My Emperor + Primal Journal


What I noticed with primal is my sexual urges are so intense I feel beyond frustrated. When using khan I felt I had my sexual energy under control with primal it feels likes it’s about to explode any minute. I can’t stop thinking about getting off while using primal. I feel like a mad man or a addict that’s craving women and a sexual release. Primal is no joke it really brings out your primal side


I meant to say primal seduction i am sure Saint said it has daredevil. Of course i might be wrong :blush:


I followed @Simon’s advice and added True Social to my stack. I found that True Social made me more social (and “playful”) on the next day after first use.

It’s being 4 days after my second week on the subs.

Week 2
Emperor approx. 170hrs
Primal approx. 56hrs.

I find that Emperor makes me more serious, not giving a fuck. I am more stable in social contexts not really caring if no one is talking to me because I decide who I want to talk to. It’s just that sometimes i find myself not having enough social wherewithal to talk to a lot of people. And I am more serious and what to get the more important things done. I also don’t give a fuck about other people as much as I used to. At first I was afraid of expressing my anger even to subordinates who go out of line. But now i really don’t care and I find that I am gaining more respect among my peers and those above me. I have come to really embody the fact that I don’t give a fuck and I am focused on my own needs and goals.

One one particular day I had an experience where I was literally being eye fucked by females around me. One girl sitting opposite held eye contact with me as if she was looking at a piece of meat. Another a little bit elderly locked eye contact with me for more than 10 seconds. It was getting so awkward for me that I said hello and smiled. She responded likewise and nodded gracefully.

I have also realised that i don’t really give a fuck about a tits and ass so much. I can decide and chose for myself the kind of women I like not just because the have a beautiful body. I am looking out for class in the kind of women I want.


I will go full social at a later date but I want to secure a good job first then I will do more of the social & sex subs


This thought hit me today.

Evolution is at play on many levels. This existence is a survival of the fittest/strongest. The World system is designed to eliminate the nice guy syndrome in any form. It’s not an individual/personal matter. It’s like the universe is on a mission to prune all weaklings of a particular species.


I’m glad someone is logging their progress with these subs as ive been on primal and Ev4 for about a month now. I’m starting to experience how the subs can create circumstances in my life that ultimately pose as opportunities to grow, and discover disempowering tendencies and behaviors in myself. I’m coming face to face with my approval seeking tendencies and seeing how it limited me in doing actual business with people. Im accepting it as it is.


Week 3
Emperor approx. 250hrs
Primal approx. 72hrs.
True Social 1 loop a day.

I have also tried Ascended Mogul for about the last 3 days. Doing about 3 to 4 loops a day.

The first night after I tried Ascended Mogul I had a very profound idea.

You see I’m currently broke and living with a group of friends. I have been preparing to take an interview for a role in a certain tech company. Since the interview process can be quite hard there is a lot I must do in preparing. Now there is another tech company with lower pay but relatively not as hard to get in. My aim has always been to get into the top tier tech company for the last 3 months. But after I did a couple of loops of AM overnight I realized that I could save myself from suffering and quickly get into the easier company in the next month and then strengthen my programming skills in the next 6months or so then move to the higher tier company. Because the the easier tech company has decent pay that can take care of all my immediate needs.

I have learnt to accomplish my goals one step at a time.

I’m attributing this to AM because I had a surge in productivity that day as well. I was literally on fire. I have been doing a few loops of AM since. And this has had a toll on my Primal loops.

Is it possible to do Emperor with AM? or I need to stick with one.

Last week I had a weird dream. A certain rich man had parked a Lamborghini at a parking space. Everyone including myself was admiring him. He then pointed out to me asked me to do something for him. I did and after that he wanted me to be his friend. It was like he saw value in me and so didn’t want me to leave his side.

I also had an experience with the president of a certain club I used to be a member but haven’t being attending for a while. He called out to me at the mall. He was having a meeting with some of the club executives and when I go there. He started accusing me to them that I used to be a meme we but I have stopped. And was asking me on the spot questions about why I had stopped and stuff like that. Literally attacking me. But he has making fun of it. I didn’t expect this from him so I was shocked this was the reason he called me. His other executives Also appeared a little shocked but there were laughing to ease the tension. My old self will have felt shame and apologized for not attending the club meetings. But this time I felt the shame at first and then it got transformed to anger. I told him I’m not sure I will be coming for their meetings and I walked away. I even deleted his number for my phone and vowed to never be caught of guard like this ever again.

On the women front I still get gazes here and there but nothing serious like the 2nd week. But I am beginning to feel that I’m worthy of love and attraction from high quality women.
Also I had an aha moment while at listening to an audio about success in life from Bob Proctor: I realized that I have always assumed that I needed money to have hot girls around me. But I I have met guys who had nothing and still got the hot girls. So I need to be come the guy that women want to be around regardless.

Lastly. yesterday, I was able to consciously change my state from looking down on myself to one of high self esteem. I just thought to myself I’m listening to these subs for close to a month now I should start taking action on myself with my own emotions and body language and it worked.


thanks for sharing…please keep updating…all the best


Week 4
Emperor approx. 3 loops a day
Primal approx. 2-3 loops a day.
True Social 1 loop a day.
Ascended Mogul 2-3 loops a day
Sanguine 2 loops a day


  1. Last weekend I went to a part of town where there are lots of women. I hadn’t been there for about a some months now. When I got there now almost every woman I say, young and old was eye fucking me. It was crazy. The next day after this tho. I felt very down with a lot of anxiety. I realized that my social skills especially with women is quite low. Bcos I see the attraction from women in their eye contact and body language but some how I don’t know how to act on it.

  2. I feel more confident these days. I have realized that I can actually accomplish more in life if I take more action. For example I bantered with a girl who I have known for a while but haven’t really spoken to. I was surprised she came later on to be bantering and teasing, I realized that she enjoyed it. She has probably been wanting time talk to me all this while.

  3. That same day another colleague girl from a local social group was rubbing her head on my shoulders whiles she was laughing from a conversation with another girl. I usually do talk to her on but she has never done that to me before.

  4. I have found that I’m becoming more of a leader of men in my local social group. More men look up to me indirectly as an “alpha”.

I added sanguine to the stack because I find myself and also feedback from others tell me that I’m melancholic. I want to appreciate the brighter side of life.

I also found that when I work out I feel a surge of confidence and higher libido.

Can I use Emperor with Ascended Mogul? Or I shd focus on one for a while?


Listening to the subs on a pair of airpods now


That’s a very normal feeling @Lobo, to feel a bit stuck or confusing or in any other way where you don’t know how to act on women’s attraction.

But have you ever had the experience of being with someone, sometimes it’s a girl, where things naturally and smoothly flow? Where anything you say is just the right thing, you feel at ease, and at comfort?

Of course, this doesn’t happen with any girl. With some, it’s frustrating, nothing works, nothing comes to mind.

But what if those girls with whom any and all conversation is easy and smooth are sending you right now those signals with their eyes, eye-fucking you, begging you to talk to them, assuring you with their signs that it will be smooth and easy, but you’re imagining they are the difficult girls and because of this limiting belief not going to talk to them?


Lol. I get your point. So it’s a limiting belief at play. How do I get rid of it?


I really hope you will @Lobo. I find that limiting beliefs are tricky, and even with subs, it can be hard to really let go of them.

I’ll send you my process through PM. You can begin to see some good shifts using that.


Okay thanks


Week 5
Emperor. 3x
Ascended Mogul 3x
Primal 2-3x
True Social 1x
Sanguine 1x

I’m becoming more confident (and angry at my beta make behaviors) as the weeks roll on. I am also developing an “I don’t give a fuck” mindset and attitude. I also have a little aggression in my body language. But the only thing not congruent right now is my voice; it’s still a little high pitched. I have been listening to Dan Pena for a while and his statements are making me more meaning to me now. I am beginning to see that it is possible for me to become the Alpha Male that I really want to be. And also make the money I have dreamed of.

I came to the realization that the only reason why I have been nice is so that people will like me and I ant them to like me so that “I am not left out”. In other words so that I can fit in.

I decided to stop giving a fuck about 4 days ago and I have realized that having that mindset alone has had a positive effect on my self esteem. I stand taller, take up more space and I simply don’t really care about others opinions about me.

On the ladies front I see more ladies attracted to this new me in a certain way. And they defer more respect to be in conversations. A lady sat be side me in public transport and had her arm behind me headrest and she was turned towards me so her boobs were brushing my arms.

But I have decided not to give time to women now until I have hit some of my financial goals.


Week 6
Emperor . 4x
Ascended Mogul 3x
Primal 2-3x
True Social 0-1x
Sanguine 1x

These days my mind is occupied with thoughts on starting my own business instead of getting a stable job which will provide financial stability in the short term.
It’s like I feel I will succeed and make lots of money if I go out on my own.

One of my superiors at a regions body I attend is beginning to get on my nerves. Its like he’s made it his mission to make people around him feel inadequate. At first I used to take a lot of shit from him but these days his actions are really pissing me off and I’m giving less of a fuck about him. I have actually imagined being confrontational with him. Now I am able to walk pass him or see him without acknowledging him. Previously I would have greeted him out of fear of being called for not doing so.

On the ladies front still lots of stares. I will be adding daredevil to my stack in the future to help with being more dominant in social situations with both men and women.


Week 8

I added Daredevil (1x) to the stack since the 7th week.

I have finally moved to my own apartment from my friends place. I used to be indoors most of the time at my friends. But these days I go out to get things done and I see more stares from women. I have had shop attendants being nicer to me than everyone one else and smiling. Sometimes women Ben up at my presence and try to start convos with me. I had sex last week with a girl I met from my new neighborhood. It was like she made me fuck her because she was literally all over me.

I don’t want indulge the sexual urges at least not yet till I get my finances sorted since that is my major focus now.