My 1 year Journey with Dragon Reborn + Stark + PS


Day 7

DR Stage 1: 2 loops
Stark: 0 loop
PS: 0 loop

As per my experiment, no ultrasonic. All the loops were masked ones. I might add back ultrasonics in 2 days, and listen to them in day time.

Sleep quality: 1 loop masked before sleeping. No loops during sleep. this cured all the sleeping issues for me. Another day with sound sleep.

Dreams: Saw some interesting dreams. Was able to write some sequences down in my private dream journal.

Feeling: I overslept today. Woke up in the morning as usual. After lunch went to take a short nap. Listened to 1 loop of DR before the nap and woke up 3 hours after.


Day 8

DR Stage 1: 4 loops
Stark: 2 loop
PS: 1 loop

One part of the experiment was successful. I came back to my natural (even deeper) sleep rhythm after eliminating subs during sleep. Now from tonight I am going back to the ultrasonic during sleep again to see if the rhythm will stay or it will break as it did on the start of the journey.

Sleep quality: As I mentioned, sleep was amazing. Hope it stays this way on this phase where I introduce ultrasonics during sleep again.

Dreams: Saw some really interesting dreams and was able to note them down in my dream journal. I would like to share 2 sequences here as I think they have something to do with the sub.

  1. In this sequence, I saw I was traveling on a ship with my family. Another family, (unknown, we were calling them pirates) invades our ship. My and my father throw them one by one from the ship. Later they again come as another normal family traveling and get on our ship in the normal way (nonviolent, like passengers). The rest of my family was ok about it this time, but I was not. I was thinking of doing something, but I woke up.

  2. In this sequence, I saw I was visiting some place, where I met a dude and found that we both knew a teacher of mine. We were sharing funny stories of how the teacher was a horrible person, in funny way. A girl was sitting on a table beside us, she joins and says that she met the teacher as well. She adds that the teacher asked her to shave her mustache. I laugh loudly and make a joke about it. The girl laughs and shows me that she actually has small visible mustache. I feel awkward for making the joke and make another joke about me and my mustache, degrading myself. (So she feels that everyone has imperfaction and doesn’t feel bad) But the girl was upset with my second joke (the one about me) and then both she and the dude said that it was not necessary for me to make a joke degrading myself, and they understood that the first comment was a joke (the one about her)

Feeling: Maybe I have snapped out from the unproductive state. Today was pretty productive. I’m adding back the sleep time ultrasonic. Hope the productivity gets to the usual level soon.