Morphic Fields experience


I didnt see any effect atm. Reading the comments on yt and patreon it will take some time.
While running facial symmetrie with muscle toning you can try to lay down in bed and relax. Close your eyes. Yesterday i did it that way and it was amazing. Today i was listening while watching tv and i didnt noticed anything. We will see if there are any real results after some weeks. :grin:


BTW: you should use only max 3 loops per day for facial symmetry and max. 4 different programs.


When I used them, I didnt notice anything too. Maybe you have to be in alpha/theta state for them to work


Put the automated leg workout and loop 3x straight. You should notice something.



Should I lie down? I’m currently sitting at my laptop.


No need to lie down.


Felt a faint tingle, but honestly I’m not sure if that’s from the vid or simply from having my focus on my legs.

Anyway, I’ll have a play with some of these over a longer period and see what happens.



The lucid one is tricky. You have to actually loop it before you go to sleep. The downside is that is one of the slowest fields to work. It doesn’t work instantly, you have to keep trying for at least a week before you can experience lucid dreams. Leave it like a full hour or two while sleeping for 1-2 weeks at least.

Yes, you need to listen for a period of time. Not all fields work at the same speed though.


I am curious about this, since I have tried this track of his and the first night I had a very detailed dream. But after that, nothing happened. Will try it again, thanks for the info.
Did you have actual success with his lucid-track? Would you mind telling us a bit more of experiences?


Bought his lucid dream track, will try it out.


please keep us updated…:grinning:


Well, I personally tried it a few nights and nothin’ happened, just a vivid dream where I was like in a tropical neon city, it was interesting but I never got lucid dreams, mainly because I wasn’t very interested in that. My older brother tried it for a full week and he did also got vivid dreams.

Later he told me that he found somewhere how to use it properly, which is to practice lucid skills in the day and on the night loop the audio. After 2-3 weeks he got consistent lucid dreams. He later stopped the use of them. But here’s another proof that are effective, just that it’s the slowest to work.


The thermogenic fat burn one heats you up like a chili pepper during first loop! Puts your ass on the frying pan on the second loop :volcano:


Do you feel any difference when listening by headphones or speakers?


I used these videos a lot, and the effects were crazy fast (listened to the sleep one and luck one, and few others I forget).

But then I saw a video debunking the whole idea of morphic fields (specifically how does one embed them into an Audio file) and my skeptic-brain kicked in and decided to chalk effects up to placebo. That being said, I did notice effects quite quickly; the sleep one is a good one to try out to confirm efficacy if you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep.

I discovered SubClub a couple months later and haven’t revisited morphic fields since.


What does it matter if they’re placebo or not? If you get the desired effect, does it really matter what the cause is?


No, you’re right, it doesn’t. Placebo effect is really strong and the brain will do all the work for you (for example a “pain relief” pill and brain just blocks the pain out for you). It’s a testament to how suggestible our brains are and makes a strong case for effectiveness of subs. It’s funny because, at least for me, placebo works great til the brain figures out it’s a placebo.


Works the same.


That’s the basic principal of nlp. As long as you get the results who cares.


About this morphic-field-thing. Anybody got ideas on where to find more information about them and how to create them? Books, videos, channels, anything?
Greatly appreciated