwards in time has a habit of doing that :wink:

I may just end up updating the profile pic regularly throughout the next couple of weeks as the mantra practice progresses, to give the regulars an idea of how stacking these two practices affects aura. I feel like its a better way of doing things than posting photos publicly for posterity, preserves a certain level of privacy while still fulfilling the aim of the experiment.


That’s so difficult to chant.


Lots of writing last night on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things just to say the Kleem mantra is starting to have its effect. In a big way.


Was called a misogynist recently by someone who I used to look up to a lot more than I do now. Rather than being offended or feel it reflected on me as an individual, I actually found it hilariously funny. The reason they labeled me “misogynist” was because I used the words “beta male” in a response to a post they made about encountering what they perceived as misogyny in their own life.

They were talking about negging and how they hated it, and my response included the statement that what a lot of people think of as negging is actually negging done wrong, beta male behavior and lack of social awareness (implying that its not about putting the woman down but being playful and teasing - part of the diversity of ordinary human interaction). The person took the words “beta male” and made the self-limiting statement that anyone who used those words unironically should be considered a misogynist until they can prove otherwise.

This was such a clear example of Ross Jeffries principle definition of what a curse is, and this person who used it considers themselves to be a hardcore, advanced magician. It was a clear demonstration of how people can fall into the Abyss through the power of language. I had to laugh.


It’s almost laughable how reactive and overly sensitive people are to things now, if it weren’t for the fact that a significant portion of the population is like that.


Nightly update, Mon 10/08/20

One hour of Libertine with half an hour (1 mala) Kamdev gayatri and 2 malas of Kleem (18 min approx, in two spaced sets of 9 min). Profile pic updated per the experiment.

Very positive chat with ex #1 tonight (#2 still as expected no communication). Positive feedback on last nights profile pic and a long discussion about the PUA community, male female dynamics and personal healing. Over the years since the break-up we’ve almost never stopped having stimulating chats together, and I had to give mad kudos to them this evening for the comparison of how in touch she is with objectivity in the realms of male female dynamics and insight into peoples wounds, healing etc. She told me a story of how they stuck up for a male teacher who had been attacked by some hardcore feminists who were trying to have him accused of sexism and getting thanked in private by some of the other women in the class who felt the same way she did but didn’t speak up. I won’t go into gruesome detail about the chat but there was mutual appreciation shared there which was a nice way to end the night before my mantra practice. It was also good to have someone female who knew the woman who called me a misogynist recognize the traps the person was falling into of self limiting language etc.

Positive response from the girl who re-added me (who from now on I’ll call J for short to mask the name) to a picture I took last night of me in my underwear and a superman shirt joking about becoming Tony Stark. A heart on the pic and encouragement to “keep it up” (the self work I’m doing).

I’m not going to make a habit of noting every little thing over the course of the next six weeks that my lady friends do, every heart and every positive sentence, but at the start of this journey its useful to note it down to show myself that it is happening and positive reactions to my selfies or everyday posts are happening more regularly than they had been in the past, which may be seen as signs of the subliminals working, or assisting in conjunction with the mantras. Given my prior experience particularly with the Kleem mantra and the gayatri, I feel these two are vitally important. But Kleem especially, and I can separate what it does from what the gayatri does.

The gayatri aligns my consciousness with that of Kamadev and petitions him for help in healing specific aspects of my life, while Kleem is more multi-purpose and brings assistance in more areas of my life. I think more than anything the Kleem was what caused things to take off like a rocket twice in the past, including my last work with it 3 years ago and one experience with it 1-2 years earlier. As a matter of fact, the 1-2 years earlier Kleem experiment almost saw a Canadian girl move out to Australia to live with me, but I didn’t have the focus to stick with the mantra and she ended up marrying a rock star :wink: lesson learnt, but the best outcome anyway.


I’ve been thinking this morning “why didn’t I start work with Kleem earlier?”

For manifesting subconscious desires, especially those created by a subliminal, for magical purposes of bringing things into manifestation, there really is no substitute for the efficiency of this Mantra. Considering the manifestation which occurred two nights ago now which directly connected with the goals of the subliminal and my desires, it was clearly connected with my mantra sessions. Essentially, its like subliminals are the innoculation or the thing which plants the seed, and then Kleem is the engine or power that draws things to you to make that sprout.


It’s really so sad. I wonder what happened to the world the past decade. People weren’t always like this.


So I have to ask about your practice. Do you practice strictly mantras, or do you also incorporate any mindfulness meditation sessions


I have used that type of thing periodically. I was just saying to someone here the other day that due to time constraints and other limitations it can be tricky figuring out which self development modalities or programs to put your attention and time into. Working from home has been a godsend getting two additional hours per day to spend on mantra or internet research for what else is out there. I also have techniques from magazines I’ve purchased recently I could bring into the equation.

I think DEUS or Omnidimensional has been pushing me to consider the problem from every angle or see what other aspects of my arsenal I can throw at my manifestation, while still fully appreciating that I have possibly another 5.5 weeks before I can look at sarging in person with anyone; realistically perhaps longer. Pheremones for example is one thing I’ve been looking into which still needs more research.

Mantra is the main component for now because its easier to put your focus physically on intoning a mantra while visualising because its a more active pursuit than sitting meditation practices.


Another good session, same LibertineU but focused on Kleem tonight and left Kamdev gayatri to start up again tomorrow night perhaps. I’m treating this as a rest and reconciliation night due to increased tiredness and strong desire to go within in meditation. No update to the aura pic tonight, perhaps by end of week is a better update time frame.

Currently considering next sub purchase but am waivering between several options and considering whether its really necessary just yet.


Morning shopping center trip. Successful acquisition of materials to see me through till at least Friday, and I note with some happiness that working from home this past fortnight without changing my budget much (other than soup for lunch) has in fact saved me about the amount I expected it would - 60 travel + ~ 160 food wise.

One of the ideas from my magazines involved the use of memetics for manifestation. Another concept from someone else I came into awareness of recently has been telepathic or shared reality creation bubbles. Putting these ideas together I have been seriously considering a purchase tonight from a particular supplier of self development products to assist me in pushing forward towards one of my goals. I need to do some meditation on it before I make the decision, but ultimately I suspect a positive outcome given some signs the universe has given me, to the extent that I probably don’t need the feedback I asked for elsewhere on the source.

Today is payday and another 10-11 hours before I can do my mantra session and make my decision.


Evening session, one hour of Libertine with one round of Kleem and one round of Kamadev gayatri. Fairly ordinary but successful practice.

I made a decision to buy a subliminal mp3 from an external site to compliment the Primal Seduction component of my custom and the Libertine Ultima. This one is designed to act more at the physical level, although there is probably a psychic component as well. The idea is to hedge my bets, have as many things working for me as possible.

Already listening to the new mp3 I feel a rush of euphoria I haven’t felt in a while. I expect stacking this shit with Libertine and my custom ought to cause my mutant abilities to take off, lol. My intention is to run these side by side for at least the next 3-4 weeks to see if this is the magic combination. At the 5-6 week mark we should hopefully be in a position over here where things start opening up again and I can see the physical effects in action of all of these things I’m doing, and the first opportunity I will have to see it in effect will be meeting up with J when lock-down ends. Since J is pretty psychically sensitive, I expect this should be revelatory.


New developments. Or not so new. A week ago I had someone favorite me on a spiritual dating site from my local city. Today, they sent a pre-written message saying they wanted to get to know me. I’ve sent a message back. They seem interesting. I have five weeks to figure out if they are stable enough and passionate enough to be worth meeting in person (they have no profile pic so they’re clearly a little cautious about connecting with people).

Haven’t done my chanting in the last couple of nights due to being extraordinarily tired after work the last couple of nights. Part of it could be reconciliation from the subliminal I added in, but I suspect its more a combination of factors including reduced exercise since moving to working from home. I’m looking forward to that Executive mp3 to see if it aids my resolve to work out at home during this lockdown.


Curious but when you recite a mantra like kleem, do you repeat it constantly over a period of time?

Does it matter if you know what kleem (or whatever mantra you want to recite) means?

I’m thinking from the point of view of a person who doesn’t understand the language…


Kleem particularly is what is known as a beej or seed mantra. The single syllable mantra actually doesn’t have a proper meaning in Sanskrit, although it is associated with a specific godform. In the case of kleem there is some debate online, some associate it with being sacred to Kali, or Krishna, or Kamadev, I prefer the latter two and especially Kamadev. Kali seems unlikely.

The purpose of the sound is the way it makes you feel internally. when it is chanted or when you think of chanting it. Notice how there is a specific directionality and shape to the sound which is localised in the ajna chakra and pushes upwards like a flame. When it vibrates internally within the head that further reinforces the actions of the sound. It’s meant to be used to operate certain subtle machinery or psychic processes within and is best used in conjunction with a visualisation process or having a specific goal of what to attract, although it will attract your already existing desires and those rooted deep within such as sexual desires.

Other mantras like the gayatri the situation is a bit more complicated but thats a topic for another day.


Going to the local shops to get filters for smokes, I noticed myself having memory flashbacks but despite them feeling very in the moment. Colors were brighter than usual and I was appreciating the flowers.

When I got back and was having a smoke I was considering my recent listening patterns and strong push towards meditation or listening intensely to subs without distractions. I realized what was going on is the Ego Adsum module in Primal Seduction. This is exactly what that push is, the desire to be intensely living these experiences without the distraction of other things going on in our reality such as the lock-down or worrying what ex #2 would think of the fact that I publicly mentioned what she did anonymously without referring to her on my social media as part of the justification for why I’m changing and doing the self development work with such intensity. The “in the moment” experience of being fully present to what is being done even when having a smoke increases the intensity of my own aura/presence. I can see how this would work well with Libertine if I can be more fully in the moment while listening to that.


Been searching for a new mala online for affordable prices. Out of sheer curiosity I sorted the malas on ebay by highest price. Some of the most expensive rudraksha malas by far are kamadeva malas, made of 13 mukhi rudraksha. The mantra of the deity of the mala is said to be Om lakeem lakeem Sarva / mum Vashyam kuru kuru swaha. Sarva means the archer, an epithet of Rudra, but also in this instance an obvious reference to Kamadeva. This appeals to me considerably, since I am myself a Sagittarius and once owned a necklace that I bought for some expense which was a bow and arrow on a leather strap to show my devotion to Kamadeva.

The mantra itself is a Vashikaran Mantra. You can place the name of a person you want to attract in the location of Sarva - various sources advise it helps attract, enchant or control the individual in question. The variation seems to be because the deities and forces worked with in vashikaran practice involve the use of enchantment, hypnosis, remote or direct influence etc.

Some of the material I have found on this particular vashikaran practice (I’ve seen a lot, though I don’t do the practice myself) push me to investigate this one further. I may have found one that is appropriate to my nature.