Merlin's Rejoicing: Return of the Eleven


I ended up buying a set of beads from India which should come in the next 4-5 weeks with the guru bead being the 13 mukhi bead depicted above. A chat with J about the beads convinced me to go ahead with this because it is a way of putting my commitment to the practice and to Kamadeva out there to the Universe in a tangible way. Having a mala with a guru bead sacred to Kamadeva just makes sense to me.


I got a response back from the person on the dating site. I’ll call them A, because they share an interest in alchemy. I’m now convinced that this mantra practice is working and I need to stick with it. A listed out the places they would want to travel if COVID restrictions were lifted (my sympatico question for them) and they were point for point on the places I felt compelled to travel to. They also showed interest in my novel series and the well thought out nature of the response showed the traits I look for in a partner. So clearly this was a manifestation of what I was looking for. And without asking them to, they attached a picture so I could see what they look like. Another redhead… this just keeps getting better :wink: Nothing spectacular in the headshot, but vibrant energy and clear eyes. Clear from the energy of the picture that they have their head on straight. That’s one key thing I’ve been seeking.

I’m going to take my time getting back to them with a proper response. But before I do, more mantra practice today and more subliminal meditation. And more binge watching of mutant related TV/movies :cloud_with_lightning: :x:


Nice result man! This is the kind of stuff I’d expect from Mind’s Eye—but it seems you aren’t even using that. What practice do you believe is the strongest for manifesting?


Thanks man! Actually I have Minds Eye I bought it in early July and started integrating the Terminus^2 version into my rotation periodically around then. But I do think the mantra practice and Kleem particularly has helped as well. I’m super excited to get the beads when they arrive its like having royalty coming to dinner. Here’s what is said about it:

A 13 Mukhi Rudraksha has thirteen natural lines on its outer surface. A thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha represents “Lord Kaamdev and Lord Indra” (King of the Gods). It is a very rare bead and has potential to give Abundant Wealth and the Position of Authority to its wearer. A person who wears this bead is liked by all those people who get in contact with him by the blessings of Lord Indra. Therefore, a person is able to reach the pinnacle of Success in his life by wearing this Rudraksha. People in field of Alchemy, Research work and Medicines can achieve perfection in their work by wearing this Rudraksha. A person is able to enjoy all the Luxuries of life and he is able to lead a happy and contented life. Since Lord Indra is the king of all the other Gods, a wearer of this Rudraksha is additionally blessed by all the other Gods as well. A person desiring to get Knowledge, Good Oratory and Debating Power should wear this Rudraksha.

Practice wise? I’m a big believer in throwing as much at the thing as possible. Here’s what I’m currently doing:

  • Mantra work: Kleem, Kamadev gayatri and other mantra relevant to the purpose of increasing attraction power as required.
  • Subliminals: Merlin’s Rejoicing which has at its core Stark and Primal Seduction, with the result enhancers above in post 1. I bought another sub from another well known producer that deals with pheromone production to complement Primal and to add to the rotation so I’m not just listening to the same old rain sound all the time. And then there’s Libertine. I use other subliminals too in rotation I think at the moment we’re at a total of about 20 products 17 of which are from SubClub, but much of that is boosters and I’m using them less frequently.
  • The beads (per above with the 13 mukhi guru beads) are also a key part, the most important part is that its my way of stating to the universe my devotion to the well known god of love Kamadeva.
  • Self development work. I know there’s a lot of this still ahead of me but Emperor and Stark have been a big help already.

I haven’t really even added in the practice with the notebook religiously yet. I’m adding things in one at a time so as not to get too overwhelmed. I think one of the keys to manifestation is the confidence to believe you can achieve the impossible.

I was having a discussion with a fellow housemate earlier today who asked me to try and frame magic in scientific or layman’s terms, and how I explained that I would say also defines how I think about creating strong manifestation. Unity (Advaita) is what causes powers or abilities to manifest, and synchronicity to occur. So developing or in my case re-developing a connection with the Universe through a magical mindset is a key, and recognizing that what we are interacting with is conscious and alive itself. You can’t ask the Universe to manifest something for you if you don’t believe it can hear you.

One amusing thing I forgot to mention by the way is the other day I was in the supermarket buying groceries and what should come on the radio but “Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow go, straight to my lover’s heart for me…” – as you can imagine I had a good laugh hearing that one come out of the blue!


Got another view on my profile on the dating site today. On most dating sites that would be nothing special, but (a) this another girl from my local city and (b) this is a spiritual dating site which has much fewer people on it, and I’ve had barely any hits on it in months. And the girl who viewed me is a 9, potentially a 10 in terms of looks, with an interesting username. Something I’m doing is helping :wink:


Hmm…I suppose this does work, although it becomes hard to attribute what does what. I would ask you how you have used Mind’s Eye to manifest but there’s a lot of confounding factors.

Warning with this, it can impact SubClub product functions.


I haven’t directly used it to manifest, although it may have had influence on some of my visualisations during Kleem and other mantra chanting sessions.

The reason the warnings were given about other external products is that not knowing what affirmations are in them, you don’t know whether they’re gonna play nice with the SubClub modules, whether they contain any affirmations that will make other stuff you’re listening to ineffective. Its a trust based thing, what do you trust to help you make the changes in life you desire? And also about how you tell what is doing what as you say.

To be honest, while it would be nice to know “oh I’m quoting that scripting from Minds Eye” or this or that other sub, on another level I don’t care what module does what as long as I’m improving my chances in meeting my goals. And so far? It seems whatever the fuck (pun intended) is in my custom, it’s doing its job! Two or three women looking at me on this dating site (Spiritual Singles) and the Cupid song manifesting in my reality, etc, thats pretty good indication that things are starting to move. The Ego Adsum experiences too.

I think we should be honest here. There’s plenty of people on this forum that don’t just use SubClub products to get their results. Experimentation is encouraged, as Saint has pointed out. I’m not going say say directly (unless someone messages me and wants to know) what other products I’ve used, this isn’t a place to market someone else’s subliminals. But I know other people who have had positive experiences with other products, and so far adding the thing I bought into the rotation hasn’t hurt my results, if anything it may have helped them. With this new product, I intend to run it for at least 3 weeks before reviewing how well its working, thats till 2nd September. It takes at least 12 weeks use of the product for its results to be somewhat permanent. So I’d be looking at November before moving on. I should have my new beads by then.

I’m not going to be adding much new into my rotation from this point on or at least from tomorrow, for several months. So I’ll be able to tell more clearly whats working from here on out.


16th August 2020

I’m recognizing this represents the end of only the third week of using my custom, and indeed only just on 4 weeks since the breakup.

Tonight’s practice: 1 mala kamadev gayatri, 1 round of kleem, 1 round of special vashikaran mantra. Earlier in the day practice: Two rounds kleem at least.

It’s a little hard to believe how much has happened in just four weeks (and in just three weeks of my custom):

  • Restarting my mantra practice
  • Purchase of an expensive program (around the same cost as an Ultima) for pheromones and alpha male purposes to complement my subliminal
  • Experimentation with listening patterns and download of additional tools culminating in something primed to awaken my abilities at an accelerated rate.
  • Becoming more in the moment and having a push towards more intensely living especially in living my spiritual practice.
  • Reconnected with the girl who initially clued me into the fact that my understanding of kino and escalation was way limited and clouded by my rational mind, who for some time back in the day I had had a crush on.
  • Had two girls checking me out on a dating site I normally get zero hits on.
  • Purchased an object of great spiritual significance (mala with a 13 mukhi guru bead to show devotion to Lord Kamadeva)
  • Started watching videos to develop my abilities in reframing and in storytelling, and in pickup in general, albeit at a slow pace compared to the rest of my practice
  • Manifested a pretty hilarious wink/nudge from Kamadeva on the radio

That’s just to start with.


I was listening to an old satsang by one of the masters I respect (at least their earlier material). The talk was about non-dual consciousness, with emphasis on “God is not one, but oneness”. During the talk he speaks about how many people die regularly from overeating. Psychically, this is about the process of eating becoming more important in the consciousness than ones own nature, or that force which breaks down the food and forms the body. Its possible to see here how a form of self hatred fueled by trauma can lead to eating disorders, or other disorders, by putting the focus of consciousness on something other than the self - a self which is present ordinarily within the body. There is a difference between the self enjoying some physical pleasure with full knowledge that it is the self doing this, versus just focusing on the pleasure of the experience. This is the difference - one is localised, the other is unitive.

If I am enjoying a cigarette, or a coffee, there is the me that is experiencing this. But when it becomes a habit, and it becomes just the act of smoking, or the act of consuming, with no emphasis on the continuity of the self, the harm of addiction raises its head. So integrative techniques like tai chi or other martial arts which focus on keeping that awareness while performing movements accomplish this task by making this type of integrative modality the default.

It seems like this way of approaching things has its application to attraction as well. Once the self begins identifying with a relationship or another person more than the self, the problem of dualistic consciousness begins to cause problems in the relationship, because the self which can resolve those problems is no longer being emphasized and co-dependence arises, along with projection. I feel this is worthwhile to point out.


One mala of kleem and one mala of kamadev gayatri tonight while listening to Libertine, followed by my pheromone subliminal.

Two positive events today: #1 my beads shipped from India! One step closer to having my devotional mala for praying on and wearing. #2, good progress with A who said our chats about unity consciousness were invoking/stirring passions, that they may have met me before, and potential to meet up over a bottle of wine when lock-down ends. So now I have two potential meet-ups once lock-down is over, both of them strong spiritual women (my favorite type) who are single mothers, one a healer and more directly looking for someone to connect with for a LTR, the other who is just a fun friend who shares the same passions for self development I do. Two high quality people who I will get to see the outcome of my inner work with when I meet with them in person.

3 more views on my profile tonight, one of them from my local city. This number of views within days of one another is not normal for me with this site, so I reckon Kleem is what is making the difference (could just as easily be my new profile pic and being more active though)


19/08/2020 Day 23 updated after the fact

3 malas of Kleem back to back, New mala still on its way to courier.

Not a lot to update. More views on my profile. Absorption in the mantra was good, I tried to focus on making the dhyana better. No work on novel or messages to girls last night. Instead Im in the process of experimenting with my listening pattern seeing if I can boost the Libertine aura for the morning shopping center trip :wink: more later.



Just so I could test out my limits :grin: This was my little experiment last night. The scrubbed title was moved around a bit but the main meat of the loop was repeated Libertine and Aura relieved by my custom and minds eye q once. Part of the idea was to see when the aura heat would start manifesting. I’ve had it before but during the evening runs during the chanting not so much, so I’ve been thinking I need to run this a bit more to get my subconscious trained on it.

Woke up this morning earlier on feeling the heat in my hands and feet It could be worthwhile to run this stack slightly modified over the next couple of days as an experiment as an experiment. The only change I’d add at the momernt is interleaving my pheromone mp3 in there somewhere for added effect.

Main Disc. Thread - Libertine Ultima

My beads have reached New Delhi! So far they have travelled roughly 105km of the 10,000 km or so they must travel to reach me. But the journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step :sunglasses::joy:


I’m surprised that you haven’t renamed the audio file for your custom to a custom title!


I have, but the internal title seems to remain. Could always edit the mp3 tags I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: huh, never realized VLC has in program editing of metadata! Very handy.


I would expect VLC of all programs to have this capability. I was able to do this easily in iTunes :slight_smile:


Day 24.

Three malas of Kleem, one mala of Kamdev Gayatri, while listening to Libertine.

Almost lost the connection with A today, who felt that I was a little reserved and guarded, I was able to reframe that easily to the truth of trying to present a lack of expectation or build up during the lock-down period and go with the flow until we’ve had a chance to meet up in person. Crisis averted. It also turned out she had had a kind of physical manifestation of Kamadeva come to her in the form of a nature phenomenon, which was really touching. Continuing the process of opening and sharing my creative work and finding commonalities, etc., but all in a very effortless way which probably shows me that Primal is beginning to work the more I apply myself to the process of working this path.

Really excited about the quality of the conversation I’m having with this person. I hope we can keep this up.


Day 27

1 mala Kamdev Gayatri, 1-2 mala Kleem

There were at least 3 maybe 4 sessions this weekend of a quaint kind of meditation going within while listening to my subliminals at reasonably high volume, culminating in me trancing out or falling asleep and waking up after a loop finishes. Over the last several days I kept up the getting to know you process with A, reaching the point of obtaining contact details outside the dating site. Despite the huge progress, a lot of this process of getting to know A along with deepening conversations with J and “The Herbalist” has revealed to me I’m deeper into the mystery of it all than when this all started and I’m starting to see hints of divine planning, yet at the same time a sense of confusion as to how all the pieces are meant to fit together. I know as yet I’m not meant to understand them, and things will become clearer in time.

Ultimately I just have to continue the process of listening to my stack. I took time off from that this weekend to reduce the density of the stack somewhat. I’m rotating a lot of material but there is certain factors that remain constant: My custom, LU, LU equivalent from external site, and one other non SC mp3. MET2 makes its way into the rotation too and of course Aura Q, all the products I’m working with I’m trying to use to reinforce one another.

Back to work tomorrow and crossing fingers in the next few days I see notification that my beads are on a plane. So far they/re stuck waiting in the sack/container awaiting transport

I feel like progress has slowed down a little or shifted to different levels. Today at the grocery shop though I did see enough head turns and side glances though to suspect the work from LU and its equivalent + Aura are starting to show up, but I suspect it will be at least Thursday before external product is fully integrated with LU and custom thanks to Mosaic.


Update: so A disqualified herself by trying without success to psychoanalyze me without invitation to. Back to the drawing board on that front. Plenty more fish in the sea.


Day 29.

Last night’s dream environment kicked up a notch or two with remembered dreams. I woke up in a smooth transition from a dream which must have been trying to teach me the perils of having porn available on unlocked devices in public places connected to large speakers :stuck_out_tongue: in the dream, there were several markers which could have caused me to become lucid but I missed them. First, I haven’t used speakers with my computers in years. Second, if I watch porn I don’t download it using a download manager in which it appears with neat little icons that you can click to accidentally start it playing. Finally, when the file started playing in the dream, my body was languid and unable to move my hands and legs to get up and turn it off, so I just sat there listening to the music playing waiting to hear all sorts of embarassing stuff be called out. I believe the attempts to get up in the dream ended up waking me up in my physical body.

Gradually, as my physical body made its way back to full consciousness, laying on my side with headphones on, I realized I had an erection. Then, listening to the sound coming through the headphones, I recognized the sound of rushing water. Although I had two SubClub programs in my rotation, I knew which one it was immediately. “Libertine!” I said to myself, and once I got up and checked my PC, indeed Libertine had just started playing barely 10 minutes earlier.

My night was basically: from early to 2am: fell asleep with superpowers subliminal running on repeat (this sounds like a formula for a TV show :smile:), next period to just after five finished the superpowers loops, continued into my pheremone mp3, then my custom, then Libertine. Now running one more loop of my custom before an early day of work.

Trying to get more loops of my custom in. I’ve been pretty light on it so far.